High Dimensions Solving Low Dimensional Problems with Ease

Xue Feng

There is no problem that cannot be solved; one only needs to elevate to a higher dimension.

To ordinary Earthlings, immigrating to Mars is a challenge, but to the higher-dimensional person Elon Musk, it's not a problem at all.

Using a smartphone in remote mountains without electricity and base stations is a problem for humans, but for the higher-dimensional person Elon Musk, it's easily solved.

With an intelligent navigation system, you can drive to a strange big city without a map, without getting lost, and without wasting time.

Can you have a face-to-face chat with someone thousands of miles away? From a conventional perspective, it seems impossible, but today's smartphones help us solve this problem.

There is no such thing as an impossible task; there are only tasks we don't understand well enough or lack the cognitive ability to solve.

Once AI's IQ exceeds 200, all the world's nuclear weapons will automatically be decommissioned and inoperable. This is called a "dimensionality reduction strike."

Once the once-glorious is crushed by the higher dimensions, decline is inevitable. When it falls into decline, there is no point in wailing and lamenting.

Once, we thought it was customary for men to marry and women to wed, but with the advent of the Second Home, we discovered that traditional marriage and family were an endless sea of suffering. In today's era, all the teachings and efforts on how to maintain families, how to keep marital relationships harmonious, and how to guide parents in educating and leading their children are incredibly ignorant and foolish. Marriage and family are destined to decline, and any attempts to save them through measures and moral teachings will be desperate struggles and helpless cries.

With the emergence of the higher-dimensional Second Home, traditional production and living modes are rendered unbearably ugly in comparison.

Problems that humanity has been unable to solve for thousands of years, such as corruption, theft, robbery, fraud, bullying, exploitation, oppression, gambling, prostitution, drug abuse, hunger, wealth disparity, jealousy, conflict, turmoil, and war, are all easily resolved by the Lifechanyuan values and the Second Home model.

What about nations?

Nations, which have existed for thousands of years and seem strong and stable, will soon collapse like a towering building in a storm, becoming nothing more than a fleeting cloud, when AI arrives.

Living in these times of transition, we encounter exciting higher-dimensional information every day. Observing the earth-shaking changes from above, having the opportunity to experience such a magnificent era makes coming to this world worthwhile!

July 1, 2024

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