A New Life Mode! The Paradise Home without Marriage&Family and Shared Resources--The Second Home

A Perfect New Life Mode for Humans! The Paradise Home without Marriage&Family and Shared Resources--New Oasis for Life (The Second Home)

On New Year’s day of 2018, mankind entered into the Millennium Year - the Lifechanyuan Era. A perfect new homeland for all people - the New Oasis for Life - is the bestowed Kingdom of the Greatest Creator on earth and a new life and production mode that has been created by Xuefeng and successfully operated for nine years by Chanyuan celestials for humanity.

Holographic Management:

The New Oasis for Life implements holographic management - paradise management - which means that “no management is the best management”. There is no constitution and no laws, regulations, disciplines, or dharma; only our 800 Values for New Era Human Beings. Everyone abides by Lifechanyuan values and develops their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, trust, and honesty to their fullest levels. Everyone is a host as well as a servant, there are divisions of work but no hierarchical differences and everything is done voluntarily and without administrative compulsions. Each branch has a director who is responsible for the coordination and production arrangements of daily life.

A Harmonious Family:

Walking on the way of the Greatest Creator, everyone has a beautiful heart. People become close friends and share the same resonance. There are no marriages or families, or differences of closeness or distance; the relationships among people are those of brothers, sisters, and lovers, and are based on love, freedom, and equality. Affectionate and romantic love are free and highly civilized on a basis of taking things as natural as they are and by associating with others by following their predestined relations.

Resource Sharing:

The New Oasis for Life implements non-ownership, which means that no one owns anything but has everything; all resources are shared by the community. In their daily lives, everyone works their best and takes what they need without indulging in luxury or extravagance.

Creation and Devotion:

Everyone chooses their jobs according to their interests and specialities; they work at high efficiency for six hours each day and do their jobs at a first-class level; some do all the washing, cooking, and cleaning, so that others can free themselves from tedious housework.

Entertainment and Games:

The New Oasis for Life holds playful ceremonies and parties at regular intervals which include a variety of colorful and fun games for entertainment; every three years, members of the New Oasis for Life change their living places to a different branch and begin living in a new homeland.

Education and Rearing:

Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, sickness, and death are collective responsibilities of the community, as are education of the children and caring for the elderly.

No Religious Events:

The New Oasis for Life never establishes temples or special times and places for people to worship idols or religious gods, nor does it celebrate personal birthdays or holidays; only natural festivals for the sun, the moon, and the seasons are celebrated within the community.

Harmonious and Happy:

Individuality blends with commonness; commonness accommodates individuality. There is both a uniform will and a personally comfortable mood, and everyone is able to exhibit their special talents to their fullest, as the principle of the “Eight Immortals crossing the sea and showing their magical powers”. It is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals. Let each one live a happy, free, joyous, and blessed life. Everyone owns their sacred free space - their bedroom - and this free space is never disturbed by anyone. Besides this, all other places including the dining room, entertainment and activities hall, study rooms, and gardens are shared publicly.

Cultivation and Sublimation:

Everyone studies Lifechanyuan Courses, cleans the dust and dirt from their souls, beautifies their LIFE quality, follows natural laws to cultivate their health, is healthy in their bodies and souls, and has no worries. After the baptism of a paradise-like life in the New Oasis for Life, LIFE will be sublimated by love continuously, adapt and prepare to life in heaven, and eventually enter into it.

The New Oasis for Life is a copy of the Thousand-Year World on earth; it is a perfect homeland of selflessness, civilization, pureness, and love; a transfer station from earth to heaven. When you enter into this new homeland, you will find many close friends with whom to share the same resonance and live a brand new paradise-like, free, and wonderful life. You will be able to live your true colors and qualities, attain the happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing of life, and realize the values and significance of it. After this life travel, your LIFE will not remain at your current level, but will enter into a higher, freer, and more beautiful space: the Thousand-Year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent. You will be able to enjoy the happiness of LIFE for a millennium, ten millennia, or eternity.

The New Oasis for Life is the great love and grace bestowed by the Greatest Creator upon humans and a new homeland that will last for a millennium in the new era. It completely realizes the ideal of people getting along harmoniously with other people, with society, and with nature. It is the only way of solving severe crises, walking out of suffering, and realizing sustainable development. The world’s current long-term development is based on the destruction of resources and will cause disasters to continue and to become more and more severe, but a big LIFE adjustment and soul purification is processing along its way and people are straddling the edge between the old civilization and the new one. Traditional families and old programs are breaking down and the new homeland and order are moving in; the old consciousness is washing out and the new LIFE is wakening quickly; a civilized and paradise-like new era is coming.

For people with mature spirituality and resonant souls, the free heaven of love and beauty is your true longing and your precious lives should be used in the most valuable and important places. Bathing in the spiritual light of the Greatest Creator, let us love and cherish this opportunity hand in hand, build a heaven on earth together, and realize the lofty ideal of the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Walking on this way, let us play games wholeheartedly and blossom as full flowers, sow the fragrance of love along our path, and enter into the Divine homeland that we have dreamed of.

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