800 Values (101--200)

101. Jealousy reflects an ugly soul.

102. A mind of comparison is a mind of wickedness.

103. Vanity is the cancer cell of life.

104. Complaining is a poisoned arrow.

105. Selfishness is the source of trouble and the primary pass to hell.

106. Anger is the source of all diseases and being angry is like poisoning yourself chronically.

107. Rage is an emotional cyclone; those who are raging are the first one to get hurt.

108. Laziness is a parasite鈥檚 consciousness.

109. Gratitude is the first element toward sublimating LIFE鈥檚 quality.

110. Selflessness is the pass to heaven.

111. Giving and dedicating are the best ways to accumulate treasures in heaven.

112. Money, power, position, fame, and beauty are the devil鈥檚 bait.

113. The more you possess, the more trouble you get.

114. Health, calmness, joy, contentment, and peace are rewards from the Greatest Creator.

115. Only when you possess nothing can you own everything.

116. As a human, honesty is the best policy.

117. Once the fundamentals are established, the proper way appears.

118. If one can achieve an integrity of body and soul through self鈥搃mproving and self鈥搑efining, then real spirit will grow in them, great talent and virtue will appear from them.

119. Keeping one鈥榮 faith is the first priority in life; breaking one鈥檚 word is a crime.

120. Being negative is like cutting one鈥檚 own and other people鈥檚 arteries to release blood.

121. Repentance is an effective way to purify one鈥檚 soul, it is also a good solution to help one eliminate negative karma and avoid bad consequences.

122. Praying has incredible supernatural power. Pray more when you feel that you are too trapped by your surroundings to realize your beautiful ideal.

123. Being cold is symptomatic of lacking vigor and vitality, and those who lack enthusiasm and passion cannot do great things.

124. Greed is a psychological disease.

125. Arrogance is a devil鈥檚 quality.

126. Stubbornness is a symbol of rigid thinking.

127. The truth can be found in neither debates nor arguments.

128. Cheating is a crime.

129. Suspicion is a kind of phenomenon of psychological perversion.

130. Resentment is poisoning yourself and others.

131. Cursing is a wizardry and the cursor will become a demon, so do not curse, no matter how angry you are.

132. Hate ruins the haters.

133. The most vulnerable to injury are the weakest and most defective parts.

134. Praising others shows the beauty and richness of one鈥檚 soul.

135. Belittling others shows the ugliness and thinness of one鈥檚 soul.

136. Humbleness is the beginning of progress, sublimation, and the bridge toward heaven.

137. Trust is 鈥渉oney鈥 and distrust is 鈥渁 knife鈥.

138. As humans, we need to have some religious sentiment.

139. Being one鈥檚 natural self is their greatest beauty.

140. Do not judge others; be careful about conclusive words before they leave your mouth.

141. Say your own words, do your own thing, go your own road, and cultivate your own Way; do not bother with others or regard other people鈥檚 business.

142. Faith is truth; love is LIFE.

143. Forgiving and tolerating others will broaden our paths and living spaces.

144. Chase after the sun, and you will escape the darkness; chase after happiness, and you will escape trouble; chase after paradise, and you will escape this mortal world.

145. Those from whom ugly things emanate, prove themselves to be ugly.

146. If you escape from yourself and are afraid to face yourself, then you will suffer endless pain.

147. Love is a state of being, it is like the sun shining and flowers blooming.

148. Love does not possess specific objects; love is the blossoming of our most beautiful qualities.

149. Whoever lives for others is belittling and trampling their personalities and dignity.

150. Beware of those who say, 鈥淚 do this for your own good鈥, as they could have selfish intentions and really do it for THEIR own good.

151. Criticizing each other causes misery and suffering, and shows that you are rigid and stubborn.

152. Egalitarianism is unfair; communism without belief in the Greatest Creator does not work.

153. We should have light in our eyes and love in our hearts; thoughts need to be kind and routine work needs to be diligent.

154. Quality decides function and the quality of a person decides their value and function in society.

155. Dignity depends on good character to maintain; power and wealth cannot build dignity.

156. It is easy to have good relationships with everyone if we do not ask any favor from them; I would not care about the price of wine if I did not drink it. The best way to resist something is: 鈥淒on鈥檛 use it! Ignore it!鈥.

157. Take things as they are, associate with others by following naturally come-and-go relations, act in accordance with one鈥檚 intrinsic nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

158. Only saints are qualified to guide others.

159. Always cherish and create your blessings instead of overconsuming and wasting them. Once your blessings run out, you will have a rough time.

160. Great oaks from small acorns grow; put more efforts into basic things.

161. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Little things make big things happen.

162. What we have seen is where we are going. What have we seen?

163. Deliver the best quality in all jobs you do, or do not do them.

164. Do not desire supernatural powers or magic arts; do not show off your supernatural power to impress, confuse, or mislead others. Be your true and natural self.

165. Always return to the zero state.Do not abuse your power or claim credit. Do not flaunt your past.

166. Focus on good things and ignore bad ones. The law of attraction is magical.

167. If I am very healthy both physically and mentally, who can make me sick?

168. Keep individuality yet blend in commonness.

169. Do not stop when you are faced with adversity; things might turn around at the next corner.

170. Happiness springs from collective groups. Joy is from creation.

Freedom is earned and well鈥揵eing comes from dedication.

171. Do not 鈥渒idnap鈥, 鈥渂ind鈥, or 鈥渟trangle鈥 your loved ones in the name of love.

172. It is better for others to owe you than for you to owe others. This is how we become free.

173. 鈥淓verything is consumed in commotion, but is benefited from tranquility, and tranquility is the home of our spirit鈥. 鈥淭ranquility gives birth to wisdom, while commotion breeds fatuity鈥. You cannot achieve much or go very far without peace of mind.

174. Close one door and many other doors will open for you automatically.

175. It is better to create the future than to dwell in the past.

176. Self鈥搑ighteousness harms our souls, and shrewdness obstructs our advancement toward enlightenment; repentance from bad consequences helps to rid our stupidity, with a pure heart and peaceful mind we can behave in accordance with the way of nature.

177. The spirituality of those who lust for the nutrition of meat from livestock is bound to be harmed and those who gain advantages from others will be punished by Tao.

178. Men are handsome for their masculinity, and women are beautiful for their femininity, but men with too much femininity and women with too much masculinity are ugly.

179. There is no love or hate without reason.

180. Money does not grow on trees and 鈥渢here ain鈥檛 no such thing as a free lunch鈥. Everything is priced.

181. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members. A barbaric one is one in which they are contested and claimed.

182. Everything is good in moderation but poisonous in excess.

183. All conflicts are irrational.

184. Throwing stones at each other is barbaric behavior.

185. A timely compromise is wise and a timely retreat can move you forward.

186. Associate with people but do not form cliques with them. This is a great quality of civilized people.

187. A man of superior virtue shows no virtue.

A man of superior mercy demonstrates no mercy.

The great image has no image.

Tao never does anything, yet all things happen through it.

188. Everyone needs to be responsible for their words, actions, and choices. None can escape them.

189. Do not treat others as your emotional trash cans by imposing your misery and suffering upon them.

190. Be an honest person in word and deed.

191. Encourage frugality and simplicity but eschew extravagance and waste.

192. As a man sows, so he shall reap; good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause your own.

193. Whether porridge or cooked rice, remember that nothing is easy to come by; for half a piece of silk or cotton thread, think of the difficulty in production. Fix your houses before the rain falls and do not dig wells till you are thirsty.

Live frugally and do not linger on other鈥榮 parties.Utensils should be plain and clean; pottery is better than gold and jade. Eat good quality food but in moderation; vegetables are better than costly delicacies. Do not build luxurious houses or scheme for rich land.

194. Those who are keen on the bizarre lack far鈥搒ightedness and those who walk along their life鈥檚 journey alone cannot be persistent. Tao manifests itself in nature, and union is strength.

195. Let everyone display their talents to their fullest and make the best use of everything. The biggest wastes are to suppress talents and to let things go unused.

196. The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes.

197. Surrendering is masterly gain and letting go is an ever鈥搗ictorious way of having.

198. Vice is more harmful when concealed than revealed but benevolence known to all is inferior to that known to none. Correct your faults immediately upon discovering them but avoid claiming credit for yourself.

199. Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail is perfect, then the final result will be fruitful.

200. Stay away from all evil conduct but pursue all kind deeds.

What is evil conduct?

Here are some examples:

Profanity against the Greatest Creator, Gods, and deities

Slanderous comments against Celestials and Buddhas

Mocking and defaming sages and saints

Insulting one鈥檚 ancestors

Maltreating one鈥榮 parents

Murder and robbery

Mistreating and slaughtering animals

Bullying and insulting widows and widowers

Harming one鈥檚 brothers and sisters

Humiliating one鈥檚 teachers, superiors and seniors

Hoodwinking young and inexperienced children

Framing kind people deviously

Defrauding ignorant and naive people

Vilifying one鈥檚 schoolmates

Harming one鈥檚 colleagues hideously

Employing lies, fraud, sting operations, and entrapment against others

Slandering and criticizing one鈥榮 extended and immediate family members maliciously

Maltreating one鈥檚 inferiors and claiming their merits as one鈥檚 own

Fawning over one鈥檚 superiors and claiming credit for their achievements

Showing no gratitude for favors

Harboring endless resentment

Slighting ordinary people

Disrupting state affairs

Encouraging injustice

Torturing the innocent

Blocking insect caves and overturning nests

Destroying embryos and eggs

Pilfering people鈥檚 harvests

Masking people鈥檚 good and kind deeds

Uncovering people鈥檚 weaknesses

Damaging people鈥檚 countenances and images

Forcing women to prostitute themselves

Wasting people鈥檚 properties

Riding roughshod over people

Humiliating people to one鈥檚 own advantages

Transferring blame onto others to protect oneself

Transferring misfortunes onto others

Acting arrogantly because of one鈥檚 wealth

Deriding the poor

Frustrating people鈥檚 advantages

Envying people鈥檚 wealth and ranks

Being jealous of people鈥檚 talents

Trickery in business

Selling substandard goods for the cost of quality products


Polluting the environment

Forcing people to do things beyond their abilities or against their wills

Forcing people to commit suicide

Digging up people鈥檚 ancestral tombs

Destroying people鈥檚 homes


Disrupting people鈥檚 peace of mind

Jumping the queue

Showing ferocity

Plagiarism and piracy

Harming people behind their backs

Embezzlement in the name of public welfare

Concocting pretexts

Corruption and bribery

Creating useless projects for one鈥檚 own interests

Dissipation and extravagance

Instigating public unrest

Advocating violence

Destroying mountains and forests

Uprooting grass randomly

Polluting rivers

Plunging living beings into abysses of misery


Building dangerous structures

Gathering people to gamble

Scheming to cheat people out of their money

Publicizing ghosts and demons

Poisoning souls

Playing ghosts and goblins

Publicizing superstitions

Building temples randomly

Corrupting people鈥檚 ethics and consciences

Engaging in witchcraft

Conducting fortune telling

Extracting human organs

Injuring others鈥 limbs

Cursing people and wishing them evil

Praying for people鈥檚 misfortunes

Being greedy of food and covetous of benefit

Squandering food

Laziness and acting slickly

Comparing oneself with others

Behaving tumultuously

Interrupting people鈥檚 rest

Exposing people鈥檚 privacy

Trespassing onto private residences

Intimidating and threatening

Kidnapping and hijacking

Occupying people鈥檚 lands and belongings

Defaulting on one鈥檚 debts

Abusing one鈥檚 power to seek personal gains

Bullying people with one鈥檚 power

Complaining and being jealous

Bragging and flaunting

What are kind deeds?

Here are some examples:

Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, nature, gods, and deities

Following the examples of sages and saints

Filial piety

Respecting the old and loving the young

Treating people equally

Praising kind deeds

Encouraging others

Having a kind heart toward all beings

Loving others as oneself

Showing compassion for those with misfortune

Sharing others鈥 happiness

Helping people in need

Rescuing people from danger

Displaying others鈥 advantages

Uncovering one鈥檚 own disadvantages

Never recall benefits that you have granted to others

Repaying favors that are owed

Not complaining about humiliation

Harboring no hatred for hurt

Letting others gain wisdom through your illumination

Leading people to sunshine

Imparting knowledge

Passing your skills on

Diligent and thrifty

Working hardly

Keeping promise and being honest

Remaining simple and sincere

Spreading happiness and joy

Not limiting, but expanding people鈥檚 freedom

Helping people gain happiness

Catching thieves and subduing demons when they are found

Singing praises of sincerity and virtue

Hiding others鈥 wrongdoings but praising their good deeds

Being practical and realistic

Refuting and not spreading falsehoods

Not pocketing lost properties on the road

Not bolting the door at night, trusting people as you sleep

Finding happiness in helping others

Providing people with conveniences

Consistency in words and deeds

Reflecting your true inner self

Steering away from the evil path

Being scrupulously honest even in private

Wishing for people鈥檚 safety

Praying for people鈥檚 good fortune

Being neither ostentatious nor extravagant even when you can

Engaging in no sycophancy when you are poor

Showing gratitude and giving thanks often

Feeling appreciative

Showing no arrogance when you have achieved your ambition

Never giving up when faced with setbacks

Boosting people鈥檚 morale

Promoting people鈥檚 confidence

Helping people to fulfill their cherished hopes

Helping people to achieve their goals

Being faithful and forgiving to others

Showing generosity and tolerance

Being courteous and humble

Abiding by order

Resigning at the height of your prosperity

Being at peace with the world

Showing equity and justice

Treating relatives and friends with impartiality

Dedicating Voluntarily

Having a placid and peaceful mind

Remaining Neat and tidy

Showing a motherly or fatherly face

Offering explanations for any doubt

Showing hospitality and enthusiasm

Being philanthropic and contributing

Helping those in dangerous situations

Telling the truth

Planting fruit trees

Showing neither arrogance nor impetuosity

Having a gentle and placid temper

Lacking all desire for ostentation

Envying neither rank nor wealth

Rising when dawn breaks

Sleeping when dusk falls

Being studious and eager to learn

Glowing radiantly

Dressing appropriately for situations

Projecting astounding inner beauty

Projecting a pleasant image with every posture

Being outgoing and lively

Enjoying fun activities and playing games

Speaking with a pleasant voice

Speaking with a sweet tongue

Leaving benefits to others and taking the difficult tasks to oneself

Being open and aboveboard

Doing nothing underhandedly

Being dutiful

Never coveting others鈥 property

Loving peace

Loving the broad masses

Remaining close to nature

Caring for grass and flowers

Being approachable

Having compassion even for insects

There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause both for yourself.

The effects of good and evil are like shadows following forms.

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished by evil.

Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure, with big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through.

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