800 Values for New Era Human Being (Third Edition)


A new era for humanity will begin on New Year鈥檚 day of 2018 and it will last for a millenium. The first thirty years will be a time for soul purification and the elimination of outdated consciousnesses. A large scale purification will be necessary for humanity, mainly soul purification. Those consciousnesses which are not suitable for the needs of the new era will be eliminated. The following ten years will be a transition period 鈥 the traditional production and life modes will be replaced by new models. After that, humanity will enter a harmonious era when all religions will unite as one, favorable weather will prevail throughout the year, and everyone will enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives. This new era will last till the end of the year 3017.

Humanity will soon enter the Lifechanyuan Era. The thousand-year new era is unveiling. The 鈥800 Values for New Era Human Being鈥 reflects the essence of human wisdom. It not only points out the direction for human development, but also indicates the detailed ways to sublimate everyone鈥檚 LIFE. These values are grace bestowed by the Greatest Creator. They are the teachings of gods, Buddha, celestial beings, and saints. They are also the result of painstaking efforts made by ancient saints and sages and they reflect beautiful visions that humans have been dreaming of.

There are twenty (20) parallel worlds and thirty-six (36) dimensional spaces in the universe and every LIFE has an infinite space in which to develop. The Earth where humans live is called the Human World. It is the transfer station for LIVES from higher and lower spaces and the battlefield of gods, demons, Buddha, monsters, celestial beings, evil spirits, animals, and humans. It is normal in the Human World to see all kinds of bizarre and motley disputes and sufferings. Everyone born in the Human World has to undergo a smelting of the heart and pain of the spirit. Eventually, cattle will go to their sheds, pigs will go to their pens, Celestial beings will go to their fairyland, and Buddha will go to the pure land.

To welcome the new era, we have already made preparations in theory and practice. The theories are Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus. The practice is the production and life mode of the Second Home that Lifechanyuan has developed in China over the last eight years. The third edition of the 鈥800 Values for New Era Human Being鈥 is a highly summarized and consolidated version of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus; it is their essence and includes basic principles for everyone in the new era to understand and follow.

The history of mankind is one of suffering. It is full of wars, unrest, hunger, pain, anxiety, sadness, and fear. This is caused by the unhealthy cultures of all nations and its viral production and life order. Now we need to bring order out of chaos and remold cultures and orders. I am the great spiritual guide who was born in western China and who was identified by Boriska Kipriyanovich, the boy from Mars. I have come to guide human beings into a beautiful era which will last for one thousand years, will end the history of suffering, and will let them live in a new and happy world.

Everyone who reads the third edition of the 鈥800 Values for New Era Human Being鈥 is special and is blessed by the Greatest Creator; anyone who misses it or is not interested enough to read it is not blessed. Those who read it shall contemplate it carefully, take it seriously, cherish it deeply, and practice it actively. If you do so, you will see how right it is and how valuable it becomes over time. Its value is far from mundane and will bring unbelievable returns.

To gain, you first need to give. No matter how you discover and read the third edition of the 鈥800 Values for New Era Human Being鈥, you need to pay one dollar. Please send your payment to the Lifechanyuan International Family Society.

May you begin a new life trip. May peace and joy be with you.


December 1, 2017

1. Open the windows, the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

Take a broad view, you will see the faraway mountains fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan; a new LIFE will begin.

Your spirituality will grow and your thinking will transcend that arises from human nature and ethics.

2. Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and take the Way of the Greatest Creator.

3. Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals.

4. Three quarters of all criminals are not inherently criminal, but are forced into their situations by unhealthy cultures and social systems which have been established by humanity.

5. What is the best state for human survival? The core is simply this: take the way of the Greatest Creator and establish a government that functions 鈥渨ithout interfering with the natural rules鈥. The more that governments manage and care, the worse human conditions become.

6. The more laws and regulations there are, the more problems will arise, especially the stronger the repression of human nature is, the stronger the restraints of one鈥檚 subjective initiative and creativity will be. It is as if to tie up people鈥檚 hands and feet with numerous ropes, and then shout to them: Hurry up! Move!

7. Closure leads to ignorance and backwardness, and rigidity and extinction as well, for a person, an ethnic group, and a country too.

8. The Earth belongs to all humanity. People should be allowed to flow freely throughout the world and not be restricted in the name of countries.

9. A global government should be established to coordinate global affairs.

10. Democracy is the pursuit of mediocrity. The 鈥淪uperman Philosophy鈥 should be implemented, which means whoever is in charge should have the final say, and bear all consequences.

11. Today鈥檚 real problems cannot be solved from historical experiences, but only with open and creative thinking.

12. Those who judge new things with traditional values are reactionaries reluctant to make progress.

13. The judgement of right and wrong should be based upon these four essential elements: fact, science, logic, and spiritual perception. It should not be based upon the words of the ancients.

14. Meritorious people are prone to be the biggest obstacle to advancement.

15. There is nothing good about mysterious and spooky things; all furtive and sneaky things are bad.

16. The western way of managing state affairs according to laws is so inexorable, while the oriental way of ruling states by men is so complicated, that neither method is ideal. States need to be ruled in compliance with Tao.

17. Putting all affairs into the public domain is the best solution to all problems.

18. What are bad programs? All of the ones that prevent people from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but make them feel anxious, miserable, annoyed, dreaded, and worried.

19. Mankind is facing multiple crises, and the most important one is the crisis of the soul.

20. What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy are treasures.

21. Preaching alone cannot accomplish a goal; it also needs to be completed by a corresponding program.

22. People fall into five categories:

路Ignorant people are driven by instincts

路Laities are driven by desires

路Mortals are driven by emotions

路Sages are driven by rationality

路Saints are driven by spiritual senses; they are Celestials

23. Man has six senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and spiritual sense.

24. The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe always equals zero; therefore, what everyone pays is always equal to what they gain.

25. Life is a short journey of LIFE in the human world.

26. All the preaching and orders that make people happy, joyous, free, and blessed are moral, all of those that prevent them are immoral.

27. We should pursue three great treasures in life:

路Soul wealth

路Spiritual wealth

路Material wealth

Soul wealth is the most important and should be pursued first, then comes spiritual wealth, and material wealth is the third. None of these three great treasures are dispensable and a life without any one of them will be imperfect.

28. People live to pursue a happy, joyful, free and blessed life. All activities of a person or the whole of humanity should be centered on this goal. If we have ignored this goal of the existence of life, we would be putting the cart before the horse, whether it is studying for a doctorate鈥檚 degree, marrying to create a family, establishing a company, pursuing an official career for more money, or self鈥揷ultivation. Pursue happiness, joy, and freedom and fully enjoy them along the journey of one鈥檚 life, hence love life and LIFE, love nature, and feel grateful 鈥 this is the moral of being a man and also the primary value and purpose of life.

29. The highest realm of life is to read extensively, have the world in one鈥檚 mind, resolve malpractice issues which have endangered society for an extended time, make vigorous efforts to improve situations, benefit people, and build the Earth into a paradise where all people will live harmoniously with each other. The highest realm of LIFE is to self鈥搃mprove and self鈥搑efine, release souls of people from purgatory, become a Celestial Being or achieve Buddhahood, and realize Supreme Authentic Wisdom.

30. The easiest habit to form and the easiest to ignore, but the most harmful to life and LIFE is the habit of getting used to accepting favor and forgetting to feel gratitude.

31. All that is most easily obtained is the most precious. We must be very clear鈥揾eaded that what comes easily is very precious. We should not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather, that which is most readily available is the most precious. We should regard them as favors from the Greatest Creator and we should take this principle as a valuable lesson of life.

32. The eight (8) secrets of life are:

路The more one pays, the more they gain.

路The uglier one鈥檚 soul is, the more painful they feel.

路The more perfect one鈥檚 LIFE structure is, the more beautiful their appearance will be.

路The more words one says, the greater their loss will be.

路The more beautiful one鈥檚 soul is, the brighter their future will be.

路The more one possesses, the more trouble they will have.

路The stronger one鈥檚 ego is, the further they are from Tao.

路The more shortcuts one pursues, the longer their journey will be.

33. The eight (8) mysteries of life are:

路Ask the Greatest Creator for help at critical moments.

路Say 鈥淣o!鈥 to negative and pessimistic thoughts coming from one鈥檚 mind to avoid disasters.

路Sensation is more reliable than wisdom.

路Capture stimulation from information that is offered for the first time.

路Confession can release karma.

路Obtain truth and Tao from the evasive and elusive.

路Enter the spiritual pure land and unite with Tao.

路By reading the 鈥渂ooks without words鈥 (the natural and social phenomena in the human world) often, you can converse with the Greatest Creator directly.

34. The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force.

35. Live for happiness, joy, and freedom, but not for 鈥渄octrine鈥, 鈥渢ruth鈥, nation, political party, organization, religion, or family.

36. The eighteen causes of life鈥檚 suffering are:

路Incorrect values and outlook on life, views on LIFE and the universe





路Complaining and grumbling


路Excessive ambition for victory and struggle due to the desire to excel over others

路Arrogance and insolence

路Dependence on others

路Infatuated and poisoned love

路Possession and occupation

路Contention for fame and gain


路Ambition to transform and control other people

路Deviation from the law of nature

路Violation of laws and disciplines

路Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state, political party, religion, and organization

37. The present condition of human beings is caused by humanity鈥檚 past, and the present condition of any individual is caused by their past. Tao is just, so do not complain to heaven and earth, nor to society, other people, or the government.

38. To create happiness for all humanity and each individual, we must firstly rely on the Greatest Creator, and secondly rely on ourselves.

39. The purpose of creation is for the created to please and serve its creator. It was we who created technology, so its purpose is to please and serve us. It was the will of the Greatest Creator that created us and so our purpose is to please and serve the Greatest Creator.

40. From God鈥檚 perspective, humans are ignorant

路From Buddha鈥檚 perspective, humans are evil

路From Celestial Beings鈥 perspective, humans are short-sighted and stupid

路From mankind鈥檚 own perspective, humans are both good and evil but wise

路From animals鈥 perspective, humans are inconceivable and horrible

路From plants鈥 perspective, humans are wonderful and great

41. Humanity鈥檚 suffering comes from humanity itself. Every individual鈥檚 suffering comes from themselves. The functioning of Tao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of the Greatest Creator embodies in the functioning of Tao. If we cannot realize this, the suffering will never end, and the vicious cycle will continue forever.

42. The most important thing in life is not to try one鈥檚 best to possess material wealth but to manage to change one鈥檚 way of thinking.

43. Firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in Karma, and putting our best into everything we do are the three magic weapons to achieve carefree lives.

44. Time and energy are the diamonds of life which should be inlaid on the crown. Time and energy should be spent on the places and causes that can best embody the value of life.

45. Life is a journey; regardless of how many reincarnations we undergo, if we lose our memory each time, then we still have only one LIFE. Even if we live many thousands of lives in the human world, we will not know our past and future ones and they have absolutely no meaning or relations to us. Only people who can clearly understand their past and see their future are living in reasonable ways and only such people can turn tragedy into comedy, move from the realm of destiny to that of freedom, and fully enjoy the delicacies during their life journeys and appreciate their beauty.

46. The nature of the world is illusion. Life was originally an illusion. The question is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in the illusion, then the illusion will be meaningful.

47. Be people鈥搊riented, not doctrine-oriented or system鈥搊riented.

48. Perfect human nature should meet these eight conditions:

路Revere the Greatest Creator, respect Gods, Buddhas, and respect other people.

路Have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority.

路Love nature.

路Be modest, trustworthy, and honest.

路Be sympathetic and compassionate.

路Be able to adjust yourself and remain calm no matter whether you are in prosperity or adversity.

路Conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence.

路Love LIFE and love laboring.

49. A life without direction is blind and a life without values is perplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack of direction and values of life.

50. Life is like this: You become either like the sun or like a reflective material. If neither happens, your life would be completely in the dark, and eventually like a pile of rotten garbage or a dirty and dark route.

51. Everything is but a game and only LIFE is true and exists forever. Reality is like a game; those who are obsessed with it are muddleheaded; those who are happy and pleasant in the game have an awakened consciousness. Attempting to own the reality is like a dream of an idiot, only with a game鈥損laying attitude can people not miss their life.

52. Nothing is of an extraordinary or very important matter to life. Only LIFE is important enough to be maintained and cherished the most. Life is limited but LIFE is boundless. Everything in life should be centered on LIFE, which is the core theme of life.

53. The universe is holographic and everyone intrinsically possesses the natures of Gods, Buddhas, Celestial beings, Humans, animals, and matter; due to the differences of the ages in which they live, family environment, education, self-motivation, and other variables, some people eventually achieve glorious, premium鈥搎uality lives while others end up living defective ones.

54. A great wish can induce a great life, and a great wish has an incredible effect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with great wishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweed that drifts with the tides. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life and LIFE.

55. People, as long as they do not know what will happen after their death, actually remain in a death鈥揵ed struggle, no matter if they lead a noble life or a humble one.

56. There are eight 鈥渕iracle programs鈥 in the human body. The operation of a human body is a program, in which eight miracle subprograms are embedded.


路Being rescued


路Self-healing (releasing self-healing magical chemicals)

路Magic power and art

路Going crazy

路Being possessed by evil spirits

路In bliss

When conditions are ripe, these eight (8) programs will automatically start up and operate.

57. Life cannot lack belief, for a life without belief is contradictory and confusing. It will be a life which has neither direction nor prospect, and it is doomed to be a tragedy.

58. If people want to benefit others, they must first live well themselves, while if people want to do evil, they can live for others first!

59. People鈥檚 short life decides their LIFE futures. Every one of our words, actions, ideas, and intentions shape our futures. Our merits and sins are recorded justly every moment of every day and night. What we follow and where we go are entirely our own choices.

60. The most urgent things in life are to transform our LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structure and let it evolve towards higher LIFE spaces, and to sublimate our personality and perfect our spiritual nature. None of us knows what will happen tomorrow, but one certain thing is that our LIFE structure will determine our LIFE future.

61. Favor is not debt, but when you are desperate to pay a favor back, you may have no choice but to sell what you depend on. To avoid such a dilemma, do not owe others any favors.

62. Everyone has unlimited potential, but the main reason for not giving play to that potential is not because we are born stupid or have insufficient mental skills, but because we never find our best life track to follow from start to finish.

63. One heavy blow can destroy a person and render them powerless and incapable of recovery, however it is often the impact of seemingly insignificant small鈥搇oad energies that become the main culprits in destroying lives.

64. Observing the numerous people on the street who are busy coming and going, back and forth, we will actually find only 鈥渢wo people鈥, one is pursuing fame, and the other is pursuing wealth. It is normal for the masses to pursue fame and wealth, however, if we are unable to keep a sober mind, but rather join the ranks of pursuing fame and wealth, we are putting our carts in front of our horses, and delaying our precious lives.

65. Life is so short that big businesses should be chosen over small ones. Everyone has the capital to take on a big project, and the capital is 鈥 love.

66. Life is like a play, no matter how short or long nor whether it gains or loses or succeeds or fails. As one play rises, another falls, rising here and subsiding there; achieving prosperity in the human world might result in a fall in the kingdom of heaven.

67. Everything has already been doomed. Facing numerous and complicated life issues, we have only one way to deal with them: keep calm to handle all naturally occurring events.

68. There is no doubt that humans have free will. It is precisely this free will that causes the hesitation, trouble, agony, fear, and sadness in life.

69. One of the guarantees of a happy life is to understand and know yourself. Without understanding and knowing ourselves, there will be a series of troubles and pain in life. People are used to attributing all the troubles and pain to outside causes and to other people, but never to themselves.

70. Question: Who writes the script of our life and arranges the track of our LIFE?

Answer: It is we, ourselves, us.

Question: Who is the director?

Answer: It is the program.

71. The shrewd person only cares about immediate benefit; the wise one plans for the future.

72. People play all kinds of tricks to hook fish and Satan does the same to hook people; fish cannot see the people behind their traps and people cannot not see Satan behind his traps.

73. Man is absolutely not the result of random evolution, but has been created by angels according to the will of the Greatest Creator.

74. There are no wronged lives or souls in the universe, and here are reasons why:

路The Greatest Creator is equitable and never treats anyone unjustly.

路The operation of Tao is meticulous and accurate, 鈥淒ivine punishments, though slow, are always sure, with big meshes yet letting nothing slip through鈥.

路Punishments and rewards are meted out accurately by Karma; 鈥渨eal and woe are not predestined, you cause them yourself 鈥.

路Reality is the projection of one鈥檚 own consciousness.

路Understand that what we are receiving in this life is the result of what we have done in previous lives and that what we are doing now will decide what we will receive in future lives.

路The Law of Attraction reveals that those with the same frequency will resonate with each other, 鈥渂irds of a feather flock together鈥, those with the same ideas will be attracted to each other, and those in the same boat will share their weal and woe.

路Minds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.

路the sum of negative and positive energy always equal zero, the losses and gains remain in balance, and you will always gain something when you lose something but lose something when you gain something.

75. Intelligence is blinded by benefit; minds are blinded by intelligence; our nature is blinded by our minds.

76. Do not offer help if someone does not ask for it, but help at the first moment he does.

77. Dharma has no set rules, non鈥揹harma is dharma; form has no set shape, non鈥揻orm is form.

78. Keep the core principle but change the others according to the situation.

79. Low wisdom is characterized by rashness; medium wisdom by competition; great wisdom acts foolishly; and supreme wisdom is formless. Solve contradictions with formless wisdom, and dissolve all visible conflicts and contradictions with intangible thinking. Low wisdom is kept busy mapping out systems, medium wisdom is occupied with perfecting laws and regulations, great wisdom is preoccupied with spiritual civilization, and supreme wisdom roams freely and unrestrainedly in the spiritual world.

80. Little changes occur gradually but great changes happen instantaneously.

81. Quiet places are free from misfortune, but bustling places may breed disaster.

82. When you are on the wrong path, the faster you walk, the greater will be your losses to endure; When you are on the right path, you will have taken the best shortcut, even if you encounter temporary setbacks, frost and severe cold.

83. All theories and viewpoints are suitable for only particular spatiotemporal environments and are only applicable under specific conditions; as environments change, either time and space change or conditions change, such theories or viewpoints must not be applied blindly and mechanically.

84. Times are changing, ideas are changing, lifestyles are changing, and the way that husband and wife get along should also change. Change is the only constant in life.

85. Happiness always belongs to those who conform to the trends of the times and act according to changing circumstances. While affliction will always be visited upon those who stick to traditions without considering the changes or even fearing them.

86. Any day could be the last day of your life. So, get things done as best as you can and leave no regrets behind.

87. Thinking has these eight ladders:

路Material thinking

路Image thinking

路Associative thinking

路Illusive thinking

路Visualized thinking

路Taiji thinking

路Non-form thinking

路Holographic thinking

88. Wisdom is divided into these five levels in increasing order:

路Human eyes wisdom

路Deva eyes wisdom

路Wisdom eyes wisdom

路Dharma eyes wisdom

路Buddha eyes wisdom

89. That which can be imagined in one鈥檚 mind basically has existence.

90. Nothing is ever impossible in the universe, but has only not yet been realized or transformed by thinking.

91. Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, and courtesy:

路Having obtained Tao, take no account of virtue.

路Having obtained virtue, take no account of benevolence.

路Having obtained benevolence, take no account of righteousness.

路Having obtained righteousness, take no account of courtesy.


路Lacking Tao, attach importance to virtue.

路Lacking virtue, attach importance to benevolence.

路Lacking benevolence, attach importance to righteousness.

路Lacking righteousness, attach importance to courtesy.

92. Form gives birth to mind, but mind can transcend over form.

93. Humans have three origins: the origin from the pyramid, the origin from the Garden of Eden, and the origin from the reincarnation of the dragon.

94. Negative, passive, and pessimistic words, moods, and consciousnesses will bring pain, misfortune, and disaster; being alive, one should remain positive, active, and optimistic.

95. The bewilderment of one鈥檚 self comes from the bewilderment of their consciousness; the bewilderment of life results from the disorder of one鈥檚 consciousness. Our suffering derives mainly from the suffering of our consciousness, and all our uncertainties result from our unclear consciousnesses鈥 we do not know ourselves or what we really want.

96. It is only if we express ourselves clearly that the universe will better cooperate with us. If we do not understand ourselves clearly, the universe will be unable to cooperate with us. The Greatest Creator helps those who help themselves. Never expect help from immortals or emperors without your own effort.

97. The greater the energy, the less visible a thing will be; the smaller the energy, the more tangible it will be.

98. The three constituent elements of the universe are: consciousness, structure, and energy.

99. Everyone should beautify their soul garden by getting rid of the following poisonous weeds and barnyard grasses:

Jealousy, selfishness, anger, hatred, complaining, comparing, cursing, worrying, anxiety, fear, dishonesty, wickedness, ugliness, lies, sloppiness, hypocrisy, laziness, greed, avid possession, forced occupation, desire to excel over others, belligerence, exculpation, disputing, and other toxic weeds and barnyard grasses.

Rather, the following beautiful flowers and greens should be planted:

sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, honesty, peace, diligence, bravery, unselfishness, devotion, service, care, tolerance, consideration, compassion, mercy, and other beautiful flowers and plants.

100. Affection, love and sex are precious gifts bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. We are supposed to bloom and fully enjoy their pleasures and sweetness.

101. Jealousy reflects an ugly soul.

102. A mind of comparison is a mind of wickedness.

103. Vanity is the cancer cell of life.

104. Complaining is a poisoned arrow.

105. Selfishness is the source of trouble and the primary pass to hell.

106. Anger is the source of all diseases and being angry is like poisoning yourself chronically.

107. Rage is an emotional cyclone; those who are raging are the first one to get hurt.

108. Laziness is a parasite鈥檚 consciousness.

109. Gratitude is the first element toward sublimating LIFE鈥檚 quality.

110. Selflessness is the pass to heaven.

111. Giving and dedicating are the best ways to accumulate treasures in heaven.

112. Money, power, position, fame, and beauty are the devil鈥檚 bait.

113. The more you possess, the more trouble you get.

114. Health, calmness, joy, contentment, and peace are rewards from the Greatest Creator.

115. Only when you possess nothing can you own everything.

116. As a human, honesty is the best policy.

117. Once the fundamentals are established, the proper way appears.

118. If one can achieve an integrity of body and soul through self鈥搃mproving and self鈥搑efining, then real spirit will grow in them, great talent and virtue will appear from them.

119. Keeping one鈥榮 faith is the first priority in life; breaking one鈥檚 word is a crime.

120. Being negative is like cutting one鈥檚 own and other people鈥檚 arteries to release blood.

121. Repentance is an effective way to purify one鈥檚 soul, it is also a good solution to help one eliminate negative karma and avoid bad consequences.

122. Praying has incredible supernatural power. Pray more when you feel that you are too trapped by your surroundings to realize your beautiful ideal.

123. Being cold is symptomatic of lacking vigor and vitality, and those who lack enthusiasm and passion cannot do great things.

124. Greed is a psychological disease.

125. Arrogance is a devil鈥檚 quality.

126. Stubbornness is a symbol of rigid thinking.

127. The truth can be found in neither debates nor arguments.

128. Cheating is a crime.

129. Suspicion is a kind of phenomenon of psychological perversion.

130. Resentment is poisoning yourself and others.

131. Cursing is a wizardry and the cursor will become a demon, so do not curse, no matter how angry you are.

132. Hate ruins the haters.

133. The most vulnerable to injury are the weakest and most defective parts.

134. Praising others shows the beauty and richness of one鈥檚 soul.

135. Belittling others shows the ugliness and thinness of one鈥檚 soul.

136. Humbleness is the beginning of progress, sublimation, and the bridge toward heaven.

137. Trust is 鈥渉oney鈥 and distrust is 鈥渁 knife鈥.

138. As humans, we need to have some religious sentiment.

139. Being one鈥檚 natural self is their greatest beauty.

140. Do not judge others; be careful about conclusive words before they leave your mouth.

141. Say your own words, do your own thing, go your own road, and cultivate your own Way; do not bother with others or regard other people鈥檚 business.

142. Faith is truth; love is LIFE.

143. Forgiving and tolerating others will broaden our paths and living spaces.

144. Chase after the sun, and you will escape the darkness; chase after happiness, and you will escape trouble; chase after paradise, and you will escape this mortal world.

145. Those from whom ugly things emanate, prove themselves to be ugly.

146. If you escape from yourself and are afraid to face yourself, then you will suffer endless pain.

147. Love is a state of being, it is like the sun shining and flowers blooming.

148. Love does not possess specific objects; love is the blossoming of our most beautiful qualities.

149. Whoever lives for others is belittling and trampling their personalities and dignity.

150. Beware of those who say, 鈥淚 do this for your own good鈥, as they could have selfish intentions and really do it for THEIR own good.

151. Criticizing each other causes misery and suffering, and shows that you are rigid and stubborn.

152. Egalitarianism is unfair; communism without belief in the Greatest Creator does not work.

153. We should have light in our eyes and love in our hearts; thoughts need to be kind and routine work needs to be diligent.

154. Quality decides function and the quality of a person decides their value and function in society.

155. Dignity depends on good character to maintain; power and wealth cannot build dignity.

156. It is easy to have good relationships with everyone if we do not ask any favor from them; I would not care about the price of wine if I did not drink it. The best way to resist something is: 鈥淒on鈥檛 use it! Ignore it!鈥.

157. Take things as they are, associate with others by following naturally come-and-go relations, act in accordance with one鈥檚 intrinsic nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

158. Only saints are qualified to guide others.

159. Always cherish and create your blessings instead of overconsuming and wasting them. Once your blessings run out, you will have a rough time.

160. Great oaks from small acorns grow; put more efforts into basic things.

161. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Little things make big things happen.

162. What we have seen is where we are going. What have we seen?

163. Deliver the best quality in all jobs you do, or do not do them.

164. Do not desire supernatural powers or magic arts; do not show off your supernatural power to impress, confuse, or mislead others. Be your true and natural self.

165. Always return to the zero state.Do not abuse your power or claim credit. Do not flaunt your past.

166. Focus on good things and ignore bad ones. The law of attraction is magical.

167. If I am very healthy both physically and mentally, who can make me sick?

168. Keep individuality yet blend in commonness.

169. Do not stop when you are faced with adversity; things might turn around at the next corner.

170. Happiness springs from collective groups. Joy is from creation.

Freedom is earned and well鈥揵eing comes from dedication.

171. Do not 鈥渒idnap鈥, 鈥渂ind鈥, or 鈥渟trangle鈥 your loved ones in the name of love.

172. It is better for others to owe you than for you to owe others. This is how we become free.

173. 鈥淓verything is consumed in commotion, but is benefited from tranquility, and tranquility is the home of our spirit鈥. 鈥淭ranquility gives birth to wisdom, while commotion breeds fatuity鈥. You cannot achieve much or go very far without peace of mind.

174. Close one door and many other doors will open for you automatically.

175. It is better to create the future than to dwell in the past.

176. Self鈥搑ighteousness harms our souls, and shrewdness obstructs our advancement toward enlightenment; repentance from bad consequences helps to rid our stupidity, with a pure heart and peaceful mind we can behave in accordance with the way of nature.

177. The spirituality of those who lust for the nutrition of meat from livestock is bound to be harmed and those who gain advantages from others will be punished by Tao.

178. Men are handsome for their masculinity, and women are beautiful for their femininity, but men with too much femininity and women with too much masculinity are ugly.

179. There is no love or hate without reason.

180. Money does not grow on trees and 鈥渢here ain鈥檛 no such thing as a free lunch鈥. Everything is priced.

181. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members. A barbaric one is one in which they are contested and claimed.

182. Everything is good in moderation but poisonous in excess.

183. All conflicts are irrational.

184. Throwing stones at each other is barbaric behavior.

185. A timely compromise is wise and a timely retreat can move you forward.

186. Associate with people but do not form cliques with them. This is a great quality of civilized people.

187. A man of superior virtue shows no virtue.

A man of superior mercy demonstrates no mercy.

The great image has no image.

Tao never does anything, yet all things happen through it.

188. Everyone needs to be responsible for their words, actions, and choices. None can escape them.

189. Do not treat others as your emotional trash cans by imposing your misery and suffering upon them.

190. Be an honest person in word and deed.

191. Encourage frugality and simplicity but eschew extravagance and waste.

192. As a man sows, so he shall reap; good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause your own.

193. Whether porridge or cooked rice, remember that nothing is easy to come by; for half a piece of silk or cotton thread, think of the difficulty in production. Fix your houses before the rain falls and do not dig wells till you are thirsty.

Live frugally and do not linger on other鈥榮 parties.Utensils should be plain and clean; pottery is better than gold and jade. Eat good quality food but in moderation; vegetables are better than costly delicacies. Do not build luxurious houses or scheme for rich land.

194. Those who are keen on the bizarre lack far鈥搒ightedness and those who walk along their life鈥檚 journey alone cannot be persistent. Tao manifests itself in nature, and union is strength.

195. Let everyone display their talents to their fullest and make the best use of everything. The biggest wastes are to suppress talents and to let things go unused.

196. The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes.

197. Surrendering is masterly gain and letting go is an ever鈥搗ictorious way of having.

198. Vice is more harmful when concealed than revealed but benevolence known to all is inferior to that known to none. Correct your faults immediately upon discovering them but avoid claiming credit for yourself.

199. Good processes naturally result in good results; if every detail is perfect, then the final result will be fruitful.

200. Stay away from all evil conduct but pursue all kind deeds.

What is evil conduct?

Here are some examples:

Profanity against the Greatest Creator, Gods, and deities

Slanderous comments against Celestials and Buddhas

Mocking and defaming sages and saints

Insulting one鈥檚 ancestors

Maltreating one鈥榮 parents

Murder and robbery

Mistreating and slaughtering animals

Bullying and insulting widows and widowers

Harming one鈥檚 brothers and sisters

Humiliating one鈥檚 teachers, superiors and seniors

Hoodwinking young and inexperienced children

Framing kind people deviously

Defrauding ignorant and naive people

Vilifying one鈥檚 schoolmates

Harming one鈥檚 colleagues hideously

Employing lies, fraud, sting operations, and entrapment against others

Slandering and criticizing one鈥榮 extended and immediate family members maliciously

Maltreating one鈥檚 inferiors and claiming their merits as one鈥檚 own

Fawning over one鈥檚 superiors and claiming credit for their achievements

Showing no gratitude for favors

Harboring endless resentment

Slighting ordinary people

Disrupting state affairs

Encouraging injustice

Torturing the innocent

Blocking insect caves and overturning nests

Destroying embryos and eggs

Pilfering people鈥檚 harvests

Masking people鈥檚 good and kind deeds

Uncovering people鈥檚 weaknesses

Damaging people鈥檚 countenances and images

Forcing women to prostitute themselves

Wasting people鈥檚 properties

Riding roughshod over people

Humiliating people to one鈥檚 own advantages

Transferring blame onto others to protect oneself

Transferring misfortunes onto others

Acting arrogantly because of one鈥檚 wealth

Deriding the poor

Frustrating people鈥檚 advantages

Envying people鈥檚 wealth and ranks

Being jealous of people鈥檚 talents

Trickery in business

Selling substandard goods for the cost of quality products


Polluting the environment

Forcing people to do things beyond their abilities or against their wills

Forcing people to commit suicide

Digging up people鈥檚 ancestral tombs

Destroying people鈥檚 homes


Disrupting people鈥檚 peace of mind

Jumping the queue

Showing ferocity

Plagiarism and piracy

Harming people behind their backs

Embezzlement in the name of public welfare

Concocting pretexts

Corruption and bribery

Creating useless projects for one鈥檚 own interests

Dissipation and extravagance

Instigating public unrest

Advocating violence

Destroying mountains and forests

Uprooting grass randomly

Polluting rivers

Plunging living beings into abysses of misery


Building dangerous structures

Gathering people to gamble

Scheming to cheat people out of their money

Publicizing ghosts and demons

Poisoning souls

Playing ghosts and goblins

Publicizing superstitions

Building temples randomly

Corrupting people鈥檚 ethics and consciences

Engaging in witchcraft

Conducting fortune telling

Extracting human organs

Injuring others鈥 limbs

Cursing people and wishing them evil

Praying for people鈥檚 misfortunes

Being greedy of food and covetous of benefit

Squandering food

Laziness and acting slickly

Comparing oneself with others

Behaving tumultuously

Interrupting people鈥檚 rest

Exposing people鈥檚 privacy

Trespassing onto private residences

Intimidating and threatening

Kidnapping and hijacking

Occupying people鈥檚 lands and belongings

Defaulting on one鈥檚 debts

Abusing one鈥檚 power to seek personal gains

Bullying people with one鈥檚 power

Complaining and being jealous

Bragging and flaunting

What are kind deeds?

Here are some examples:

Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, nature, gods, and deities

Following the examples of sages and saints

Filial piety

Respecting the old and loving the young

Treating people equally

Praising kind deeds

Encouraging others

Having a kind heart toward all beings

Loving others as oneself

Showing compassion for those with misfortune

Sharing others鈥 happiness

Helping people in need

Rescuing people from danger

Displaying others鈥 advantages

Uncovering one鈥檚 own disadvantages

Never recall benefits that you have granted to others

Repaying favors that are owed

Not complaining about humiliation

Harboring no hatred for hurt

Letting others gain wisdom through your illumination

Leading people to sunshine

Imparting knowledge

Passing your skills on

Diligent and thrifty

Working hardly

Keeping promise and being honest

Remaining simple and sincere

Spreading happiness and joy

Not limiting, but expanding people鈥檚 freedom

Helping people gain happiness

Catching thieves and subduing demons when they are found

Singing praises of sincerity and virtue

Hiding others鈥 wrongdoings but praising their good deeds

Being practical and realistic

Refuting and not spreading falsehoods

Not pocketing lost properties on the road

Not bolting the door at night, trusting people as you sleep

Finding happiness in helping others

Providing people with conveniences

Consistency in words and deeds

Reflecting your true inner self

Steering away from the evil path

Being scrupulously honest even in private

Wishing for people鈥檚 safety

Praying for people鈥檚 good fortune

Being neither ostentatious nor extravagant even when you can

Engaging in no sycophancy when you are poor

Showing gratitude and giving thanks often

Feeling appreciative

Showing no arrogance when you have achieved your ambition

Never giving up when faced with setbacks

Boosting people鈥檚 morale

Promoting people鈥檚 confidence

Helping people to fulfill their cherished hopes

Helping people to achieve their goals

Being faithful and forgiving to others

Showing generosity and tolerance

Being courteous and humble

Abiding by order

Resigning at the height of your prosperity

Being at peace with the world

Showing equity and justice

Treating relatives and friends with impartiality

Dedicating Voluntarily

Having a placid and peaceful mind

Remaining Neat and tidy

Showing a motherly or fatherly face

Offering explanations for any doubt

Showing hospitality and enthusiasm

Being philanthropic and contributing

Helping those in dangerous situations

Telling the truth

Planting fruit trees

Showing neither arrogance nor impetuosity

Having a gentle and placid temper

Lacking all desire for ostentation

Envying neither rank nor wealth

Rising when dawn breaks

Sleeping when dusk falls

Being studious and eager to learn

Glowing radiantly

Dressing appropriately for situations

Projecting astounding inner beauty

Projecting a pleasant image with every posture

Being outgoing and lively

Enjoying fun activities and playing games

Speaking with a pleasant voice

Speaking with a sweet tongue

Leaving benefits to others and taking the difficult tasks to oneself

Being open and aboveboard

Doing nothing underhandedly

Being dutiful

Never coveting others鈥 property

Loving peace

Loving the broad masses

Remaining close to nature

Caring for grass and flowers

Being approachable

Having compassion even for insects

There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause both for yourself.

The effects of good and evil are like shadows following forms.

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished by evil.

Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure, with big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through.

201. The world is faultless; all faults lie within us.

202. Only gods can distinguish right from wrong; Tao judges our merits and demerits.

203. If you are sincere and genuine, then you will get what you want; if you have a worried and unsettled frame of mind, then you will get what you try to avoid.

204. Let nature take its course, do not hold inordinate ambitions; everything has merits and demerits, do not pursue perfection; when surrounded by a thousand rivers, drink only enough to quench your thirst.

205. Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.

206. Examine yourself when alone in silence, never accuse others鈥 faults during chats; it is better to be righteous but poor than evil but abundant.

207. Tiny differences in the beginning lead to great differences in the end.

208. Man cannot conquer nature, but can only comply with it; man cannot resist nature, but can only follow it.

209. Everything in nature is born to be itself; if born as a blade of grass, be a blade of grass happily, do not strive to be a peony.

210. To follow the old routine and stick to traditions is useless and painful; it is better to open one鈥檚 mind and embrace new ways.

211. A whisper in the mortal world can be a rumble of thunder in heaven; evil done secretly is as recognizable to God as a flash of lightning in his eyes.

212. Teaching how to catch fish is better than giving fish; offering work is better than giving things.

213. Think whimsically! Only unconventional thinking can lead people to the bright way and bring peace and happiness into the world.

214. Who is freer and happier, a king or a beggar? It is the one who knows and understands themself.

215. The value of one鈥檚 existence is proportional to the number of people who they serve, the more people one serves, the greater their value will be.

216. If you have a good nature, then you are good even if you seem evil; if you have an evil nature, then you are evil even if you seem good.

217. The acme of good writing is nothing special: it is only being just right; the acme of good character is nothing unusual: it is only being one鈥檚 natural self.

218. Follow the founder instead of the rules; future generations must follow the rules that were laid down, not new leaders.

219. Do not try to change or transform others; that is, to disparage yourself and burn your fingers; change yourself if you cannot tolerate them.

220. Those who love (fame, power, status, etc. ) the most, spend the most; those who hoard (money, treasure, properties, etc.) the most, lose the most.

221. Without noble thoughts, we are animals.

222. If your surroundings depress you, then escape; escaping is the best solution to unpleasant surroundings.

223. Think about it 鈥攁re you living or only surviving锛 Life is worthless if it is only for survival.

224. Beware of the devil sneaking into your mind.

225. An excellent person who is inharmonious with the whole will be eliminated; those who are excellent must always remain vigilant.

226. Do not entrust people with all your hope; they change.

227. 鈥淭rust yourself鈥 is the opinion of fools.

228. Sneaky hearsay is not good news; messages concerned with spirits, deities, fortunes, and disasters are bad ones.

229. Beware! Weeds grow wildly on free land; remember, never overstep.

230. Habits, knowledge, and history are the three main hindrances to innovation.

231. Fixed mindset is the biggest obstacle to the progress of human civilization.

232. Be alert to not let reality destroy you.

233. In joy, a person can achieve their best state of mind and their most beautiful soul.

234. Only when everyone鈥檚 qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in their inner worlds are inspired from within, can a warm and harmonious world be created.

235. The greatest oceans receive the most rivers; the most open minds generate the greatest thoughts.

236. Think more about others鈥 strengths and advantages than about their weaknesses and shortcomings; think more about your weaknesses and shortcomings while not flaunting your strengths and advantages.

237. Reality is the projection of one鈥檚 own consciousness; transform yourself rather than complaining about your reality.

238. One鈥檚 consciousness determines their life; one鈥檚 life determines their existence.

239. All human contradictions and conflicts arise from energy contentions, even quarrels between married couples.

240. The more love you release, the more energy you have; the less love you release, the less energy you have.

241. Those who grow the fastest have the shortest lifespans; therefore, do not pursue speed in life and avoid shortcuts.

242. A person鈥檚 quality lies in their details; not only in their words, but also in how they implement their deeds.

243. First impressions are the most genuine; if one鈥檚 first impression is bad, then it will rarely improve over time.

244. What seems real is unreal; what seems unreal is actually real.

245. The more administrators a group has, the more complicated things will become and the more oppressed and exploited the frontline workers will be.

246. The more you possess, the more trouble you have; something superfluous might cost your life.

247. Some books, people, and environments can transform the corrupt into magic; some thoughts, consciousnesses, and words can rapidly uplift one鈥檚 realm of mind; an opportunity and a conversation can change a person鈥檚 LIFE trajectory completely.

248. All awareness and experience acquired without thinking and comprehension is knowledge, while the ability of solving problems is wisdom.

249. Everything has its limit, and when that limit is exceeded, it will be transformed into something else; therefore, be sure to keep things in moderation.

250. With the soul power from the Greatest Creator, mountains will flourish with trees, water will brim with fish and turtles, the heavens will bring pleasant weather, the earth will abound with a wide variety of LIFE forms, and humans will exude endless charm.

251. Without a good program (system) as its guarantor, good will and dedication will vanish like soap bubbles; creating a good production and life program is of great importance, moral preaching alone does not work.

252. Avoid those who idle about; they will not offer constructive ideas, only gossip.

253. Beauty dwells in symmetry and proportion; it also dwells in simple and unsophisticated minds.

254. Every knack is deeper than the sea, so we should admire the spirit of craftsmanship.

255. The more that people look up to you, the more important it is to remain humble and sober鈥搈inded; the higher your position is, the more important it is to return to your roots from time to time and remain modest and cautious. Otherwise, you will never be far from disasters.

256. It is only when the people at the bottom of society have dignity that the nation will have dignity.

257. Those who help others, help themselves; those who harm others, harm themselves; those who cheat others, cheat themselves. If you cannot understand this principle, then you are ignorant and have a blind soul.

258. The energy level of food is related to the eater鈥檚 mental attitude; being grateful for it is necessary to derive the maximum energy and nutrients from it.

259. To be truly noble, you must always be humble; the bright road sometime looks dark and the road leading forward sometimes curves backward.

260. If you concentrate on an occurrence or phenomenon for a long enough time, then you will see what others do not see in it.

261. For the same goal, when the ways of achieving it are different, the results will be different.

262. The more you contribute, the more you will be paid; your contributions will always be rewarded justly.

263. Never do anything that is not worth doing.

264. Attach more importance to values than to relationships; in this way, the later will not cheat you.

265. We meet when fate brings us together and we part when we are meant to separate; never mourn or regret the beginning or ending of any predestined relationship.

266. Say 鈥測es鈥 when the answer is 鈥測es鈥, and 鈥渘o鈥 when the answer is 鈥渘o鈥; do not say 鈥測es鈥 when it is 鈥渘o鈥, or 鈥渘o鈥 when it is 鈥測es鈥.

267. Frank and honest relationships expend the least effort to maintain.

268. Ordinary people live ordinary lives; live an ordinary life with a quiet and peaceful heart; everything begins with the ordinary; the truth of life is hidden within it.

269. No matter what method is used or what excuse is given, to damage, snatch, steal, occupy, or defraud anyone of their property is definitely a crime.

270. Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from giving them selflessly.

271. Everything should be dealt with on the principle of least resistance.

272. A clean person will not be spurned; the cleaner a place is, the less garbage will be dumped; the dirtier a place is, the more garbage will be dumped.

273. If you are unwilling to surrender your attachments and prejudices, then you are like a piece of rotten wood that is unlikely to be carved into a great statue; one鈥檚 stubbornness and unwillingness to alter their opinions is the highest mountain to cross; afflictions and dread come from unbending consciousnesses.

274. Without enthusiasm and passion, one should never expect to taste the delicious in the world.

275. Those who maintain excellence in everything they do will eventually be rewarded generously; those who are careless and slack in everything will never see the light of the day.

276. Good players use their consciousnesses to create more enjoyable games; poor players become played by the realities they see, which are only illusions.

277. Those who do not play are mere eating machines, working tools, moving objects, and walking corpses.

278. Everything is an illusion; only sensations are real.

279. Collective living is the best monastery in which to dwell and self鈥揷ultivate

280. Sincerity needs to exchange with sincerity; never take it as dung and dirt.

281. If we do not look back, we will never 鈥渉ear鈥 the noise from the secular world.

282. Flirtation is beneficial to one鈥檚 physical and mental health, to the harmony of relationships, and to the sublimation of one鈥檚 LIFE quality.

283. Never degrade from the noble way in order to satisfy temporary desires.

284. Excessive punishment is injurious to the harmony and stability of a society.

285. Open your heart, so joy can flow.

286. Unless a LIFE serves the Greatest Creator, nature, and other LIVES, it has no real value.

287. A gossiper must lead the role of gossiping; one who follows them is an absolute troublemaker.

288. Being misunderstood is one鈥檚 own fault.

289. Those who pry into and spread other people鈥檚 privacy are not good people.

290. Cut down your futility, superfluous words, and useless acts, but inlay your jewels (time and energy) to the crown.

291. Wallowing in the past is tantamount to chronic suicide.

292. Passivity always lurks the crisis of being eliminated.

293. The mortal world is deep and endless, just as layers of cobwebs; only those who are able to rise above it do not end up as spider goblins.

294. A pitiful person must have something to be hated.

295. It is a man鈥檚 shame to be pitied and sympathized by others.

296. Never stop advancing until your goal is reached.

297. As a human being, one must live their life to the fullest! Life is but a dream, all changing things are as transient as fleeting clouds; to feel and experience life fully leaves one with no regrets.

298. Being decadent is weakening one鈥檚 power and searching for death.

299. The longest distance between two points is a straight line, the shortest distance is a curved arc; therefore, never fear mistakes and setbacks.

300. Ask yourself often: 鈥淗ave I gone the wrong way?鈥

301. Order is essential for high efficiency; disorder only creates busyness, tiredness, and low performance.

302. Whoever proposes must take charge锛泈hoever takes charge must bear all consequences.

303. Heartily speak kind words; as good weather is to the growth of crops, so are sweet words to the development of emotions.

304. That which cannot be solved by conventional thinking can be solved by unconventional thinking; therefore, try often to look at problems from the opposite angle.

305. If you pursue possessing, then you will have nothing; if you pursue not possessing, then you will have everything.

306. Gaining is losing, losing is gaining; the more you gain, the more you lose; the less you gain, the less you lose; without losing, you will gain nothing; without gaining, you will lose nothing.

307. Life and death are rooted in each other; wherever life is, death will be; wherever death is, life will be.

308. Death is not the end of LIFE.

309. If existence determines consciousness, we have only one earth; if consciousness determines existence, we have thirty鈥搒ix spaces. (one鈥揹imensional, two鈥揹imensional, three鈥揹imensional, four鈥揹imensional, and so on)

310. The thought of existence determining consciousness is conventional thinking; the thought of consciousness determining existence is unconventional thinking; beautiful futures belong to those with unconventional thinking.

311. If one plus one is two, there is an increase of quantity; if one plus one remains one, there is an increase of energy; the sage embraces the One, and becomes the model of the world.

312. A key to understanding the mystery of the universe is knowing that one plus negative one remains one.

313. Always concentrate on one thing; as long as you do one thing deeply, carefully, and thoroughly, you will get all that you need from it.

314. Rubbing ropes against wooden boards will cut into them, and dripping water onto stones will wear them down, so pursuers of Tao should exert their efforts consistently. Channels form when water flows; melons鈥 pedicels fall when their fruit ripens; people attain Tao naturally when the right timing comes.

315. Thinking is a magical power. Magical power is the higher level of thinking information wave that shackles the lower level of thinking.

316. Our thinking is more or less confined by some higher thinking.

317. All regulations, concepts, ethics and behavioral rules, authoritative theories and sermons, religious regulations and rituals, scientific theories and methods, and exemplary models and habits are powers that constrain human thinking.

318. All methods are just convenient methods or timely methods, but not constant methods; once any cognition becomes fixed, it attends to one thing, loses all others, and becomes an obstacle to further thinking.

319. Implementing Lifechanyuan values in daily life and abiding by the community鈥檚 production and life procedures are the magic tools to ensure the long-term existence and continuous perfection of the new life mode for humans.

320. Be not judges of others lest you be judged by others; for as you have been judging, so shall you be judged, and by your measure, so shall you be measured.

321. If a man pays back evil for good, calamity will never leave his house.

322. To forgive others鈥 faults is to glorify yourself.

323. It is honorable to avoid strife; the foolish love to fight and expose others鈥 defects in order to highlight their cleverness.

324. Avoid the banquets of evil people; their faces, full of smiles, say 鈥減lease drink and eat鈥, but once you accept their offers of food and drink, you will be tied to them forever.

325. Give yourself up, you will find your 鈥淪elf 鈥; hold on to yourself, and you will miss your 鈥淪elf 鈥.

326. Dharma sets no rules, no dharma is dharma; form sets no shape, no form is form.

327. Snobs sacrifice themselves for profits; literati sacrifice themselves for fame; scientists sacrifice themselves for knowledge; Great men sacrifice themselves for achievements; ordinary people sacrifice themselves for families; politicians sacrifice themselves for the state; saints sacrifice themselves for the world, and Celestial beings sacrifice themselves for Tao.

328. The way of Tao is even and easy to walk on, but people love shortcuts; quick success and instant benefits lead inevitably to ordeals.

329. Of all the relationships in life, the most difficult to maintain are the ones between married couples.

330. Within the same timeframe, the closer one is to the centre, the smaller one鈥檚 space is, and the easier they will feel; the farther away one is from the center, the greater one鈥檚 space is, and the more tired they will feel.

331. The broadness of mind decides the broadness of the universe; the depth of thinking decides the width of one鈥檚 LIFE space.

332. If the structure of a LIFE does not change, then its nature will not change; its energy cannot change its structure.

333. The universe does not discern people鈥榮 good or evil intentions; as long as you visualize or pray, the universe will use all means to help you realize your wish with the fastest speed and the least resistance.

334. Extravagance and waste are crimes.

335. When using a toilet seat, men should not stand to pee.

336. In life, it is difficult to find bosom friends; it is only during the process of diligent work to realize our lofty ideal that we find true friends.

337. A person without spirituality desires only to take but never to return; moreover, they destroy their surrounding environments like viruses.

338. The purpose of humanity is to serve the Greatest Creator; just as grass鈥 and flowers鈥 purpose is to serve humanity.

339. The development of human society has become increasingly complicated, vulgar, and snobbish; actually it has deviated from Tao. If it continues along this path, it will not only lose its beauty, but also everything else.

340. The most suitable environment for one鈥檚 survival is their personal Garden of Eden.

341. If you want to lead a perfect life, you must concentrate your efforts on your own inner beauty; do not try to change others or the world, change yourself first; as you change, so will people and the world around you change.

342. We had better deal with our own garbage, whether material garbage, spiritual garbage, or soul garbage; the less garbage we make, the more civilized we will be.

343. Lower LIFE levels serve higher ones and all LIVES serve the Greatest Creator.

344. There are thirty-six Eight-diagram Arrays in the universe and there are innumerable traps along the journey of LIFE; it is only by escaping from these traps of LIFE that we can enjoy the freedom of LIFE.

345. Continue to die and continue to be born anew, the meaning of LIFE is in it; continue to destroy and continue to create, the meaning of life is in it.

346. The way to reach a more beautiful LIFE space is to pay your debts, end your ties, accumulate merits and virtues in heaven, and perfect your LIFE structure.

347. The most wonderful experience in LIFE is when your consciousness is in the 鈥渮ero state鈥; it is only then that you can feel everything.

348. A LIFE close to death is stiff; a LIFE full of vitality is soft.

349. Be kind to all LIFE beings and they will be kind to you.

350. Nostalgia is not worth the cost of LIFE; everything is a flash in the pan, like floating smoke, and passing clouds.

351. The most in life:

The most lofty and greatest thing in life is to explore LIFE!

The most significant thing in life is to research LIFE!

The most joyful thing in life is to revere LIFE!

The most peaceful thing in life is to march forward along the trajectory of LIFE!

352. The human body is immune to many diseases which often come and go silently, and we can just ignore them; however, once you take any disease seriously, it will entangle you to the end.

353. Selfless LIFE beings belong to Heaven; selfish LIFE beings belong to the human world; extremely selfish LIFE beings belong to Hell.

354. From LIFE鈥檚 perspective, illusion and reality are the same.

355. It is always better for one who is indecisive and stuck in dilemmas to follow their heart rather than their brain.

356. Do not conclude that something does not exist just because you cannot see it; the higher its vibrational frequency is, the less visible it is.

357. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality.

358. Humans are combinations of physical bodies and spiritual LIVES; the physical bodies are the carriers of their LIVES and will die, but the LIVES that they carry will continue after they do so.

359. The quality of a LIFE lies in its structure; the more perfect its structure is, the higher its quality is, the better its living space is, and the greater that LIFE鈥檚 freedom will be.

360. The best home for a LIFE being to reach is the backyard of the Greatest Creator 鈥 the Celestial Islands Continent.

361. The purpose of LIFE鈥檚 evolution and transmigration is to maintain the ethics of the universe and the dynamic balance of all LIVES in the universe.

362. The law of universal gravitation of LIFE: there is mutual gravity among LIVES that are brought together by karma in the universe; the magnitude of this gravity is a direct ratio of the debt that each owes to the other but an inverse ratio to the amount of favor that each has done for the other.

363. If one leaves this life with an unfulfilled wish, then they will be reincarnated into the human world again.

364. An outline of standards and revelations of the transmigration of LIFE:

People with the greatest love will become Super Celestial Beings

People with the utmost benevolence will become Buddhas

People with the greatest happiness will become Deity Celestial Beings

People with the greatest health will become Land Celestial Beings

People with the greatest kindness will become Human Celestial Beings

People with the greatest loyalty will ascend to nobility

People who are filial to their parents will return with great blessings

People with impartial minds will return to the Human World

People who have built up their virtues will be wealthy

People with muddle鈥揾eaded, confused minds will fall to the Animal World

People with indifference will be reincarnated to the Plant World

People with wicked intentions will sink into the Ghost World

People who have lorded over and bullied others will degrade to the frozen layer

People who were intentionally evil will fall into the inflamed layer

365. Hell is the general term for inflamed space, frozen space, and the inferno. A LIFE in hell will generally not enter the human world directly; insects and many plants belong to another reincarnation system of LIFE and will generally not reincarnate as humans.

366. Higher level LIVES have fewer conflicts with their surroundings; lower level LIVES have more conflicts with theirs.

367. The core element of the consciousness of higher LIVES is love; The higher their level of LIFE is, the higher the level of love in their consciousness is; the lower their level of LIFE is, the lower the level of love in theirs is.

368. Gods and Super Celestial Beings are LIVES created by the Greatest Creator; other LIVES were designed by the Greatest Creator but created by Super Celestial Beings under Gods鈥 directions.

369. 鈥淭he law of the jungle鈥 and 鈥淭he survival of the fittest鈥 from Darwin鈥檚 theory of evolution are portrayals of the animal world, but an awakened person would never agree with them.

370. Organ transplantation is a bad thing; its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.

371. Genetic engineering is extremely dangerous because it is very likely to cause a large appearance of monsters and demons.

372. Biological robots will emerge eventually; they will bring blessings to some but misfortunes to some others.

373. LIVES travel through transmigration and transformation; humans might ascend to Celestial beings and degrade to animals as well.

374. LIFE has eight big secrets; to attain them, you must build your merits and virtues to exchange.

375. What does not exist in consciousness does not exist in LIFE; therefore, make the best use of your time to expand your space of LIFE. Be neither nostalgic for things which appeared briefly nor for the human world; they are all just flashes in the pan. Try your best to be familiar with the place for which you yearn and be an awakened person.

376. The nature of LIFE is the soul; the nature of soul is consciousness, so consciousness is LIFE.

377. The simpler that things are, the more attention they should receive; the closer that people are to us, the more they will form joys and sorrows in our lives.

378. How can a LIFE achieve eternal bliss? The answer is simple: only by realizing self鈥揾armony.

379. Freedom symbolizes heaven and control represents hell.

380. We must make full use of our bodies; if we do not, we will be rebelling against the Greatest Creator; we would be 鈥減racticing evil ways鈥 if we prayed for what our bodies do not have.

381. 鈥淪eeds take roots where they land鈥; wherever you live, treat that place as your home, protect its environment, and create beauty.

382. Freedom is supreme and priceless; it is the symbol of LIFE in heaven; the degree of freedom shows the level of a LIFE; the greater a LIFE鈥檚 degree of freedom is, the closer they are to heaven; the less a LIFE鈥檚 degree of freedom is, the closer they are to hell.

383. Individuals and groups cause their own lack of freedom; if one within an unfree group wants freedom, the only thing to do is 鈥 ESCAPE! Escape to a free place, if you cannot find a free place on Earth, then flee to heaven.

384. Do not sympathize for or commiserate with the weak, for they are parasites; once you are entangled with the weak, they will suck off your blood and your whole life will turn to misery. Who are the weak? The debilitated, disabled, ill, and poor are NOT, but those who constantly rob your energy are.

385. When many people鈥榮 consciousnesses resonate, they live in the same world; heaven and hell are the real worlds created by the LIVES whose consciousnesses resonate; everything on Earth is created together by the 鈥減eople鈥 who are here.

386. All changes in the universe have reasons, all changes of nature are the results of quantitative changes; there will be no qualitative leaps without the accumulation of quantitative changes: when quantitative changes reach their limit, they will inevitably cause qualitative leaps.

387. As long as we treat everyone and everything objectively and fairly, then we will not waste time on hatred and revenge, but only concentrate on our own futures of sublimating ourselves.

388. Different faiths lead to different mental states and psychological activities, which lead to different words and actions, which lead to different results and ways of life; faith is the navigator of life, different faiths make different lives; therefore, faith determines lives.

389. Arrogance comes from ignorance, and it is the touchstone of testing the richness of one鈥檚 inner beauty.

390. Character is the accumulation of characteristics that one inherits from their previous LIVES; character is definitely not inherited from one鈥檚 biological parents. Character will determine one鈥檚 overall developmental direction; it is one鈥檚 original nature which is the potential energy of consciousness one can barely handle or control by themself, that鈥檚 why we often hear the saying 鈥渁 leopard cannot change its spots鈥. Character decides what kind of life one will achieve.

391. The more marvelous a method is, the easier it is to practice; tricks and shortcuts are ultimately not simple and easy ways to do things.

392. If you do not surrender your human mind, then you will not achieve the nature of a Celestial being; if you do not abandon the human world, then you cannot ascend to the fairyland above.

393. If you do not close a door, then another nine will not open to you; if you remain wedded to one love, then you will not be able to embrace another truer love; if you do not leave your heavy baggage, then you will not be able to walk farther; if you do not remove your blinders of conventional thinking, then you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

394. Die, yesterday鈥榮 me; embrace today鈥榮 me!

Die, today鈥榮 me; embrace tomorrow鈥榮 me!

395. Do what you want without breaking the rules; enjoy a carefree life without grumpiness.

396. Are there any unfair phenomena in human society? No, not at all! Everything is a fair adjudication of the mechanism of cause and effect; everything is the fairest arrangement with the rewards and punishments of Tao.

397. Everyone has their own LIFE trajectory, everything is destined; it might seem on the surface that we have been wronged, but that appearance might have actually resulted from our own imperceptible thoughts and behaviors

398. When death comes, we should die clearly and leave no regrets to the last moment; we should never come to this world in vain; while we are still alive, we must distinguish the priorities of life锛歐hat is important and what is unimportant; otherwise it will be too late to feel regret!

399. Do not be nostalgic, open up to your future rather than dwelling upon your past; the universe is boundless, time and space are endless; the future of LIFE is endless, LIFE is always on its journey. The scenery ahead is unknown and unprecedented for us; regardless of how wonderful our current environment might be, we still need to open up new territories, to explore new ways, to enter the new realms. Joy lies in creating, not in languishing in material comfort; happiness lies in devoting, not in acquiring; freedom lies in continually abandoning, not in sticking to old ways and achievements.

400. Once one stops marching forward, they will inevitably move toward dispiritedness and depravity; once unwilling to abandon all their possessions, one will inevitably slip towards selfishness and greed; once clinging to ancient ways and bygone values, one will never have the chance to see the incomparable new wonder and beauty.

401. The universe is an illusion and its size relates to our consciousness; the stronger the consciousness, the bigger the universe; the weaker the consciousness, the smaller the universe; the universe would not exist without consciousness.

402. The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. The universe did not originate from the Big Bang; rather, it came into being because Wuji gave birth to Taiji and chaos evolved into holographic order.

403. The universe has eight (8) forces:



The strong force

The weak force

The structural force

The repulsive force

The conscious force

The spiritual force

The universe is made up of three elements:




404. The universe includes twenty (20) parallel worlds,

Humans live in the XY world

Ghosts live in the -X-Y world

Gods, Buddhas, and Super Celestial Beings live in the XYZ world

Monsters and demons live in the -X-Y-Z world

The Thousand-year World is in the XY-Z world

The Ten-thousand-year World is in the X-Y-Z world

The Celestial Islands Continent is in the XYZ world

405. The universe exists for LIFE and LIFE exists for the universe; when LIFE dies out, the universe will perish; when the universe ends, LIFE will be extinct.

406. The solar system was designed to serve humans on the Earth.

407. The moon did not come into being naturally, it was created specifically for LIFE on the Earth; apart from its other functions, the moon serves as a warehouse, mainly to store UFOs.

408. The UFOs that we occasionally see in the sky are not from outer space but from within the moon, which is a gigantic warehouse storing many 鈥渢ools鈥 that Super Celestial Beings once used, and UFOs are one kind of them. The moon has a gate which can be opened at any time and there is a huge 鈥減alace鈥 beneath the mysterious Bermuda Triangle which Super Celestial Beings use as temporary lodgings on Earth. When such needs arise, Super Celestial Beings can exercise remote control of the UFOs within the moon at any time and use them to visit Earth.

409. The atmosphere is the earth鈥檚 skin

The ozonosphere is to protect LIFE on the Earth

Water is the Earth鈥檚 blood

Photosynthesis is the headspring of food for LIFE

Symmetry in nature is a mysterious force

The perfect scale is the Golden Ratio

The brain is the epitome of the universe

Genes are the sealed book of LIFE

Conditioned reflexes are the protective mechanisms of LIFE

Sexual pleasure is not only for the continuation of ancestral lines

The beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator

410. There is a negative cosmic velocity in the universe; namely, the speed of the nonmaterial, which is faster than that of light.

411. Everything in the universe moves in accordance with Tao. The spirits of all LIFE forms are connected to that of the Greatest Creator. Each thing and every phenomenon follow its own principles and laws. Whether it be the operation of celestial bodies or the action of an ant or a bee, everything is controlled by Tao. The universe is holographic, and a thought can spread across it within an instant.

412. The total energy of the universe is always zero, which enables its stable order.

413. The holographic phenomena means the universe is holographic. A holographic universe means that the universe is so expansive that there is no exterior and so small that there is no interior. Everything and all Phenomena are holographically interconnected, nothing is independent of anything else, and no phenomenon is independent of any other phenomena.

414. The unity of opposites is only the appearance of the universe, not the essence of it; the essence of the universe is a holographic-order entity. There are no opposites such as justice and injustice, good and evil, or beauty and ugliness within the holographic order.

415. There are grand universe and small universes. The boundless universe is called the Grand Universe and the bounded universes are called small universes. The Grand Universe is made up of a vast number of small universes. The universe in which humans live is a small universe, and it is called the Earth Universe.

416. All objects within the scope of time, including celestial bodies, have an origin, a time of being born and a course of development. The universe is no exception. Before the birth of the universe, it was 鈥淲uji鈥.

The state of Wuji is:

The absence of large and small

The absence of borders

The absence of entity and non鈥揺ntity

The absence of time, space, substance, and spirit

All is a state of clearness and brightness as well as chaos; all is a state of existence as well as nonexistence.

417. Chaos is a disorderly state, but holographic order is an orderly one; chaos was the state before the formation of the universe, while holographic order has been the state afterward; Chaos (Chinese 娣锋矊锛塵eans mess, lack of order锛沬n Chinese holographic order is written as 娴戞矊, 娴 means wholeness and inseparable integrity, and Dun (娌) means a borderless and expansive state like the immense ocean. In the state of chaos, there is no heaven, no earth, no borders, no limits, no center, no yin or yang, and no middle way. In the state of holographic order, there is Taiji, the One in the unity of opposites, the two poles, and the middle way.

418. The law that maintains the zero sum of positive and negative energy is called the law of cause and effect.

419. The existence of natures is what causes the clear鈥搇ayered, well鈥搒tructured, multiform, and constantly changing wonder of LIFE and all natural phenomena. If everything were devoid of their natures, then the universe would return to its chaotic, primordial state of chaos.

420. The material world is the positive universe; the nonmaterial world is the negative universe. Non鈥搈aterial things are of the negative universe as they are non鈥損hysical, intangible, invisible, untouchable, inaudible, and cannot be sensed, measured, or perceived, yet influence the material world. The dream world is a type of negative universe; namely the nonmaterial world.

421. The positions of materials and non鈥搈aterials and the spheres of their activities are called space. Space can be positive or negative; non鈥搈aterials exist in negative space; materials exist in positive space. Positive space is determined by the existence and distribution of materials and negative space is determined by the existence and distribution of non鈥搈aterials.

422. Space can change an object鈥檚 shape and its rules of operation. Space includes natural spaces and thinking spaces. In different spaces, operation rules and the existence of LIFE and objects are different. Changes of space can cause changes of one鈥檚 physical functions, thinking, and the survival state. One must change space if they want to change themself.

423. Nature gives us corresponding feedback to whatever information we enter; there are no coincidences in the universe, all phenomena must have their determining factors. All natural phenomena have causes which lead to inevitable results; this is the program and objective law which is not subject to the will of man.

424. Space can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved.

425. The passageways connecting the thirty鈥搒ix dimensional spaces are called space tunnels.

426. Spaces are vitally important to people; a good space can bring people鈥檚 capabilities into full play and make them feel relaxed and happy, while a bad space will oppress human nature and limit their talents, reducing them to mentally and physically fatigued 鈥減risoners鈥. Therefore, we should strive to create or enter good spaces and avoid creating or entering bad ones.

427. Time is the recorder of the state of material movement; time is born of movement; there would be no time without movement.

428. Time has eight (8) great characteristics:

Time is nonmaterial

Time can be negative or positive

Time is particular and universal

Time is a variable

Time pervades all material spaces

Time is both longitudinal and latitudinal

Time has different interpretations in different spaces

Time can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved

429. Time tunnels are dense time networks which are composed of positive and negative time and are widely distributed throughout the universe.

430. Time changes everything and everything exists within a specific time; to make an object exist eternally, you must make its time of existence eternal.

431. There is latitudinal time and space in the universe, but time does not exist in latitudinal time and space; in latitudinal time and space, one cannot feel the passage of time, but insofar as earth time is concerned, several seconds of latitudinal time and space can be several decades, centuries, or millennia.

432. Our physical bodies are in positive space, but our spiritual entities are in negative space.

433. To escape from the bondage of time and space, one must think whimsically, unconventionally, and act against norms.

434. Tao is the commonality of the universe, and the core of Tao is the Greatest Creator. Revering the Greatest Creator and following Tao is the perfect and harmonious integration of one鈥檚 individuality with their universal commonality. Only those who integrate their individuality perfectly and harmoniously with the commonality of the universe have sober minds and bright prospects. Those who abandon this general principle and direction cannot secure bright prospects no matter how intensely they engage in self鈥揷ultivation.

435. Nonmaterial is the reverse side of material and does not possess the characteristics of material; all material passes through the processes of birth, growth, decay, and death, but nonmaterial does not; everything in the nonmaterial world can miraculously transform in an instant. From the perspective of the ever鈥揺xisting universe, everything is transient, illusory, and valueless. To obtain eternal existence, one must break away from the control of time; to do this, one must work hard to perfect the spiritual entity of their LIFE. When all conditions are ripe, success will follow; once you manage to break through the limitation of time, you will be able to enter latitudinal time and space as you like, feel relaxed and happy, and be overwhelmed by unparalleled beauty.

436. It is impossible to understand the nonmaterial world by means of science, intellect, facts, and logical reasoning, the only way to know it is to let one鈥檚 consciousness enter the nonmaterial world and be there to observe it just as we enter our dreams; it is only by entering into the nonmaterial world in person that we can understand it. There are two types of nonmaterial worlds, one is to be perceived from a longitudinal time tunnel and the other is to be perceived from a latitudinal space tunnel; this is to say that to learn about your past or future, you must enter a time tunnel; to know about other nonmaterial worlds existing at this moment, you must enter a space tunnel.

437. If we can not see anything in the material world, then our physical eyes have failed: they are covered, closed, or have become blind; if we can not see anything in the nonmaterial world, then our spiritual eyes have failed: they are covered, closed, or have become blind.

438. The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe is always zero, the total score of wins and losses is always zero, and behind the glory of every winner hides the bitterness and misery of a loser. Therefore, for the sake of other people鈥檚 happiness, we should only take what is necessary for us instead of having an insatiable greed for all benefits.

439. The Universe has these eight (8) dialectics:

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form

When things are exhausted, they revive; when they end, they begin again

The hidden becomes clear and the smallest becomes big

Life and death are the root of each other; Yin flourishes and Yang declines

To own nothing is to have everything and to own everything is have nothing

Our nature emerges when our mind is silent; it subsides when the mind is active

Motion and stillness co-exist; brightness and darkness are interdependent

Positive and negative are symmetrical; development is constrained when the balance of any proportion is broken

440. Tao is the consciousness of the Greatest Creator and the blood of the universe; it is nature, the synthesis of all laws, and the general program that governs the operation, mutual generation, and restraints of everything in the universe.

441. Tao has these eight (8) characteristics:

in holographic order

Eternal reliability

Instantaneous detection and response

Lack of interior or exterior but transcendence over time and space




Illusory yet actual

442. The content of everything represented by Tao is expressed in forms; without form, Tao鈥檚 content would be difficult to materialize. Form is the embodiment of Tao, but is by no means Tao itself, just as a cell in a human body is the embodiment of that person, but is definitely neither him nor her.

443. Tao exists in everything; everything exists in Tao; Tao is the One. The vast universe has only one consciousness, that of the Greatest Creator, which is manifested through Tao.

444. The attributes of Tao have no contradictions; if one has conflicts in their minds or has conflicts with others, they are not in tune with Tao; if there are conflicts within a group, it is not in tune with Tao.

445. The operation of Tao begins with minor details, achieves in dribs and drabs, and consummates in both the profound and the subtle, but there is no trick to it.

446. Zen is the best approach through which one can become enlightened; any other approaches can be described by words, but only Zen can be carried out with soul. Having understood the truth of Zen, formal education is unnecessary because heaven, earth, and all other phenomena are 鈥渂ooks鈥; we can read the 鈥渂ooks without words鈥 of heaven, earth, and all phenomena at any time, whether we are awake or asleep.

(Note: Here Zen means the process of reading and observing the wordless book (every phenomenon of nature, society, and the whole universe), understanding it by thinking, verifying, and eventually getting the absolute truth of oneself and the universe, and obtain enlightenment.)

447. One thing is eternal: from the remote past to the distant future, it has been committing itself silently. Its semblance can change at any time, but its essence always remains the same, in the past, the present, and the future; as long as we are willing to rely on it, we always can, and this is where we can entrust our LIVES鈥 Tao. Tao is the embodiment of the consciousness, and the spirit of the Greatest Creator; by entrusting our LIVES to Tao, we are entrusting them to the care of the consciousness and spirit of the Greatest Creator; in one word, we must entrust our LIVES to the Greatest Creator.

448. Essences cannot be understood other than through their uses. This is a big mystery which simply suggests that the meanings of all essences are expressed by their 鈥渦ses鈥. To allow one鈥榮 essence to be understood, they must concentrate their efforts on their uses. It is only by expressing our uses that we can attain Tao because the values of everything lie in their uses and without them, their essences cannot be understood.

449. The values of things lie in their uses; the functions and the values of Tao are embodied completely in its uses. The greater one鈥檚 use is, the greater their value is, and all objects in the universe express their value through their use. As far as humans are concerned, the more uses one has, or the greater uses they have, the greater value they have, the richer intentions they will attain, and the more easily they will approach eternity. We cultivate ourselves by expanding our uses; the more useful we are, the better we do in cultivation.

450. Holographic order is the characteristic of Tao, chaos is the appearance of holographic order, and holographic order is the essence of chaos. Actually, 99.9999% of people see chaos, but only one in a million see a holographic order world. Jesus, Sakyamuni, and Lao Tzu are great because they understand this holographic order rather than just chaos. The perception of chaos is narrow-sensed, one-sided, local, and linear; the perception of holographic order is broad-sensed, comprehensive, integrated, and nonlinear.

451. To learn from Tao, one must learn from everything in nature, from the mirror, and from children; to achieve Tao, one must forget themself and faithfully reflect the truth and facts. Those who have achieved Tao are like mirrors which reflect everything truthfully, including the endlessly changing outside world; they do not distort facts or scenes. One who has no self but faithfully reflects the truth and the facts is one who has achieved Tao.

452. The pursuit of various techniques is a minor consideration, but the pursuit of Tao is a major one. It is easy to acquire and learn techniques but extremely difficult to achieve Tao. Do not fall into and get stuck within the traps of techniques because techniques are endless. The research for techniques cannot be completed in even a hundred thousand years, so let us go directly to the headstream 鈥 Tao.

453. It is difficult to reach heaven, but more difficult to understand oneself; it is difficult to pursue Tao, but more difficult to confront oneself truthfully.

454. One鈥榮 chickens and dogs will not follow them to heaven by their having achieved Tao; one鈥榮 friends and relatives will not become immortal because of their becoming immortal; everyone must complete their own path.

455. Our self鈥搑efinement should be concentrated on the perception, pursuit, attainment, and practice of Tao, and we must never be infatuated with Gong, magic, techniques, or ceremonies. We should pay attention to inner qualities rather than to appearances and forms; the core of self鈥搑efinement is to perfect our nonmaterial structures of LIFE rather than to obtain wisdom and supernatural powers; we should work on our thinking and our transformation of consciousness instead of on meditation and practicing our skills.

456. The perception, pursuit, verification, attainment, and maintenance of Tao is the road to the sublimation of LIFE.

To perceive Tao means to understand the following principles by observing the endless variety of phenomena in the boundless universe:

The laws and rules that govern the operation of the universe

The origin of all things and phenomena

The principles of the operation of LIFE

The secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, of time and space, and of life and LIFE

The pursuit of Tao is to establish one鈥檚 own outlook on the world, LIFE, life, and values, on the basis of the perception of Tao.

The verification of Tao is to validate through one鈥檚 practices over and over again, whether the outlooks on the world, life, LIFE, and values are correct and conform to the laws and procedures of the evolution procedures of Tao.

The attainment of Tao means that one has understood the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, time and space, and life and LIFE, and has established unshakable correct views on the world, life, LIFE, and values.

The maintenance of Tao means that one will self鈥搃mprove, self鈥搑efine, and behave according to the views on the world, life, LIFE, and values that one has established, and will stick to their faith and belief no matter how the world may change, what great events may happen in the vicinity, whether they are in prosperity or in adversity, and regardless of how great a temptation with which they are faced. They will remain resilient and strong even after going through endless battering from hurricanes from every direction, and remain seated on the fishing boat, unaffected by stormy waves. Jesus鈥 teaching that, 鈥渙ne who has the greatest endurance will be saved鈥, is the core meaning of maintaining Tao.

457. A man of great virtue is one who follows the way of Tao. 鈥漈ao鈥 has no clear fixed entity. What does it look like? It is elusive and evasive, in which there are forms; elusive and evasive, in which there are entities; so profound and obscure, in which there is essence of energy. The essence of energy is really true, which is verifiable. Dating back to ancient times, its name can never be abolished, but the very beginning of all things can be observed according to it. How can I know the beginning of all things? Through Tao.

458. 鈥10-9=Tao鈥! Tao has intricate layers of meanings, however when they are all reduced to their basics, they are simply the law, the order, and the One. For us, the meaning of 鈥10-9鈥 is the casting away of numerous and complicated matters in life and the concentration of all our efforts onto one thing: to thoroughly, intensively, and completely attend to one matter is to obtain everything from it that we need; that is to say, as long as we stick to the One, we will be in tune with Tao. Undivided attention, whole-hearted devotion, total commitment, and perseverance are the embodiments of 鈥10-9鈥. As long as we are capable of this, there is nothing that we cannot achieve; rubbing ropes against wooden boards will cut into them and dripping water onto stones will wear them down; channels form when water flows, and melons鈥 pedicles fall when their fruit ripens.

459. Who can change the evolution program that ruled by Tao? We should not attempt to do so. What we need to do is escape from the trappings of LIFE. It is impossible for those who cannot save themselves to save others; save yourselves first, then save others. Can the poverty鈥搒tricken offer financial help to others? Can the imprisoned help other prisoners to escape from their cells? Those who have fallen into a trap should try to escape from it on the conscious level first. As long as you are awake spiritually and have a sober mentally, you can escape from the trappings of LIFE, one step at a time.

460. Ultimate Tao cannot be pursued according to relationships; it has no favorites and it will not help you if you are poor and pathetic nor punish you if you are rich and powerful. The only measure of reward or punishment is to see whether or not you are following Tao. If you are, then you will be rewarded; if not, you will be punished.

461. The way to become a Celestial being lies in the following methods:

Being free from the secular even while remaining in the secular world

Being away from worldly affairs in your mind even when you must interact with them

Doing your best to complete your duty to be free from cares and worries

Remaining ordinary while transcending beyond the ordinary

462. Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a Celestial.

463. To become a Celestial, one must sever all their worldly ties and foster new ones with other Celestial beings; it is hard to be a Celestial being while still being constrained by worldly ties.

464. Let your mind abide nowhere and be free from cares and worries; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.鈥 Be content no matter where you are, what you encounter, or what you are doing.

465. Your transformation process from being a human to becoming a Celestial or to achieve Buddhahood must include these three items:

Pay back your debts and end you worldly ties

Accumulate your merits and virtues by serving and dedicating

Perfect your LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structure

466. For those whose goal is to become a Celestial being: fame, power, wealth, and rank are traps, and glory, humiliation, favor, and disfavor are obstacles. It is only with the least amount of selfish desire and indifference to favor and humiliation that one can embark on the road to becoming a Celestial being, and the lack of selfish desire is the starting point toward reaching that end. If selfishness is not banished, then one will be bound to live as a laity, and if their desires are not extinguished, then they may be engulfed by the flames of desire. To become a Celestial being, one must reduce their selfishness, decrease their desires, keep a sober mind in the face of fame, power, and carnal pleasure, and use materials when necessary, but never be enslaved by them.

467. To become a Celestial, one must detach themself from worldly affairs and withdraw from worldly pursuits.

Only one word can describe the secular world: restless.

Only one word can depict the human world: noisy.

Only one word can portray the fairylands: serene.

Transcendence over worldly affairs means the taking of a great leap from restlessness and noise to a return to serenity.

468. What kind of space one lives in is dependent on their LIFE structure. Animals scurry about on the ground, birds soar in the sky, bees buzz among flowers, flies dash between garbage piles, ordinary people hustle and bustle in private ownership and having families, sages wander freely in public ownership, Celestials enjoy leisure in non-ownership, and Super Celestial Beings play at will in their own worlds.

469. One of the magic codes for becoming a Celestial being is to be able to create a future fairyland in our consciousness. We must first imagine ourselves as a Celestial being in our consciousness: 鈥淒ifferent modes of thinking correspond to different forms of LIFE鈥. If we always envision life in the Thousand鈥搚ear World, then the structure of your LIFE will develop toward that end and we will go there when the conditions become right. Others may think that we are dead, but we will actually have departed the human world to enjoy a Celestial being鈥檚 life in the Thousand鈥搚ear World.

470. The way of Buddha has beliefs of 鈥渇ive monastic precepts and ten kindnesses鈥, and 鈥減recepts, calmness, and wisdom鈥, the way of Christianity has beliefs of original sin and penance, and the way of Humans has a set of theories and rules governing human relationships. The way of Celestial beings鈥 beliefs encourage the exhibition of their natures, being free and joyful; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.

471. When we are tired and fatigued, we have strayed from the Celestial way; when we are happy and unrestrained, we are closer to the Celestial way.

472. Swine must possess the thinking of the swine keeper to know the meaning of their lives; people must possess the thinking of their keeper to know the meaning of their lives; anyone who knows the meaning of their life has become a Celestial.

473. To become a Celestial being and achieve Celestial immortality, one must strive to find the 鈥渟piritual pure land鈥, plan their life around it, spread their love across the world, and contribute more to the new era.

474. Eight (8) major consciousnesses are involved in the process of advancing from the human world to heaven; that is, ascending from a human being to a Celestial being:

Enlightened Consciousness of LIFE. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality; it undergoes endless transmigrations without annihilation.

Enlightened Consciousness of Life and Death. Life and death are only appearances, not essences; forms, not truth. 鈥淏oundless grasses across the plains come and go with every season; wildfires never quite consume them, they are tall once more in the spring wind鈥. When your boat reaches the other shore, you simply disembark.

Enlightened Consciousness of Karma. 鈥淎s a man sows, so he shall reap鈥; 鈥淒ivine punishments, though slow, are always sure; with big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through鈥.

Enlightened Consciousness of Space. There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe, thirty-six (36) dimensional spaces, and paradises and hells. Paradises are for perfect LIVES; hells are for defective ones. There are different spaces of LIFE for different life states. Each LIFE lives in a space corresponding to their LIFE state.

Enlightened Consciousness of Predestined Relationships. All relationships are predestined. Relationships with ghosts will drop one to hell; relationships with Celestial beings will raise one to a fairyland. If one鈥檚 debts are not paid off, they cannot get out of their plight, and if one does not have enough merits and virtue, they cannot reach the fairyland.

Enlightened Consciousness of Mind and Nature (LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structure). Reality is a projection of consciousness; consciousness creates reality. Form gives birth to mind, but mind can transcend over form. 鈥淢inds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.鈥 Fragrances will attract butterflies to flowers and pure hearts will be frequented by Celestial beings; minds that do not abide anywhere are Tathagata; nature is the characteristic of structure; it is Buddha.

Enlightened Consciousness of Eight-diagram Arrays. The universe has thirty-six (36) Eight-diagram Arrays and they are the sources of games. They are full of fun; for example, power, money, fame, gain, carnal pleasure, and affection are Eight-diagram Arrays from which no one can detach themself once they become entrapped; it is only after one has acquired supreme Authentic Wisdom that they can transport themself outside the samsara world of endless transmigrations.

Enlightened Consciousness of the true Origin. Everything has its source, its origin. Consciousness, structure, and energy are the three constituent elements of the universe; all others are 鈥渁s a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow; as dew and lightning; thus, you should meditate upon them鈥. The Greatest Creator is the source of everything and therefore the real origin; if you understand Him and follow His way, then any of the eighty-four thousand (84,000) methods will lead you to a smooth path, otherwise, you will be at the edge of a cliff.

475. How does one become enlightened? If one can achieve an integrity of body and soul through self鈥搃mprovement and self鈥搑efinement, then they will have grown real spirit, great talent, and virtues concentrated within them. Without the Great Vow, they will find it difficult to understand the profundity of the universe, and to become enlightened. If they can achieve the following, then the light of their soul will become brighter, their consciousness will become clearer, and they will finally become enlightened.

Hold and keep to the 鈥淥ne鈥

Be free from ego and selfishness

Revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature wholeheartedly; follow the Way of the Greatest Creator

Devote your heart and soul to the creation of a reality in which the talented are put to good use, the whole world becomes one big family, no one pockets anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night

Everything is in harmony, the wind and rain come in their time, and everyone is happy, joyous, free, and blessed

476. The program cannot be initiated unless conditions are ripe and one cannot ascend to become a Celestial being if their self鈥搃mprovement and self鈥搑efinement have not achieved the necessary ideal level.

477. Heaven is the general term for the Thousand鈥搚ear World, the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

478. The Thousand鈥搚ear World, the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent are not fanciful imaginations. They are inevitabilities caused by the law that the sum of all positive and negative energy is always zero, just like the inevitable existence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the outer planets in our solar system and of our seven apertures, hair, limbs, and all of our internal organs.

479. The Thousand-year World is a celestial body that is nine-hundred and sixty (960) light years from Earth. About ten times the size of Earth, it is currently inhabited by approximately two-hundred-million (200,000,000) Celestial beings. As the basic life span of LIFE for Celestial beings on this celestial body is about a thousand (1,000) years relative to Earth time, it is called the Thousand-year World. It is a world of pure sincerity, kindness, and beauty; one of love, peace, pleasure, and where human nature is sublimated; anyone with a perfect human nature can undoubtedly go there, as there is no limit to the population size.

480. The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body located three-thousand, four-hundred and eighty (3,480) light years from Earth. It is sixteen (16) times the size of Earth and is surrounded by sixteen (16) equidistant suns. About one hundred-million (100,000,000) Celestial beings live there. The basic characteristics of these Celestial beings are pretty much the same as those of Land-Celestial beings described by Taoism. They enjoy life spans of about thirty-five-thousand (35,000) years relative to Earth time, and thus this celestial body is called the Ten-thousand-year World.

481. The Elysium World is the general term for the Earth Universe (the universe inhabited by humans is a small one that is called the Earth universe). The Earth Universe is called this in relation to other universes; its structure is a Taiji ellipsoid which is called a Law-Rotary Galaxy. Law-Rotary Galaxies contain three-thousand (3,000) Rotary-River Galaxies, each Rotary-River Galaxy contains three thousand (3,000) Milky-Way Galaxies, and each Milky-Way system contains three thousand (3,000) Solar systems; in other words, the Elysium World is composed of three thousand (3,000) macro worlds, nine million (9,000,000) medium worlds, and twenty-seven billion (27,000,000,000) small worlds.

482. The Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World is the Greatest Creator鈥檚 backyard; it has eighty-billion (80,000,000,000) islands, each the size of Earth. Each island has a name and only one Super Celestial Being inhabits it. Apart from the thirty-billion (30,000,000,000) islands that have been used by Super Celestial Beings as their 鈥渉ome鈥, the remaining fifty-billion (50,000,000,000) islands are not currently inhabited by any Celestial beings. They are to be inhabited by 鈥減eople鈥 from the human world, the Thousand-year World, and the Ten-thousand-year World as they succeed in transforming themselves into Super Celestial Beings through self-cultivation and self-refinement.

483. The Elysium World has ten (10) continents:

The Lotus Continent

The Borneo Continent

The Kasyapa Continent

The Yingwu Continent

The Amita-Buddha Continent

The Celestial Islands Continent

The Three Realms Transit Continent

The Moon Temple Continent

The Gods Continent

The Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent

The Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents of the Elysium World.

484. Super Celestial Beings are the highest realm that humans can ascend to; their base camp is on the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

Hostess Yu鈥檈 of Xuefeng Island on the Celestial Islands Continent is a Super Celestial Being

Guanshiyin, the revered Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is a Super Celestial Being

Angels in western culture are Super Celestial Beings

Super Celestial Beings are Buddhas; the difference is that Buddha has certain restraints, while Super Celestial Beings do not. Buddha has responsibilities but Super Celestial Beings do not. The greatest characteristic of Super Celestial Beings is that they can play in whatever way they think is most interesting. After Buddhahood is attained, there are still higher realms awaiting, but after becoming a Super Celestial Being, none remain to be pursued. Super Celestial Beings mainly engage in self鈥揺ntertainment and do not care about affairs in heaven or the human world. Buddha does not pursue entertainment and is not obsessed with momentary relaxation, but focuses on the acquisition of Supreme Authentic Wisdom. Super Celestial Beings are the freest, most pleasant, and happiest LIVES in the universe. As the favorites of the Greatest Creator, they do not undertake any responsibilities or obligations. Buddha is the most intelligent and self鈥揹isciplined LIFE in the universe; Buddha will bear responsibilities and obligations when necessary.

485. Heaven is for happy and joyous people; it is not for those who are weighed down by worries. The longer one is happy and joyful, the better and more stable their nonmaterial structures of LIFE become and the closer they are to paradise.

486. To obtain a visa to the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, one must give up their ego and enter into a holographic state. To give up one鈥檚 ego is not 鈥渢o keep heavenly laws and extinguish humanly desire鈥 as advocated by Confucianism in China, nor is it a rivalry against 鈥渢he realization of individual value鈥 as advocated by American culture; rather, letting go of self means the abjuration of obstinate belief in oneself. If you are convinced that your own cognition is completely right and immaculate, then you may be correct in every step along your way, but finally go astray into illusive thinking and never be able to walk out of the desert of LIFE and the 鈥淐ave of Silken Web鈥 of transmigration.

487. Heaven, whether the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, is a place of liveliness and recreation, and this is particularly true of the Celestial Islands Continent; if you are not good at or have no intention of having fun, then why do you self-improve and self-refine to enter the land of heaven? Do you want to be a police officer in heaven? Let me tell you, there are no police, lawyers, judges, director generals, section chiefs, or supervisors there.

488. People who cannot dream about a colorful dreamland will rarely enter heaven, so if you often see green mountains and clear rivers, gentle breezes and bright sunshine, and delightful auspiciousness pervading everywhere in your dreams, then you will go to the Thousand-year World. If you often dream about amazing and beautiful sceneries, soaring through the skies, and feeling wonderful when interacting with the opposite sex physically, mentally, or spiritually without the slightest fear or trepidation, it is evident that you will go to the Ten-thousand-year World. If you dream that you can make yourself invisible, soar freely, transform yourself at will, and make reality change by your own consciousness, then this indicates that you will enter the Elysium World.

489. To aim for heaven, you must climb over two (2) huge mountains; one is the man-made program, and the other is your personal 鈥淓gypt of the Soul鈥.

The man-made program includes family, nationality, state, religion, political party, the current social order, and the way of life. To enter heaven, you must walk out of these programs; you cannot reach heaven without escaping from them.

The Egypt of the Soul includes jealousy, comparison, complaining, arrogance, wrath, possessiveness, forced occupation, enmity, tenets and doctrines, commandments and dharma, contention, greed, laziness, and intentional action. If you do not clear away these trash in your soul, then you cannot reach heaven.

Please abandon the human program, flee from your 鈥滶gypt of the Soul鈥, break your chains, and fly toward freedom.

490. How can we accumulate wealth in heaven? Here are eight (8) ways:

Revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator

Dedicate selflessly

Dissolve enmity and bring serenity, peace, and warmth to others and to society

Have a kind heart and do good deeds

Sing praises to the Greatest Creator, Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial being Lao Tzu, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and the sages and saints throughout history; sing praises to life and other people; sing praises and protect nature

Promote people鈥檚 confidence in life, prompt people to long for beautiful futures, and relieve people鈥檚 anxieties, worries, trepidations, and fears

Bloom your romantic and sexual love in ways that do not bring any psychological, spiritual, or physical harm, or stress to anyone else

Fully exhibit your artistic beauty

491. The Kingdom of Heaven does not accept children who have never grown up; neither adults lacking childlike minds nor childish adults who have not grown up are accepted in heaven. People鈥檚 traditional lifestyles hinder them from growing up; many people are still immature and cannot become 鈥渞ipe crops鈥 even well into their advanced years; this is something that provokes our thoughts. 鈥淩ipe crops鈥 are certainly children who have grown up and matured; if you have never grown up, then you are surely not eligible to enter heaven.

492. To enter the Thousand-year World, one must meet the following eight (8) requirements:

Revere and believe firmly in the Greatest Creator and always be grateful to Him

Revere LIFE and nature

Possess no jealousy, resentment, belligerence, greed, stubbornness, selfishness, or complaints against others

Never hinder other people鈥檚 happiness or freedom under any pretense or excuse

Have a kind heart; kindness can be felt from one鈥檚 appearance, words, and behavior

Be honest, practical, realistic, and truthful; never lie or cheat

Work hard and keep your living and surrounding environment clean, tidy, beautiful, and harmonious

Keep all promises and agreements

493. To enter the Celestial Islands Continent, one must achieve the status of a Super Celestial Being; to achieve this status, they must possess the LIFE structure of a Super Celestial Being. Self鈥揾armony is one of the eight qualities which are required in the LIFE structures of Super Celestial Beings and it refers to a self鈥揻ormed complete system which is defective of nothing, has good coordination and congruence, and satisfies all it needs internally. Self鈥揾armony is Tathagata with no form of self, others, living beings, lifetime, dharma, or non鈥揹harma. Self鈥揾armony is 鈥渢rance鈥, 鈥渙bscurity鈥, 鈥渢he subtle鈥, 鈥渕ale and female鈥, 鈥淵in and Yang鈥, and 鈥淭aiji鈥.

494. How can we cultivate the character of self-harmony? There are eight (8) ways:

Create millions of images and dharma within your mind; namely, 鈥渃reate reality with consciousness鈥

Life is death, death is life, glory is disgrace, and disgrace is glory; show no concern for life, death, glory, or disgrace; possess strength but retain gentleness; know and observe all, but remain obscure

There is no essential difference between form and emptiness; consciousness returns to the state of zero, and the soul returns to the spiritual pure land

Everything is but a game, only LIFE is true, so do not persist in anything

Have everything but possess nothing; transcend over time and space and maintain a powerful and unconstrained style

Enjoy and please yourself within your own consciousness completely and freely锛沠ollow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.

Maintain a holographic status with no interiors or exteriors, no borders or boundaries, no rights or wrongs, no truths or falsehoods, and no kindnesses or wickednesses

Make the 鈥渞eal鈥, illusive and dreamlike; make the 鈥渋llusive鈥, reasonable

495. There is neither oppression nor exploitation in heaven; all those who want to enter heaven by self鈥搃mproving and self鈥搑efining must not contend, fight, or debate with others; they must not despoil, oppress, or exploit others, nor should they bring unhappiness or unpleasantness to others under any pretense in any way. They must never restrict another鈥檚 freedom for any reason, nor should they impose their views or opinions on others or cause spiritual, mental, or physical harm to anyone.

496. If you have paid off all your debts in the human world, accumulated enough merits and virtues in heaven, and have great qualities, then you will go straight to heaven after you pass away; if you have eliminated all concepts of families, nationalities, states, political parties, and religions from your consciousness, and if you like freedom, happiness, and joy, then you will enter the Thousand鈥搚ear World of heaven after this life journey ends; if you often dream about soaring freely and can maintain a state of pleasure without sexual contact, then you will enter the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World of heaven after this life journey ends; if you possess the consciousness of Buddha, then you will enter the corresponding Elysium World after this life journey ends; if you revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, possess supernatural powers, and can create the world that you yearn for, then you will undoubtedly enter the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

497. These three (3) steps are required to become a Celestial being:

Be free from trouble, pain, sorrow, worry, and fear, and live a happy, joyous, free, and blessed life;

Let your mind abide nowhere, be free from worries and cares; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree, and maintain a state of pleasure at all times;

Be free from your mind, everything is nature and you live by exhibiting your nature; you are humble, flexible, highly sensitive, and possess sixty-four (64) magical powers. Your mind abides nowhere; you have transcended your ego and are not affected by forms, and you have been free from attachments which lead you into the state of self-harmony; you are in tune with Tao, unrestrained, easy, and elegant.

498. Becoming a Super Celestial Being and reaching the Elysium World is to reach the peak of LIFE; humans cannot become god and can never become the Greatest Creator.

499. We are always pursuing Tao, actually Tao is never very far from us and never abandons us; Tao surrounds us just like water surrounds fish; Tao exists in our everyday lives and throughout everything; Tao also exists in all changing phenomena. Going with the flow of Tao, letting yourself melt into Tao, and having Tao manage and lead your life means that you have attained it.

500. Everything runs in Tao, including the behaviors of governments; therefore, do not complain or get upset or enraged, but just do what you need to do. If you choose to plant a flower, that is your business; if the government chooses to destroy your flower, that is their business. Ultimately, Tao will give everyone fair and just trials.

501. There is a supernatural soul in the universe, and this supernatural soul is the Greatest Creator.

502. About the Greatest Creator:

Everything comes from its source; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source

LIFE has levels; the Greatest Creator is at the highest level

Everything is in motion; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate driving force of all motions

The universe is in order; the Greatest Creator is the designer of the order

Everything has spirit; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source of all spirits

503. Wuji gives birth to Taiji and Taiji is the Greatest Creator. Taiji came into being naturally, so nature and the Greatest Creator are one and the same.

504. The Greatest Creator has eight (8) features:







Supreme Powerful

Absolute Wisdom

505. The Greatest Creator is:

The supreme leader of the universe

The master of all gods

The nerve center of the universe

The core of energy

The cradle of LIFE

The birthplace of wisdom

The creator of the universe and of LIFE

The driving force of the universe

The energy center of the universe

The sweet spring in the desert; the beacon in the dense fog

The ancestor of Buddha; Allah, Grand Brahma, and heaven

506. The Greatest Creator is not a god; there are many gods in the universe, but the Greatest Creator is exclusive.

507. Jesus Christ is not the Greatest Creator but a god.

508. Our relationship with the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.

509. The Greatest Creator never communicates with individuals directly with human languages. All things are the Greatest Creator鈥檚 鈥渓anguage鈥. Ever鈥揷hanging phenomena are the Greatest Creator鈥檚 words to humans. People capable of understanding the 鈥渂ook without words鈥 are having dialogues with the Greatest Creator.

510. The Greatest Creator never records his will with words or enters anyone鈥檚 mind to grant them special instructions or edifications; he never tests or inspects anyone; neither does he worry that some deity or demon might usurp his authority; he never judges anyone.

511. Where is the Greatest Creator? The essence of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World, but the spirit of the Greatest Creator pervades everything throughout the universe.

Where is the Zero World? The Zero World is the point of zero in the universal coordinate system through which X, Y, and Z axes all must pass. The twenty (20) parallel worlds are all connected to the zero (0) point; as a result, the Greatest Creator exists simultaneously in all twenty (20) parallel worlds. Without the Greatest Creator, none of them would exist.

512. All spiritual wisdom originates from, and all glory remains with the Greatest Creator.

513. It is Tao that governs the universe and keeps the orderly operation of everything. Tao is the consciousness and the magical power of the Greatest Creator.

514. The way of nature is the way of the Greatest Creator; the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature.

515. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight major meanings:

The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator

Everything comes into being as a result of creation

Everything runs in the consciousness of the Greatest Creator 鈥 Tao

Demonstrate our nature and act by conforming to nature

Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator

Reality is the portrayal of LIFE鈥檚 free consciousness

Happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings are the themes of LIFE

Everything is but a game

516. The essence of the Way of the Greatest Creator is nature (refers to the intrinsic nature of things), love, and Tao.

Nature is the feature of structure;

Love is the feature of energy;

Tao is the feature of consciousness.

517. The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is to 鈥漴eap what you have sown鈥. If you want to eat cucumbers, then you must sow cucumber seeds in the field; in this way, you will undoubtedly reap cucumbers but not watermelons or pumpkins. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature; therefore, you can undoubtedly reap melon from melon seeds and reap beans from bean seeds. If you deviate from this, you may reap beans from melon seeds or the reverse. To be less abstract, in the fields of selfishness, greed, jealousy, resentment, ignorance, fatuity, and trickery, no matter what seeds you sow, they will always mutate into the wrong kinds of plants. 鈥淩eap beans from melon seeds鈥 or 鈥渞eap melons from bean seeds鈥. It is only in the fields of kindness, honesty, credibility, and unselfishness that you can 鈥渞eap what you have sown鈥. In order to do that and realize your dream, you must follow the Way of Nature; deviating from it will cause hope to become desperation and comedy to become tragedy.

518. The Way of the Greatest Creator is broad and profound with extremely abundant intensions and extensions; it transcends time and space and governs everything; it is so extensive that there is no exterior and so narrow that there is no interior; everything runs in it and it changes everything and governs the universe.

The Way of the Greatest Creator is:

The Way of light

The Way of creation

The Way of LIFE

The Way of love

The Way of freedom

The Way of happiness

The Way of magic

The Way of holographic order

519. The way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature, so humans should comply with and harness the power of nature, while neither conquering nor reforming it.

520. There was only one coincidence in the universe: the birth of the Greatest Creator. All things other than that are matters of inevitability; inevitability is the order of the universe and the order of the universe is inevitability. The universe is unified harmoniously by Tao; Tao is law and principle. Everything within the scope of law and principle is inevitable. There are absolutely no coincidences; so鈥揷alled coincidences are links in the chain of inevitability.

521. There is no final judgment because judgments are being rendered continuously. What judges LIFE is not the Greatest Creator, gods, Buddha, or Hades, but Tao 鈥 the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Tao operates every moment without pause.

522. Letting all LIVES live happily, joyously, freely and blessedly is the original purpose of the Greatest Creator鈥檚 creation and remains HIS will.

523. Understanding, revering, and believing in the Greatest Creator and following His way are the preconditions for our conscience to develop. One who has no Greatest Creator in their mind will be unable to develop their conscience; it will die out. We can even say that such a person has no conscience and is a heartless unruly troublemaker. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for the entire mankind and each individual to lead a happy life

524. Anyone who wants to become, or thinks they can become, the Greatest Creator is an incarnation or representation of Satan; anyone who instigates others to attempt to become the Greatest Creator is a representative or an accomplice of demons.

525. Soul power is the highest level of energy in the universe; all soul power comes from the Greatest Creator. As long as we continue to believe in and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we will have no shortage of soul power. Essence and spirit are energies second only to soul power. The energy of essence mainly comes from the nimbus between heaven and earth, and this nimbus includes the energy brought to man by everything in nature; namely, the energy given to man by all the beauty of nature and the energy of carbohydrates converted from food. The energy of spirit mainly comes from the level of consciousness. It is a structural energy, a program energy, a belief energy, and can even be generalized as the energy of Tao.

526. All those who regard their reverence to the Greatest Creator as the faith of their lives and perceive the profundity of Tao with their souls, and all those who pursue Supreme Authentic Wisdom and strive to achieve the highest realm of life, are leading spiritual lives. In order to attain a spiritual life, one needs to listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ and take the Way of the Greatest Creator by following Jesus鈥 instructions.

527. Why should we take the Way of the Greatest Creator? Because we can only get to higher LIFE spaces via revering and walking on the way of the Greatest Creator. Without revering the Greatest Creator and walking on His way, we can only hover in a certain space or slide into lower spaces, but we can never ascend to higher spaces.

528. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road to happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing; you are to keep a peaceful and joyous inner mind whether you are in prosperity or adversity or even facing desperation or death. Be convinced that the Greatest Creator is perceptive of the minutest detail in everything and is definite about punishments and rewards, and be brave enough to have the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and have Tao manage your life.

529. All things created by the Greatest Creator are arranged in clearly defined layers; as human beings, as long as we obey the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, keep to our duties strictly, and advance along the trajectory of human nature, we will have unregretful lives, no matter whether we are prosperous or in adversity; or in brightness or darkness.

530. Even gods, Buddha, Celestial beings, monsters, demons, and goblins are powerless before the Greatest Creator, so on our road of life and LIFE, everything will give way to us and cannot harm us as long as we cling tightly to HIS hand.

531. The Greatest Creator does not decide anyone鈥檚 destiny; everyone鈥檚 destiny is ultimately brought about by themselves and is the result of their consciousness.

532. Understanding things is not for the sole purpose of enjoying and living harmoniously with them; what is more important is to make use of them to serve us and to broaden our scope of free activity to the greatest extent. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator does not mean to endure hardships and sufferings, but to enjoy life and LIFE, and obtain more happiness and pleasure to the greatest extent.

533. Great love is like a mountain and is wordless; the Greatest Creator鈥檚 love for us is constant, eternal, and has never been expressed in any human language; if conditions are attached to love, if it needs to be repaid, or if it needs to be expressed in words, then such love is only small love; not great love.

534. Why should we be in awe of the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is the supreme sovereign king of the universe, the creator of LIFE, and the guardian of equity and order. Without the Greatest Creator, there would be no universe, no mankind, no god or Buddha. So should we not be in awe?

Only if we feel awed, can we do whatever we desire to, but not go against HIS rules

Only if we feel awe, can we obey the objective law and act by conforming to nature

Only if we feel awed, can we understand that 鈥渢here are divinities watching over us鈥 so that we dare not harbor evil ideas or conduct misdeeds

Only if we feel awed, can we live in harmony with nature, beings, and everything, instead of doing whatever we want including the butchering of beings.

Awe and respect derive from feelings of gratitude, humility, passionate love for life, and heartfelt esteem for the creator and the governor.

535. If we do not follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, then we can barely solve the problems of life; if we do not sublimate the quality of our LIVES, then we cannot have great lives.

536. The Way of the Greatest Creator is neither of private ownership nor of public ownership, but of non鈥搊wnership; resources are shared but occupied by none; everyone uses resources as they need them, but nobody occupies or accumulates them. It is only in this way that the human world can become an ideal land and those beautiful dreams of mankind can be realized.

537. 鈥淢an proposes and God disposes鈥. That is to say, one鈥檚 success in achieving something and realizing certain wishes and ideals relies 30% on individual diligence and 70% on God; in this sense, God means the Greatest Creator, Tao, the program, good timing, geographical convenience, harmonious human relations, and nature. Human wisdom and human endeavors are both very limited; if time and geographical positions are not favorable, then you cannot achieve anything no matter how much effort you exert.

538. By following the Way of the Greatest Creator,

You can disengage yourself from the abyss of misery and arrive directly at the most ideal realm of LIFE

You can connect with the origin of the universe and enjoy the pleasures of LIFE at any time

You can shake off the bondage of time and space and let your thinking and consciousness race freely across the unlimited universe

You can accumulate your merits and virtues and pay back all your debts from all your past lives

You will have a limpid mind and a clear consciousness to realize your dreams

539. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the most convenient, simple, direct, and effective path; by following it, you can dispense with all taboos and need not immerse yourself in daily exploring and searching after Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, and technique; you need not chant scriptures or pray every day, or go to great lengths to cultivate special magical power or techniques. You need not tread great distances to follow the enlightened or engage in serious heated discussions. All you need is to conform to nature.

540. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature; everything is accomplished naturally. It is against the Tao of nature to expect to obtain and achieve something as soon as you want it. 鈥淢elons鈥 pedicels fall when their fruit ripens and channels form when water flows鈥 鈥 this is what is meant by nature. Force and compulsion are against nature. Conscious effort should be combined with adherence to the course of nature. Without conscious effort, we can only circle around our original spot and cannot walk out of bewilderment or the thirty-six (36) Eight-diagram Arrays. Without an attitude and state of mind that adheres to the course of nature, we will certainly feel anxious and contentious, overemphasize effort, and our eagerness for success will backfire; in the end, we may get the opposite of that for which we have wished.

541. For five thousand years, humans have only had smattering clues of the Greatest Creator, but without a correct and relatively complete understanding, we could not be in HIS awe; without feeling awed, our lives as individuals would be perplexed and doleful, and society as a whole would not be able to eliminate the hidden troubles and establish auspicious and peaceful vital forces in harmony with nature. One can only have a perfect life by following HIS Way; human beings can only lead themselves out of confusion by doing the same.

542. Walk on the way of the Greatest Creator but not on the way of gods, because Satan is also a god.

543. The Greatest Creator is love, sincerity, kindness, beauty, faith, honesty, happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, and so should we be; the Greatest Creator, as the name means, is a wonderful creator, and so should we engage in and derive pleasure from labor and creation; the Greatest Creator per se is selfless dedication; so should we emulate the Greatest Creator and derive happiness from selfless dedication.

544. Human beings must never say or do things in the name of the Greatest Creator.

545. The ways to contact the Greatest Creator are to read the 鈥渂ook without words鈥, to meditate, and to pray.

546. If one鈥榮 life is not smooth, then they must be going against the Way of the Greatest Creator; HE will not use suffering and misery to treat those people who walk along his way; no, not at all. If we encounter tribulation and suffering, it is not that the Greatest Creator is testing us, but that we have deviated from HIS Way.

547. The will of the Greatest Creator manifests itself through the rules and laws of nature.

548. Those who practice divination, fortune鈥搕elling, magical arts, evil arts, or charmers, consulters with familiar spirits, wizards, or necromancers, are all hated by the Greatest Creator.

549. Do not put the Greatest Creator to the test.

550. 鈥淟ove your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.鈥

551. 鈥淔orgive those who have sinned against you and the Greatest Creator will forgive your sins; if you do not, the Greatest Creator will not either.鈥

552. Have firm faith in the Greatest Creator and have no care for tomorrow.

553. Judge not others and you will not be judged; for as you have judged, so shall you be judged, and by your measure will it be measured upon you. When we see others鈥 shortages, we shall consider that we might be uglier and worse than others.

554.鈥淎sk and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.鈥

555. 鈥淎ll those things which you would have others do unto you, do even unto them.鈥

556. 鈥淓nter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it, but small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to LIFE and very few ever find it.鈥

557. 鈥淕uard against false prophets, for they come to you in sheep鈥榮 clothing but are inwardly ferocious wolves; by their fruits, you shall recognize them.鈥

558. Not everyone who calls to Jesus, 鈥淟ord, Lord鈥, will enter the kingdom of heaven; only those who do the will of the Greatest Creator will be so blessed.

559. In the kingdom of the Greatest Creator, people do not marry; only those who do not marry are entitled to enter the kingdom of the Greatest Creator; those who want to marry can never reach the kingdom of the Greatest Creator.

560. Faith is truth and love is LIFE; faith can accomplish everything. Little faith brings about small achievements; great faith brings about great achievements. Without faith, you will be at loose ends and will achieve nothing.

561. 鈥淭he disciples said, 鈥業f this is the situation between husbands and wives, then it is best not to marry鈥, but Jesus said, 鈥橬ot everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given, so only the ones who can accept it should do so鈥.鈥

562. For whosoever does the will and walks on the Way of the Greatest Creator is our spiritual relative.

563. My brother keeps offending me, but I will forgive him seventy-seven (77) times; if we do not forgive others from the bottom of our hearts, then the Greatest Creator shall not forgive us.

564. Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant; whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave.

565. Give back to Caesar what is Caesar鈥榮, and to the Greatest Creator what is the Greatest Creator鈥檚.

566. The Greatest Creator is not for the dead, but for the living.

567. Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

568. What goes into a man鈥榮 mouth does not make him unclean; what comes out of it does.

569. What does it benefit someone to gain the whole world and yet lose his LIFE? What can anyone give in exchange for his LIFE?

570. Love the Greatest Creator with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this: 鈥 Have love for your neighbor as for yourself 鈥.

571. To worship the Greatest Creator, you need not go to churches, temples, Taoist abbeys, or mosques; the whole universe and nature are the places for our souls to worship the Greatest Creator.

572. Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, store up treasures in heaven. For where our wealth is, there will our heart be, and there we will get in future.

573. The realm of our LIVES will certainly be manifested by what we value; we will live wherever our full consciousnesses are.

574. The sky will not offer rain to a land that is a barren desert; likewise, heaven will not offer spirituality to a heart that is a barren, spiritual desert.

575. The mind governed by the flesh is death but the mind governed by the Spirit is LIFE and peace.

576. Unless we change and become like little children, we will never enter the kingdom of heaven.鈥

577. 鈥淎 man鈥榮 foes shall be his own household鈥.

578. What is great faith? It is 100% doubtless belief and acceptance; it is having faith in both what you already understand and what you do not yet know. If great faith cannot be established, then we are as water without sources or trees without roots.

579. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the LIFE, so we must listen to his teachings and follow his guidance.

580. Those who hear the words of Jesus and act upon them will be as the wise one who built a house on a rock; and the rain came down, and there was a flood, and the winds blew, but the house remained because it was based on solid ground; those who hear the words of Jesus but do not act upon them will be as the foolish one who built a house on quicksand, and the house collapsed with the slightest breeze.

581. Do not take an oath because we cannot control changes or developments; once we fail to hold to oaths, we break our promises, thus we shackle and bind ourselves.

582. Be neither attached nor detached in relationships.

583. The proper amount of affection is good for one鈥檚 emotions; however, if it is excessive, it becomes toxic and brings troubles and sorrow.

584. People who enjoy more abundant love in their lives have more beautiful souls; they have gentler characters, calmer tempers, and are closer to the Greatest Creator; they understand more about how to love life, nature, and other people.

People who suffer from having less love in their lives have uglier souls; they have venomous characters and more irritable tempers. They are farther from the Greatest Creator; they know less about life, and have less amount of love towards life, nature, and other people.

585. The lower the level of LIFE, one experiences lesser love. What is hell? A place that is devoid of love is hell.

The higher the level of LIFE, one experiences more abundant love. What is heaven? A place that is brimming over with love is heaven.

586. The attitude toward love: handle naturally come-and-go relations with no resistance, act according to your nature, take advantage of opportunities that arise, embrace love as it comes and keep a peaceful mind when love goes, never obsess or be infatuated over it, and never attempt to possess or occupy anyone through coercion. Let love develop naturally when both partners share mutual feelings of attraction, never impose your will upon another if you do not resonate with them, and the standard should be that both parties feel happy and joyous.

587. Escape from the whirlpool of human relationships; we are not heartless or unfeeling, but we must not become entrapped by them. As with eating and drinking, we need food and water, but we do not view them as the purpose and significance of our lives. If we waste our entire lives looking for food and water, then there would be no value or significance to being human; in the same way, if we live primarily for our relationships, then we can never climb the mountains and cross the rivers to reach the realm of freedom.

588. Love has its own frequency, but only those who share the same ones will resonate in sympathetic vibration; love will be found with love, a heart without love cannot find love; to obtain love, you must first understand it, then seek and maintain love with love; those who lack love cannot feel it from others.

589. Affection, love, sex, and beauty are demonstrations of the most primitive attributes of nature. They are the most precious elements that make up LIVES; they are the sources of all fun and the most essential motive forces for which we live. In order to enjoy rewarding lives with excellent futures, we need to exert effort on them by melting ourselves into them rather than isolating ourselves from them. When we do that, life will be unusually brilliant with highlights too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, and bubble over with vigour, vitality, and endless enjoyment; when we isolate ourselves from them, it becomes more like the Gobi desert with utterly dreary cries and screams, dead silence, and an endless sea of tribulations.

590. Sex is a resource, not only a material one, but one of mental and spirit. The resource of sex between men and women is a particular resource which is of even more value and significance than food.

This resource can offer these eight (8) major benefits and pleasures:

It makes people placid and gentle

It makes people satisfied and content

It makes people love life and LIFE

It makes people yearn for the future

It guarantees our propagation and continuation

It pleases people and makes them happy and joyous

It allows people to feel grateful

It gives people a taste of the blissful realm

591. The best way to live is to go with the flow; the best way to associate with others is to follow naturally come-and-go relations; the best way to achieve tranquility is to accept things as they are; the best state of being is to unite with Tao; the most wonderful affection comes from the intrinsic nature, and the highest love is the love from one鈥檚 intrinsic nature.

592. Exclusive relationships between men and women are ugly phenomena; they are nice from humanity鈥榮 perspective, but very ugly from Celestial beings鈥 perspectives. Similarly, having more than one attached love relationship is also ugly. It is best to take things as they come, associate with others by following naturally come-and-go relations, act in accordance with your natures, and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

593. The love between husbands and wives, and between lovers with exclusive relationships, and the love who pledge solemnly to love eternally and pledge, 鈥淔or you, I am pining myself away without regret鈥 are all toxic, and falling into toxic relationships can lead to nothing but a painful life.

594. Love and sex can help us achieve our ideals, but they can also ruin us. Broad and extensive love is the quality of LIFE in heaven; narrow and exclusive love is the character of LIFE in the human world; scrambling for and possessing sexual resources is the nature of animals.

595. Love and sex are only beautiful embellishments and a spoondrift in life; definitely not the whole of life.

596. True love is selfless; once selfishness enters your love, you will attempt to possess the other person as your own private property or as an embellishment or accessory, and such love will become extremely ugly by showing the indecency and domineering nature of a slave owner, and the picturesque and noble love will invariably fall into the trap of vulgar taste and no longer emit a flower鈥搇ike fragrance.

597. Sex, is neither a dreadful monster nor a flood; if you let a river flow naturally, it will not become either of those, but if you block the water and do not let it flow naturally, then once the floodgates open or the dam breaks, it will cause devastating floods and becomes a monster. The more repressed sex is, the more violent it will turn, and it will become a dreadful monster or a flood.

598. Our heart (mind) can perceive the material world (Bodhi tree), and our soul (consciousness) is like a bright mirror which can 鈥渙bserve鈥 how the heart responses to all kinds of phenomena. When reaching a state of enlightening, and perceiving the intrinsic nature of LIFE, the consciousness can create millions of things and phenomena by itself, thus it transcends all 鈥渄ust鈥 on the 鈥渕irror鈥, and reach the other shore of true freedom.

599. Women are beautiful for their softness which can overcome hardness; soft beauty is neither cowardice nor a lack of will. It will neither be acceptable to everyone nor be bullied arbitrarily; on the contrary, soft beauty is an extreme strength from within. Soft sentiment is like water; it can wash away all dirt, drip through stones, and conquer everything.

600. Love is an attribute and a precious gift bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator; all love is pure, true, kind, and beautiful. The perfect man will sincerely love all ladies in the world and the perfect woman will passionately love all gentlemen in the world; this is not being fickle, but a noble quality possessed only by Celestial beings.

601. To marry is to be duped by patriarchal clan rulers, by autocratic governors, and ultimately by Satan.

602. Marriage certificate is a legal sales agreement, ever since one has this agreement, they lose their most freedoms in life.

603. Chinese written characters were created divinely. Let us consider what the character 鈥滃鈥 (marriage) really means: 濂 means women and 鏄 means confused. So, 鈥滃鈥 means confused women; when women are confused, they marry and men unite with women who are confused is called 鈥滅粨濠氣 (getting married).

604. Of all the orders established by human beings, marriage and family is the worst. It is only beneficial to those who dominate others, other than that, there are no other benefits.

605. Secular family members push us toward hell and hinder our ascension toward heaven; Jesus Christ said that 鈥渁 man鈥檚 foes would be the members of his own household鈥.

606. Traditional marriages and families have caused a great deal of harm; relationships between married couples are the most difficult to maintain and the most unfortunate, upsetting, restricting, and emotionally destructive, which has been proven by countless examples everywhere across many millennia; therefore, to see through it and emancipate oneself from traditional marriages and families as soon as possible is to swim out of an abyss of misery and reach a shore of freedom.

607. The traditional family life program is where the suffering of individuals and mankind exists; marriages and families create 鈥渂oundless seas of bitterness鈥.

608. Families are prisons for our souls and shackles that weigh us down; they are also the root causes leading people towards narrowness, selfishness, and greed. Families are barriers that fetter people from liberating their nature and their freedom and are the greatest obstacle to their realization of beautiful lives. Families are also stumbling blocks that prevent people from advancing toward higher levels of LIFE spaces.

609. None of the contradictions, conflicts, or disasters occurring in traditional families are caused by parents, children, husbands, wives, or any sisters or brothers, but by the program of family life itself, which carries spiritual viruses; regardless of how civilized people are, they cannot avoid being infected by them once they become involved in the family program.

610. It is unnecessary for lovers to marry; if they yearn for a long鈥搕erm relationship, they should avoid being together every day and night.

611. If you have a traditional family, love it, and do not leave it, then no matter how well you engage in self鈥揷ultivation, how advanced the method is, or how thorough your cultivation is, you can never reach heaven.

612. 鈥淏oundless is the sea of bitterness; repent and you will see the shore鈥. What is the sea of bitterness? Marriages and families are; marriages and families are the root causes of all agonies and afflictions; people鈥檚 vexations, depressions, anxieties, and misgivings all stem from them.

鈥淏oundless is the sea of bitterness; repent and you will see the shore鈥. Where is the shore? The shore is the Second Home (now renamed as New Oasis for Life community) created by Lifechanyuan; devoid of marriages and families, it offers the most ideal lifestyle and is the only hope for humanity to end its suffering and afflictions.

613. We should address problems from their root causes; the root cause of suffering and afflictions is the existence of families. They are like garbage; if not cleaned up, flies cannot be kept away. Without the disappearance of families, people鈥檚 misery and afflictions will never end. To occupy yourself with relieving people鈥檚 endless misery and suffering at the surface level rather than by addressing their root causes is dealing with them ineffectively; it is like trying to stop water from boiling by scooping it up without turning the flame off or like cutting branches off brambles instead of digging up their roots. Wherever families exist, so will endless misery and suffering; if we do not deal with the root cause, then the misery and suffering will remain and never end. Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Bodhisattva Guan Yin could not help even if they were still in the mortal world; were families to exist in heaven, even heaven would become an abyss of misery.

614. Marriages and families are devil鈥檚 cradles; even angels become devils when they marry; all are prone to commit crimes once they do so.

615. Families are not the cells of society; rather, individuals are. The essence of a society is its people, not relations of production; families are only relations of production and can only be called cells of certain social formations and relations of production rather than the cells of a society. The most beautiful societies have no families.

616. Difficulties and hardships never crush people, but the invisible pressures and destructive nature of marital and family bonds make them lose confidence in life and feel that their life is meaningless, even to the point of collapsing.

617. Marriages and families are hotbeds of and the soil that generate selfishness and the sources of trouble and misery; they are the root causes of crime.

618. The human world is only mortal because of the marital bonds which symbolize that couples possess each other, occupy each other, depend on each other, tie each other down, and form shields against the outside world; no one who is wrapped in a marital bond can be unselfish enough to reach the realm of heaven.

619. The most complex and troubling relationships in the world are marital bonds; not only they are the saddest and most disappointing ones, but also the most desired and desperate. When involved in them, one must avoid being too tough or too soft, too close or too far, too strong or too weak 鈥 these are relationships that cannot be attached to or escaped from; they are tangled like silk, untouchable like flames or ice, and are messes that cannot be described easily.

620. Marriages are tombs of love and families are sources of humanity鈥檚 sins. Being involved in marriages, people lose their freedom; having families, they become selfish. Marriages and families have generated boundless misery and are the abysses of misery itself.

621. Ending nuclear families and establishing Xuefeng鈥搒tyle communistic BIG families is the inevitable process for new era humans.

622. Escaping from nuclear families is not escaping from relatives; it is escaping from the traditional life program and entering a new one; it is definitely neither abandoning one鈥檚 duties and obligations nor disregarding one鈥檚 relatives.

623. Traditional families are ingrained; family consciousnesses have infiltrated into everyone鈥檚 blood, cells, and even their souls; traditional families are like huge icebergs which have grown for thousands of years, so they will not disappear today or tomorrow, but mankind has reached the crossroads of the times. When enough people realize the disadvantages of traditional families and take part in the work of actively melting these icebergs, then mankind will have hope and the Greatest Creator will show appreciation by offering us a way out. Vicious cycles can change or even reverse their directions and people can be led into a happy era; however, if too many people choose to maintain their traditional families instead of joining to melt these icebergs, then they will suffer the punishments of natural law.

624. Throughout history, family tragedies have emerged continually; from remote countrysides to prosperous cities, from the illiterate to Nobel prize winners, from the general public to celebrities of official, commercial, and cultural circles, the tragedies resulting from families are repeated everywhere. 鈥淔acts speak louder than words鈥; Family life patterns should be contemplated, discussed, and transformed.

625. After breaking up marriages and families, is any life pattern better than the traditional one? Yes! Since 2009, Lifechanyuan has put into practice an alternative mode of production and life; that is, 鈥渢he Second Home鈥, now renamed the 鈥淣ew Oasis for Life鈥 community. One hundred and eighty (180) people, early and late, and young and old have participated in our practice for up to eight (8) years, and our practice has proven that the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life community is superior to the traditional one.

For more details, please refer to:

Our English language website: http://www.newoasisforlife.org

Our Chinese language website: http://www.lifelvzhou.org

626. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is a new mode of life created by Lifechanyuan which has proven itself to be successful in practice.

627. The general principles of the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) are:

Unify all dharma, laws, and regulations into the Greatest Creator鈥檚 will

Unify all religions, beliefs, schools of thought into one belief system

Unify the whole world with 鈥800 Values for New Era Humans鈥

Lead mankind into the Lifechanyuan Era, which is characterized by the absence of states, religions, political parties, marriages, families, and spousal relationships, and in which the following will happen:

鈥 鈥 Worthy people will fully utilize their talents鈥

鈥 鈥淭he whole world will be as one family鈥

鈥 鈥淣o one will keep lost articles found on the roadside and doors will not need to be locked at night鈥

鈥 Everything will be in complete harmony; the weather will be good for harvesting and everyone will be happy, joyous, free, and blessed.

628. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) has eight (8) characteristics:

Taking the way of the Greatest Creator and implementing holographic management

Possessing nothing yet own everything

Everyone working to the best of their abilities; asking for and taking only what they need

Having no marriages or nuclear families

The young being well educated and the old being looked after properly

Politics and religion are NOT practiced

All members engaging in physical labour regardless their backgrounds

Being flexible, acting tactfully, and bending according to the situation

629. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) consists of people who are unwilling to marry and establish families, have divorced but chose not to remarry and set up another family, and couples who are both Chanyuan Celestials. This new life pattern copies the lifestyle of Celestial beings in the Thousand鈥搚ear World. The main content of this new life pattern includes:

Non-ownership 鈥 everyone possesses nothing yet owns everything

No marriages, no families, and no distinction between close and distant relationships; relationships between everyone are as those between sisters, brothers, relatives, or lovers

Everyone works to the best of their abilities and takes what they need but never wastes or indulges in luxuries or extravagances

The New Oasis for Life community is responsible collectively for everyone鈥檚 food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating the children, and for nursing and supporting the elderly

Everyone chooses jobs according to their skills and interests and does their best to ensure the highest quality performance in the work they do; there is no place for lazybones or parasites in the New Oasis for Life community

Everyone鈥檚 bedroom is their sacred and private space which is free from disturbance and interference; no one is allowed to intrude into these spaces under any pretense with any excuse. All other spaces are public

Let everyone enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives

Individuality shall blend with commonality; commonality shall accommodate individuality. There shall be a uniform will which does not conflict with the happiness of anyone and everyone must be able to exhibit their special talents. It is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals

Holographic management will be implemented; namely, that non-management is the best management. There are no bosses or offices; Everything is carried out voluntarily by community members following the 鈥800 Values for New Era Humans鈥

630. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) bombards traditional marriages and families 鈥 a program of life which is infected with viruses. Such viruses will encroach upon the sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty of human nature and gradually drag the originally happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives into abysses of suffering, anxiety, enslavement, and desperation. To disband them and replace them with a new style of life is the most important matter that concerns everyone鈥榮 happiness. Leaving traditional families for Lifechanyuan鈥榮 New Oasis for Life community seems on the surface like leaving one small family and simply entering a bigger one, but the content of life is actually totally different. Not only is the New Oasis for Life community capable of what traditional families are, but also of much, much more.

631. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is the No.1 home in the world, a happy and auspicious place that is blessed by the grace of the Greatest Creator, a pleasant and jubilant place that is cared for by Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, and a free and beautiful place in which the dreams of the sages and saints from past generations are realized. This is the first home born for the grand cosmic adjustment of LIFE; it serves for the purification of Earth and lays foundations for the new life of humanity after 2013; it is hoped that virtuous people will find the gate to the number one home and join us as members ASAP. This is the most important thing in one鈥檚 life. The time has come to redefine traditional relationships which are based on kinships ; all those who follow the Way of the Greatest Creator and whose souls resonate with ours are our relatives.

632. In order to realize the ideals of sages and saints as well as the wishes of the broad masses and to set a good example for mankind, Lifechanyuan has initiated an unprecedented model of a new lifestyle for humanity鈥檚 future 鈥 鈥渀the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community). This is no longer idle theorizing, but a reality of life; the New Oasis for Life community is a copy of the Thousand鈥搚ear World, but in the human world; It is the base of self鈥揷ultivation and self鈥搃mprovement for Chanyuan Celestials to thoroughly remould themselves to achieve Super Celestial Beings, and the transfer station from the human world to heaven. The New Oasis for Life community is exploring a new pattern of life for humanity; we believe firmly that when everyone lives according to the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life community, their tribulations will be alleviated, their suffering will be eased, nature鈥檚 deterioration will be reversed, and we will enter the Lifechanyuan Era that is to last a millenium. The New Oasis for Life community has solved problems that have been with us for thousands of years, such as support for the elderly. By continuous consolidation and improvement, the New Oasis for Life community will become a paradise, not only for children, young people, and middle鈥揳ged people, but particularly for the elderly.

633. All members of the New Oasis for Life community have chances to move to a different branch every three years; that is, after working and living in one branch for three years, they can be relocated to another one and move among all the branches in the world.

634. Any member living and working in the New Oasis for Life community who is found to have caused intentional physical, psychological, or spiritual harm to any other member will be expelled from the community immediately.

635. Laziness is the archenemy of the New Oasis for Life community; diligence symbolizes beauty, while laziness creates ugliness; diligence leads to bright futures, while laziness ruins the happiness endowed to us by the Greatest Creator; laziness destroys everything, it makes people sink into depravity, corrupts and erodes people鈥檚 wills, spirits, souls, and bodies, and causes the collapse of diligent collectives; it destroys the spiritual health of communities as viruses and eventually casts listless and spiritless spells over everyone and everything. What comes out of it is depression, ruination, and destruction.

636. Laborers have the greatest souls, although they may not be able to write articles exhibiting great talents and insights or they may not be eloquent or clever enough to exhibit their intelligence. Laborers may look very ordinary and may not be able to explain Dharma and Tao, or recite and quote phrases and sentences from the classics, they still have the greatest souls and their behaviors prove that they have abided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and sages and saints.

637. Birthdays are not celebrated in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community).

638. Only festivals which glorify nature are celebrated in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community).

639. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) implements a holographic management pattern 鈥 non鈥搈anagement. Everyone is both a master and a servant; one is different from another only in the type of work they do; there are no hierarchical relationships such as between leaders and subordinates; no one is allowed to impose their will on others and everyone does their best to bring their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play; everyone says what is on their minds, does their own work, takes charge of their own responsibilities, builds their own paths, and goes their own ways without minding anyone else鈥檚 business. They are responsible to themselves and the Greatest Creator but to no one else; they will not offer help unless it is asked but will give it immediately when it is; anyone who offers any suggestion will be responsible for its execution. Everyone builds a sacred court in their own conscience from which to pass judgment upon themselves.

640. The most significant characteristic of the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) which distinguishes it from secular society and other communities is that there are no marriages or families and no individuals upon whom to depend with regard to one鈥檚 love and sex life; we take things as they are, associate with others by following naturally come-and-go relations, act in accordance with our natures, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

641. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is not a shelter; those who intend to escape debts, obligations, entanglements, or punishments cannot join us.

642. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is not a charity.

643. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is a paradise which consists of the most civilized, diligent, kind鈥揾earted, and selfless people.

644. Principle of the romantic and sexual love in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community):

Romantic love is a precious gift bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator; sexual love is the inevitable path to sublimating human nature and leaving for the high鈥搇evel space of LIFE; romantic and sexual love are two souls dancing to the same beat. As long as both parties are attracted to each other, they can do whatever they feel is appropriate; nobody supervises, interferes, bothers, gossips, or backsides; lovers never possess, occupy, or are jealous of each other; freedom is above all else and lovers respect the other party鈥檚 freedoms fully without even the slightest reluctance or causing any mental, spiritual, or physical harm to each other.

645. The eight (8) advantages of living in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) are:

Life is guaranteed; there is no longer any need to worry about basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation; you will be cared for when you are sick and your affairs will be dealt with after you pass away.

You will live for your values and faith, escape from the secular world, and no longer be entangled in worldly affairs.

Without the fetter of families, you will achieve more physical, mental, and spiritual freedom; nobody will watch you, bother you, or tangle with you; you will no longer trouble with, worry for, or feel anxious about your children鈥檚 issues.

Regardless of how you might change, you will always be able to find someone whose personality and temper fit yours and with whom to work, chat, and enjoy life.

As our division of labor is clear-cut and each person is in charge of specific responsibility, you will have a great amount of free time in which to do what you want and read what you like.

There are endless activities and entertainment to keep you from ever feeling bored or lonely.

Our collective energy will always support you to achieve Tao quickly, liberate yourself from the samsara of reincarnations, and then leave for heaven.

Our collective energy will help you to overcome all hardships.

646. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) defines no rules or regulations and no leadership roles in the traditional sense; one is different from another only in the division of labor; there are no top-down relationships between leaders and the governed; everyone is the owner of the community and everyone needs to carry out their responsibilities and obligations; all affairs should be handled flexibly in accordance with the principle of 鈥淜eep the main but change the others according to the situation鈥; 鈥淒harma sets no rules; it is ever changing鈥. Anyone can do whatever they want as long as they are consistent with Buddha-nature which consists of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty.

647. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) does not practice democracy, but rather Superman philosophy, which means that all affairs are assigned to individuals, each person has the final say over their own work, and anyone who accepts a job has the final say over how it gets done but is also responsible for any and all consequences.

648. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is not an organization in any form, neither a political one nor a religious one, it is a loosely unified utopian group which consists of people who think alike and who are willing to live and work together according to the 鈥800 Values for the New Era Humans鈥; it has no organizational forms, neither does it have any power to legislate beyond the charter, convention, constitution, or laws, nor does it have any power to represent any organization at any level of government to deal with contradictions, conflicts, violations of laws, or discipline.

649. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) is not a licentious place; rather, it is a highly鈥揷ivilized one in which people interact with each other, with society, and with nature in very harmonious ways.

650. The Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) opposes the following:

Psychic activities

Chanting mantras

Fortune telling

The use of supernatural powers

Magical arts


Extra Sensory Perception

Psychokinetic power

Members praying collectively and simultaneously in support of the interest of individuals

Holding unified Qigong practice or meditational activities directed toward any individual

651. Political and religious ceremonies are not allowed in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community).

652. The following practices are not allowed in the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community):

Building temples and churches

Hanging any portraits of gods, Buddhas, Celestials, or saints

Engaging in any form of personality cult activities

Engaging in any furtive or superstitious activities

653. The processes for entering the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) are:

Learn and understand the 800 Values for New Era Humans

Communicate with other members on Lifechanyuan鈥檚 intranet for at least six months, submit an application if you are satisfied

If nothing bonds you to secular society, then you can enter and live in the New Oasis for Life community.

654. Small workshop production modes will inevitably be eliminated and replaced with the streamline production mode; small workshop style families will inevitably be eliminated and replaced with the streamline style 鈥 the Second Home (New Oasis for Life community) lifestyle. Whether you approve or not, it is a historical imperative that the traditional family lifestyle will be replaced by the New Oasis for Life mode of life; the traditional small family system will be seen as an ignorant and backward lifestyle to be swept into the garbage bin of history.

655. Collective life is superior to individual life and is the best lifestyle for self鈥搃mprovement and self鈥搑efinement. If you cannot blend into a collective lifestyle and go through edification and smelting with collective lives, then you will never be able to enter heaven.

656. To scale the highest realms of life and LIFE, we should resolve to blend ourselves into collective life because without doing this, our dreams and ideals cannot be realized. Mankind has not yet experienced a true collective life. A group of people simply living and working together cannot be counted as a real collective life unless all their members鈥 basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death are included as public rights. There is neither private property, private ownership, nor marriages and families; the members live together and share all their blessings and woes; any differences between members in terms of status or material enjoyment would signify a departure from the tenet of collective life.

657. A perfect and ideal group is made up of excellent individuals; without excellent members, any so鈥揷alled ideal group would only be a castle in the air and impossible to achieve.

658. Consciousness determines existence: the state of consciousness will determine the form of LIFE, and that will determine one鈥檚 way of life and living conditions.

659. The combined wisdom of a hundred cobblers can never match that of a master strategist; the thinking of the multitudes can never equal the foresight and sagacity of a saint. Democracy will always be the pursuit of mediocrity, the magical weapon by which to cling to bygone values, and the hidden weapon with which to strangle saints.

660. Consciousnesses sense territories; they like familiar places but feel uncomfortable in strange ones, so they usually reincarnate into familiar environments; therefore, if you yearn for a place, you must first develop a conscious familiarity with it.

661. Consciousnesses originate from structures and they react upon structures. Energy is neutral; it comes and goes with changes of structures. Consciousnesses come from nonmaterial structures; different nonmaterial structures give birth to different consciousnesses.

662. The ultimate goal of life is not to move toward death, but toward another realm, just as the ultimate goal of a fetus is not to grow in the womb, but to enter the human world. Human society is like a big 鈥渨omb鈥; one must transit through the passageway which appears as 鈥渄eath鈥 in order to advance to their next realm. Therefore, death is not the end; it is the beginning of another journey of LIFE.

663. Do not learn too many skills; specializing in one is enough. Even without much expertise or talent, one can lead an easy life, even if they own only one virtue such as honesty, diligence, kindness, sincerity, simplicity, or keeping the faith; life is very short, so it is unnecessary to exhaust yourself staying busy.

664. Consider water, it takes the form of any container that holds it; it can be round or square; we also possess this property. Soldiers who are trained by different generals will have different fighting abilities and different environments will foster different kinds of people. If you live on a mountain, then you will learn the tweeting of birds; if you live beside water, then you will learn about fish; if you work with ink, then you will stain yourself black; if you often associate with saints, then you will develop agile thinking, sudden enlightenment, and transcendence over vulgarity; if you often mingle with laities, then you will have prejudicial and narrow thinking, and prefer contention and vulgar taste.

665. Have an idea before you construct a method; when your thoughts change, everything changes accordingly; first have a concept, then carry it out.

666. Holographic thinking is the highest realm of thinking; it is the thinking of the Greatest Creator and can also be called the thinking of gods, which is unimaginable to ordinary people. Buddha Sakyamuni attained formless thinking, Lao Tzu achieved Taiji thinking, Celestials achieve visualized thinking, Zhuge Liang, Einstein, and the like achieved associative thinking, artists such as Beethoven reached imaginal thinking; common people鈥榮 thinking is material thinking and religionists鈥 thinking is illusive thinking.

667. The most significant feature of illusive thinking is that every small step seems to progress forward but it eventually returns to its original starting points; that all sentences from each theory are correct and irrefutable but that they return to where they began after traversing big circles.

668. Long-standing habits induce mindsets which are very difficult to discard after they form. Everyone鈥檚 intellects are covered by invisible meshes of thinking and everyone is weighed down by heavy crosses, though they cannot feel them; even after having felt them, they lack the courage and power to break away from them. Seeing people around them living in this manner sets them at ease and justifies their own behaviors; they become accustomed to their situations, numb, and tolerant of them. They never think to ask, 鈥淲hy are things this way?鈥, or 鈥淚s there another, better way?鈥.

669. It is impossible to escape from fate without unconventional thinking; we should work on things that the world ignore and not follow the crowd, because ninety-eight percent of people live according to planned programs. The trajectory of their lives and LIVES have been programmed from screenplays. To avoid the confines of heaven and earth, escape from the bondages of Three Realms and Five Elements and leave the realm of necessity for that of freedom, we must not resonate with the thinking and mindsets of the multitudes; rather, we should act in the opposite way.


In Buddhism, the three realms refer to the following destinations for karmic rebirth:

K膩maloka is the world of desire, typified by base desires, populated by hellish beings, preta (hungry ghosts), animals, humans and lower demi-gods.

R奴paloka is the world of form, predominantly free of baser desires, populated by dhy膩na-dwelling gods, and a possible rebirth destination for those well practiced in dhy膩na.

Ar奴paloka is the world of formlessness, a non-corporeal realm populated with four heavens, and a possible rebirth destination for practitioners of the four formlessness stages

Five elements (Wu Xing) is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields use to explain a wide array of phenomena, The 鈥淔ive Elements鈥 are Fire (鐏 hu菕), Water (姘 shu菒), Wood (鏈 m霉), Metal or Gold (閲 j墨n), and Earth or Soil (鍦 t菙). In the order of 鈥渕utual generation鈥 (鐩哥敓 xi膩ngsh膿ng), they are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In the order of 鈥渕utual overcoming鈥 (鐩稿厠 xi膩ngk猫), they are Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Meta

670. What is thought to be impossible with conventional thinking can be solved easily with unconventional thinking. Topology is one kind of unconventional thinking; it can shift positions of space and interconnect closed spaces both internally and externally and makes it impossible to distinguish between interiors and exteriors, just as with Mobius strips, where it is impossible to determine the obverse from the reverse. Therefore, when you face psychological obstacles, spiritual depression, and difficult situations in life, never consider that your situations are hopeless, because unconventional thinking can guide you to find hope right under your nose.

671. Unconventional thinking is the magical weapon for us to explore the profound mysteries of the universe and discover their truths; it is the best way for us to find the true meaning of life. As long as we proceed forward steadily, we will eventually enter into a vast world at which time we will be amazed at the nature of the universe and the profound mysteries of LIFE; we will be thrilled that a beautiful future life as a Celestial being awaits us, we will love LIFE and mankind more deeply, and we will cherish this life even more.

672. As we know from the mystery of the three elements of the universe, consciousness, structure, and energy, our beautiful futures are mainly created not by our hands, but by our brains; that is, by our consciousnesses.

673. You are the only one who can end your worldly ties; the best way to do this is to offer formless alms鈥揼iving.

674. The most brilliant swordsman lacks a sword; the most supreme mind鈥揹harma lacks a mind; the most profound Buddha dharma lacks dharma; the greatest self lacks self.

675. Buddha is our deepest intrinsic nature, and this nature is Buddha.

676. We should cultivate pure and clean minds which do not abide in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharma, but actually abide nowhere; we should have no notions of our self, others, lifetime, living beings, or of Dharma or non鈥揇harma; form is emptiness and absolute emptiness is form.

677. The merits and virtues of formless alms鈥揼iving outweigh those of seven鈥搕reasure alms鈥揼iving which are as countless as the grains of sand in the the Ganges, the returns on them are inconceivable. One should give without a mind abiding in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or Dharma; Bodhisattvas should give alms without a mind abiding in notions of form. Everything with form is unreal; all those who are called Buddha have detached all forms; Bodhisattvas should have no longing or attachment when they practice meritorious virtues.

678. Those who suggest that Buddha Sakyamuni preached Dharma are either slandering him or do not understand either the essence of his teachings or the gist of Dharma. All dharma is the way of Buddha; the real way of Buddha is free from self, others, living beings, lifetime, and dharma.

679. All Intentional Dharma are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows, dew, and lightning; thus should you meditate upon them. No Unintentional Dharma can be expressed clearly; they come like lightning and vanish as illusions. There is neither entity, nonentity, sound, breath, edge or border, fixed rules, nor fixed modes; they are invisible, intangible, tremendously powerful, can neither be hidden nor stolen, and are forever changing; they are not everything yet everything is them. Conform to them and you will enjoy a smooth and peaceful life for tens of thousands of years; go against them and your future will suffer frustration and disasters.

680. Buddha Sakyamuni is not the ancestor of Buddha; only the Greatest Creator is.

681. The Tathagatas鈥 words are truth and correspond to reality; they are ultimate words, neither deceitful nor heterodox. The Dharma that the Tathagata has obtained is neither real nor unreal. The Tathagata has physical eyes, deva-eyes, wisdom eyes, dharma eyes, and buddha eyes. The Tathagata has neither whence (to come) nor whither (to go); thus, he is called the Tathagata.

682. Everything with form is unreal; if all forms are seen as unreal, then Tathagata, the state of Buddha, will be perceived.

683. All saints and sages differ because of their unintentional Dharma.

684. All ways are Dharma and yet all ways are not Dharma; Dharma has no set rules; Dharma always varies according to the situation. So鈥揷alled Dharma is not Dharma.

685. Do not have such thoughts as, 鈥淚 should liberate all living beings鈥.

686. 鈥淭hose who see me by outward appearance and seek me in sound are treading the heterodox path, and cannot perceive Tathagata.鈥

687. Buddha has no mind; Buddha is our most intrinsic nature. With an enlightened consciousness nature is perceived, which is the perception of Buddha.

688. Without a perception of nature, one will always be bewildered and seek Dharma externally but never find Buddha; without it, even those who can explain the creed of The Twelve Classics only say demonic words; without it, it is impossible to obtain the way of Buddha; without it, even praying for Buddha, reciting sutra, chanting mantras, giving alms, keeping precepts, making vigorous efforts, building or repairing temples, making offerings, freeing captive animals, kowtowing, and burning incense, one still cannot attain Buddhahood.

689. When Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara attained Prajna Paramita 鈥 the enlightened wisdom that can reach the shores of freedom 鈥 he realized that all forms, feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and cognitions are only illusions; with this realization, he had moved beyond all trials and suffering.

690. Form does not differ from emptiness nor does emptiness differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form; so too are feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and cognitions.

691. All Dharma is empty of characteristics; its true nature is no Birth nor Death, no Defilement nor Purity, no Increasing nor Decreasing.

692. Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, no feelings, thoughts, behaviors, cognition; no eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no dharma; no realm of eyes and so forth until no realm of mind consciousness. There is no ignorance and also no extinction of it, and so forth until no old age and death and also no extinction of them. There is no suffering and no origination of suffering; no extinction of suffering and no path of cultivation that leads to no suffering, therefore there is no wisdom of enlightenment, and no attainment of such wisdom either.

693. Through reliance on Prajna Paramita 鈥 the wisdom that can bring us to the shores of freedom 鈥 the Bodhisattva is unimpeded in his mind and there is no hang-up in his heart; since there is no impediment and hang-up, he is not afraid and he leaves distorted dream-thinking far behind; ultimately, Nirvana!

694. Relying on Prajna Paramita 鈥 the wisdom that can bring us to the shores of freedom 鈥 will help us to attain Anuttara鈥搒amyak鈥搒ambodhi 鈥 Supreme Authentic Wisdom.

695. Gat茅 Gat茅 Paragat茅 Parasamgat茅 Bodhi Svaha!

Go, go, go! Go to the other shore with transcendent wisdom.

Go to the realm of freedom; go to attain enlightenment; just go!

696. Life is a journey of LIFE in the human world; what is heard and seen during the journey is an illusion; indulging in the illusion is like living in an abyss of misery, while not getting lost in the illusion takes you to heaven.

697. Dreams are illusions, but we rarely indulge them; life is an illusion, so why do we indulge it unconsciously? When we wake up, our dreams disappear; when life ends, our illusion will disappear.

698. Nature has been polluted, who has polluted it, and who are its worst polluters? Are those who earn the most polluting nature the most? Who has polluted nature more seriously, the poor or the wealthy? Are those who possess the most wealth harming nature the most? The more we take from nature, the more we accumulate a debt which we must pay back. Those who are in debt must pay their debts; no one else can pay debts for them, nor should they be allowed to.

699. Across thousands of years of this civilization, who have been the most unselfish people? They are Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and Mother Teresa; therefore, it is right to follow their teachings.

700. Being happy is the most important thing in life; to enjoy one day of happiness is to be a celestial for one day. What can lead to happiness? Being philosophical and enlightened!

701. To unify all dharma, laws, and regulations into the Greatest Creator鈥檚 will and all religions, beliefs, schools of thought into one uniform belief system, the world will be one family, a stateless world will be in great harmony; these are the main themes of the New Era.

702. Families, states, political parties, and religions are the root causes of the following:

Pollution of the Earth鈥檚 environment

Global polarization of the rich and the poor

Unfair and irrational allocation of resources

A turbulent world with severe crises

Hardships of working and lower class

Huge waste of human and material resources

703. The world should move toward unification and become a global community; it is best to strengthen the role and function of the United Nations continuously for it to eventually become the global government.

704. Everyone in the world should regard themselves as citizens of Earth; not merely those of regions or countries.

705. The earth belongs to all its citizens; everyone has the right to migrate and move freely throughout it.

706. When all is unified into the One, everything can benefit from the power of the One:

Sky, by attaining the Oneness, became clear;

Earth, by attaining the Oneness, became peaceful;

Spirit, by attaining the Oneness, became divine;

True nature is like an empty valley, and by attaining the Oneness, it became fully productive;

All things, by attaining the Oneness, became alive;

Saints, by attaining the Oneness, can bring peace and prosperity to the world;

The whole of mankind can have only one government, one belief system, and one order; we can only have one goal, one wish, one path to build, and one road to follow all through our lives because otherwise it will be impossible to achieve clearness, peace, divinity, and fullness. Excess breeds confusion and heterogeneity causes miscellaneous; Only when all dharma, laws, and regulations are unified into the Greatest Creator鈥檚 will and all religions, beliefs, schools of thought are unified into one uniform belief system, and the whole world becomes one family, people can hold the Oneness. With the Oneness everyone will enjoy harmony, peace, auspiciousness, favorable weather, and happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives.

707. Single people should be chosen as leaders in all regions. Single people are more selfless and open鈥搈inded and they are less tied and troubled than those who have their own families. Basically, single leaders are better than those who are in familial relationships because they are more in line with the interests of the general public.

708. Localism and nationalism are symbols of barbarism and fatuity. No affairs on earth belong to any particular nation or local adherents; rather, they belong to the whole of humanity. The administrations of every region should be exercised, not by the people chosen from among the locals or from among local nations, but by the most outstanding talents selected from the whole of humanity. It will only be when all the talented are not ignored, but rather are entrusted with important missions, that the whole world will be united as one family and the toiling multitudes will obtain freedom and happiness.

709. All affairs in the world are of concern to all citizens of the Earth. Everyone has their natural right to condemn and intervene in the affairs in any corner of the world, and the same applies to the affairs of all countries, political parties, religions, nationalities, and organizations.

710. The most important universal value is to believe in the Greatest Creator, which is the cornerstone of all universal values. Faith has nothing to do with religion.

711. On the first day of 2018, mankind entered the New Era; namely, the Lifechanyuan Era. The symbol of this is that we have prepared a huge theoretical system for mankind to enter the New Era; we have obtained successful experience of resolving all problems in practice. At the same time, the international family has come into being at the legal level. The number of single people who are unwilling to marry has increased worldwide; the divorce rate has risen dramatically; visa policies of many countries are becoming simpler. All these are significant indicators that the world has entered the New Era.

712. The changes of things are not decided by people鈥榮 free will; mountains cannot stop spring from coming. When the earth is frozen, everything looks solid and strong, but when the spring wind blows, snow and ice melt and fresh grasses come alive. Families, states, political parties, and religions seem very strong, but even they will inevitably collapse when the wind of the New Era blows; nothing is indestructible.

713. In the new era, people will need neither management by law nor management by people, but management by Tao, the core of which is taking the way of the Greatest Creator. The core of the Greatest Creator鈥檚 way is nature鈥檚 way and the core of nature鈥檚 way is the harmonious coexistence of humans, society, and nature.

714. The way for people to get along is to make each other feel happy, joyful, free, and blessed.

715. The way for people to get along with society is, 鈥渢he talented will be put to good use and the whole world will be one family鈥, 鈥渘o one will pocket anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted at night鈥. People share bliss and shoulder misfortune together; affairs are coordinated globally and all resources are shared.

716. The way for people to get along with nature is to keep mountains green, the sky blue, mountains and rivers beautiful, soil rich, water clean and clear with abundant fish and shrimp, to protect wild animals from harm, poultry and livestock from abuse, with singing birds and fragrant flowers everywhere, and favorable weather will abound throughout the year.

717. In the New Era, Lifechanyuan funeral ceremonies are implemented: the body is cremated and the ashes are scattered across rivers, lakes, seas, green mountains, and fields; this dispenses with the building of tombs, the keeping of ashes, the establishment of memorials, and all marks and traces of the deceased.

718. In the New Era, no one will celebrate birthdays, but only natural festivals such as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival (Tomb sweeping day), Mid鈥揂utumn Festival, and Water鈥搒plashing Festival, and there are no celebrations or festivals related to gods, Buddhas, Celestial beings, people, states, political parties, religions, or militaries, including Christmas, Buddha鈥榮 Birthday, and so on.

719. In the New Era, people will no longer exchange gifts; they will no longer hold celebrations or receive gifts for relocations, promotions, birthdays, or other affairs.

720. In the New Era, churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, and Taoist abbeys will no longer be built.

721. In the New Era, the interests of all humankind will be above those of the local and the individual; personal and local interests will be subjected to the interests of all humankind.

722. Let the talented bring their genius into full play and make the best use of everything; let everyone work and have shelter.

723. Saints manage affairs by reducing interference and by civilizing people wordlessly.

724. Do not honor the virtuous, so that the people will not fight.

725. Prize not rare objects, so that the people shall not steal.

726. Shut out from sight the things of desire, So that the people鈥榮 hearts shall not be disturbed.

727. The perfect saints abandon wisdom锛泃he greatest benevolence abandons righteousness锛泃he highest artifice abandons profits.

728. Tao manifests itself in nature, and renounces all ethical sermons.

729. Accomplish but claim no credit.

730. For he who attains Tao,

In dwelling, he is wise to choose the pure land,

In heart, he goes deep into peace and the profound,

In dealing with others, he is sincere and kind,

In words, he is honest and trustworthy,

In governing, he is good at handling with fair,

In work and life, he is able to utilize people鈥檚 ability,

In action, he is aware of grabbing the best timing.

731. Fill your hall with gold and jade, but you will be unable to safeguard them; arrogance with wealth and power sows the seeds of one鈥檚 own downfall. Retire after accomplishing; this conforms to Tao 鈥 Natural Law.

732. By the existence of things, we profit; by the non鈥揺xistence of things, we are served.

733. Those who value the world as themselves may be entrusted with the government of the world; those who love the world as themselves may be entrusted to care for the world.

734. You will reach that with which you resonate:

Those who resonate with Tao will unite with Tao;

Those who resonate with virtue will attain virtue;

Those who resonate with pessimism and negativity will fail;

Those who resonate with the devil will be welcomed by Him.

735. Good runners leave no tracks; good speeches leave no flaws for attack; good reckoners make use of no counters; well鈥搒hut doors make use of no bolts yet cannot be opened; well鈥搕ied knots make use of no rope yet cannot be untied. Sages are good at helping people display their talents fully; therefore no one is deserted. They are good at making the best use of things; therefore nothing is useless.

736. The divine method for managing the world is to follow Tao and not to try to control anything through human interference. He who makes it spoils it; he who holds it loses it.

737. Eliminate extremes, extravagance, and arrogance.

738. Superior virtue has no intention to be virtuous and thus is virtue. Inferior virtue cannot let go of virtue and thus is not virtue.

739. With the presences of Tao, virtue need not to be mentioned;

With the presence of virtue, benevolence need not to be mentioned;

With the presence of benevolence, righteousness need not to be mentioned;

With the presence of righteousness, courtesy need not to be mentioned

(courtesy mainly refers to rules, laws, and regulations).

740. There is no greater disaster than insatiability and no greater fault than excessive desire.

741. When governments are gentle and clean, their people become honest and loyal, but when they control strictly and severely, their people become cunning and discontented; good fortune lies within bad and bad fortune lurks within good.

742. The way of Tao benefits all but harms none; the way of saints accomplishes but does not contend.

743. In the New Era, everyone needs health鈥揷ultivation to be free from disease to the greatest extent; health鈥揷ultivation needs the cultivation of essence, qi, spirit, and body. Before health cultivation, we need mind cultivation; before mind cultivation, we need virtue cultivation; before virtue cultivation, we need to enter Tao. Those who are good at health鈥揷ultivation can offer preventative treatments for diseases:

Less speech nourishes the internal qi

Preventing a distraught mind nourishes the spirit qi

Mild taste nourishes the blood qi

Avoiding anger nourishes the lung qi

Eating moderately nourishes the stomach qi

Less thought nourishes the liver qi

Less desire nourishes the heart qi

Less lust nourishes the essence qi

Before you can cultivate your body, you first must calm your mind and be free from fuss, worry, attachments, delusions, lust, greed, and indulgence; settle your inner spirit while keeping your desire out.

744. Overeating causes one to become overweight

Indulgence in lust makes the spirit turbid

Excessive thoughts disturb our minds

A mind without peace prevents sharp spiritual perceptions, without which, Tao cannot be attained

A troubled heart will leave us exhausted

Excessive physical exertion will leave us feeble

An overweary spirit will make us weak

Expending too much qi will finish us

Being free from anxiety and stress will allow our spirit to be sufficient

Speaking less will allow our qi to be sufficient

Being free from lust will allow our essence to be sufficient

Meat鈥揺aters have thick auras; vegetarians have clean auras; grain鈥揺aters are wise; qi鈥揺aters possess high spirits.

745. Anger drives qi up

Joy smoothens qi

Sadness vanishes qi

Fear lowers qi

Coldness restrains qi

Heat allows qi to escape

Shock scatters qi

Overexertion expends qi

Thinking blocks qi

Silence generates qi

Watching for too long hurts the blood

Lying in bed for too long hurts qi

Sitting for too long hurts the flesh

Standing for too long hurts the bones

Walking for too long hurts the tendons

746. Eat moderately, sleep regularly, do not overwork or overuse your mind or body. Those who are frightened and have excessive thoughts will harm their spirits; those who are very happy and joyous will be too distracted to preserve their spirits; those who are sorrowful will block their flow of qi; those who are angry will be confused so not cured; those who have fears will not restrain and quiet their spirits.

747. Remaining calm and indifferent to fame and fortune will prevent misery from approaching and evil from invading; physical exercise will keep your body healthy; reducing your lust will preserve your spiritual health; talking less will maintain your blessings sufficiently. Guard your eyes from improper sights, your ears from improper words, your nose from foul odors, your mouth from strong flavors and poison, and your mind from considering deceptive actions.

748. When you love someone, do not love them too much; when you hate someone, do not hate them too much. Keep fewer words in your mouth, less food in your stomach, fewer thoughts in your mind, and get less sleep at night. Excessive sleep makes your spirit turbid, frequent drunkenness makes your qi scatter, excessive sweating hurts your blood, and exhaustion of strength damages your body. Moving continuously without resting disturbs your qi and frightens your spirit. Ascending to extreme heights may scare you out of your wits.

749. Remain undisturbed, whether you are granted favour or subjected to humiliation, and your liver will be peaceful

Remain deferential and grateful whether in stillness or motion, and your heart will be calm

Eat moderately, and your spleen will not leak

Practice pranayama and less speech, and your lungs will be sound

Desiring less and staying indifferent to fame and gain will keep your kidneys healthy

Eat before you are hungry, but stop before you are full; overeating harms your spleen but hunger harms your stomach, and excessive thirst hurts your blood but overdrinking hurts your qi

Never overeat when hungry or over-drink when thirsty to avoid food expansion and hurting your heart and lungs

Prevent the wind from blowing against your back, for no one enjoys longevity when the back of their head is constantly blown upon.

750. Anger weakens your qi and illnesses will invade when your qi is weak; thoughts damage your spirit, and your heart is prone to be tied when your spirit is tired. Avoid extremes of joy and sorrow; eat a balanced diet; do not get drunk at night; and most importantly, never allow yourself to feel rage in the morning. Do not see, hear, speak, or think about evil or improperness. Purify your heart and restrict your desires, empty your brain, and then attain quietness in motion. Let your heart be at ease and your kidneys at rest, and lead restful lives.

751. Consolidate your liver鈥檚 essence or your eyes will be dizzy and lack lustre;

Consolidate your lungs鈥 essence or your muscles will atrophy and be weak;

Consolidate your kidneys鈥 essence or your spirit and qi will be weak;

Consolidate your spleen鈥檚 essence or your hair will fall out and your teeth will decay;

Do not overwork, for that will damage your qi;

Do not remain immobile, for that will coagulate your blood and block your qi;

Enjoy a long life by not overusing your body or draining your essence;

Let your eyes look without seeing, your ears listen without hearing and keep your mind from thinking excessively to avoid overconsuming your spirit; then your spirit will guard your body and give you longevity.

752. There are eight unlivable places:

Amid dirt and clutter

Amid loud noise

Amid negativity and trouble

Amid hustle and bustle

High, elevated places

Amid gloom and dampness

Amid poor ventilation

Around graves and temples

753. Those who value their lives do not harm their bodies by over鈥搉ourishing themselves even when they have wealth and rank, nor do they exhaust their bodies for profit in order to rise above poverty and low status. We can often shake our desires off to attain calmness and purify our minds to achieve serene spirits. Overusing our brains, worrying, having sorrow, sadness, excessive joy, fear, endless anger, anxiety over what has been wished, and disharmony between Yin and Yang all hurt people.

754. Water has its source, so surely it flows far;

Trees have their roots, so surely they are leafy;

Houses have their bases, so surely their pillars stand upright;

People have their essence, so surely they live long lives.

755. Your pillow must be neither too high nor too low; being too high causes your liver to shrink, but being too low causes your lungs to shrink.

Tears from your eyes indicate leaks from your liver

Mucus from your nose indicates leaks from your lungs

Saliva from your mouth indicates leaks from your kidneys

Sweating while awake indicates leaks from your heart

Sweating while asleep indicates leaks from your small intestines

Drooling while asleep indicates leaks from your brain

Dreaming of intimacy with ghosts indicates leaks of your spirit

Lustful people show leaks from their own bodies.

One with a full spirit wants no sleep, one with full qi wants no food, and one with full essence wants no lust.

756. The taboo of a day is overeating, the taboo of a month is getting extraordinarily drunk, the taboo of a year is excessive work and rage, and the taboo of a lifetime is being often bullied in the early morning. Embrace the One, keeping peace while neither worrying nor scheming. Sadness causes streams of tears, bitterness causes your nose to run, anger generates goiter, and rage causes deep鈥搑ooted ulcers; your qi follows what your heart desires and gathers where your heart stays, which can generate anything; therefore, great people restrain their grief and bitterness and refrain from anger.

757. Lack of physical bonding between sexual partners, Yin and Yang, causes diseases due to blood stasis and qi stagnation; therefore, those who remain celibate and abstinent are prone to be sickly and short鈥搇ived, while excessive indulgence in lust will damage their lives. Rich food smooths the intestines but also causes phlegm; breakfasts should be mild and early, lunches should be rich and full, and dinners should be small; following these rules, one can have a long and healthy life.

758. Lead a leisurely and unrestrained life with neither cravings nor painstaking effort; feel content no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Without overusing your kidneys, your essence is preserved; without overusing your body, your qi is preserved; without overusing your heart, your spirit is preserved. When your essence, qi, and spirit are perfectly preserved, you will become naturally immortal.

759. It is no disgrace to be poor and low, but it is to flatter and beg others when you are; it is no honor to gain wealth and rank, but it is to benefit the world with what you have gained.

760. Gaining fame and wealth improperly invites fortune to become misfortune, but enduring hardships and poverty that are the hardest to bear invites bitterness to become sweetness.

761. Misfortune comes very easily from wealth and rank, we must stay loyal, honest, and humble to avoid great trouble; fortunes and blessings are destined, we must remain thrifty and simple to extend their time with us.

762. Everyone is born with a conscience; once we lose it, then we would be no higher than beasts. Saints and sages teach people the right way; by deviating from it, people will always go through thistles and thorns.

763. There are no fools in the world, so how can one deceive others? Suffering is everywhere, so how can one enjoy leisure alone?

764. Material wealth causes wise people to lose their wills, but foolish people to sin more; in either case, passing the material wealth that one has accumulated on to their children does irreparable harm.

765. People might not encounter difficulties, but they should not forget about the existence of adversity; flukes happen, but people should not keep them on their minds.

766. It is sinful to fly flags and beat drums for the wrong routes.

767. People need to be down to earth when performing meritorious deeds because remaining even slightly lustful for fame will misdirect them toward achieving the wrong goals. Preaching and self鈥揷ultivation should be based on non鈥搖tilitarian thought; if one cares more for success or material gain, then they will descend into vulgarity.

768. With a head that is constantly clear, one can avoid heavenly punishments; with a spotlessly clean conscience, one can untie the divine mesh.

769. A merciful attitude is the root that sprouts to make all living beings survive and grow and the moral courage to refrain from doing wrong can be a tower of strength for the world; therefore, a man of noble character bears neither to harm an insect nor to embezzle a single penny; this way, they benefit and set a noble spirit for all humans and natural beings.

770. To find the truth when fame and fortune disappear, you will reduce your cravings; to find the cause of your suffering from adversity, you will stop your complaining.

771. Heaven offers small blessings to make you feel proud before sending serious disasters; do not rejoice excessively when they come because the important thing is how well you handle them. Heaven also offers small setbacks to admonish you before sending great fortunes; do not feel discouraged when they come because the important thing is how well you survive them.

772. How long are our lives? Fighting with others for fame and fortune wastes our lives which are as short as the sparks from flint stones knocking against iron; how big can it be, the world where people compete with each other? It is tiny as a snail鈥檚 antenna in such a vast universe.

773. When we accept that successes and failures co鈥揺xist within our lives, it becomes unnecessary to pursue successes too fervently; when we acknowledge that life and death are each other鈥檚 roots, it becomes unnecessary to take all means to protect our health.

774. Those who lead easy and wealthy lives should learn the pain of the poor and underprivileged and those who are young and strong should understand the bitterness of the old and feeble.

775. Do not reproach others for small faults; do not reveal their private matters; do not bear grudges against them. Refraining from doing those three things helps to cultivate one鈥檚 moral character and to avoid disaster.

776. Those who make others happy have rich hearts; those who make others joyful have rich spirit; those who make the others feel blessed have material wealth.

777. The pursuit of life leads to endless troubles but the pursuit of death leads to endless benefits.

778. Those who oppress the poor insult their creator but those who are kind to them honor theirs.

779. Laying good foundations in advance is better than setting up tents and building houses hastily on sandy beaches; improving the soil first is better than sowing seeds in barren fields for quick results.

780. Do not affect the interests of the group for the sake of a small self interest

Do not favor yourself by pretending to cater to publicity

Do not contrast others鈥 shortcomings to your advantages

Do not envy others鈥 advantages over your shortcomings

Do not use power and authority to bully orphans and widows

Do not willfully kill animals to satisfy your taste

Do not block individual鈥檚 opinions because of group doubts

Do not reject others鈥 advice because of your own stubbornness

Do not heed only one side in case you are deceived by the wicked

Do not be wayward and driven by anger

781. Good fortunes cannot be invited intentionally, maintaining a happy mood is the right way to invite them; disasters cannot be shunned by flukes, discarding hatred and grudges from one鈥檚 mind is the correct way.

782. Gaining and consuming too much brews disaster; abnormal acts forebode misfortune.

783. The faithful never yearn for blessings, but heaven guides them to attain them unintentionally. The insidious rack their brains to avoid calamities studiously, but heaven deprives them of their spirit and strength to meet disaster as they attempt to escape.

784. If you have done nothing to trouble your conscience, then you should not fear late鈥搉ight knocks on your door; nothing can be concealed, for gods are watching from just above your head.

785. Those who do not want misfortunes in their lives should ensure that nothing amiss lurks in their darkest closets. Live in silt but remain unstained; know about scheming but never scheme.

786. The beauty of all things is the masterwork of the Greatest Creator, from which we can feel His love.

787. Merits and mistakes do not offset each other; undoubtedly, one needs to pay for their wrongdoings regardless of their great merits.

788. Behaving in a well鈥揺ducated, self鈥揷ultivated, and self鈥搑estrained way is a compulsory course throughout one鈥檚 life.

789. Cosmic geometry tells us that the world in which we live is not Euclidean; that is, the circles of Euclidean geometry are no longer circles and parallel lines may eventually intersect or diverge. The sums of the three inner angles of triangles are not 180潞; therefore you should never negate any ideology which you take as unnatural or unreasonable based on your personal experience; different mental realms lead to different understandings.

790. The wave-particle duality teaches us that the nature of things or the way that they move depends on the observer鈥檚 consciousness and that different consciousnesses create different realities. It can be concluded that heaven and hell must exist just as rich and poor people do, from which we know that these 800 Values for New Era Human Beings will bring peace and happiness to everyone.

791. Superstring theory seems to bridge the incompatible gap between general relativity and quantum theory by arguing that strings do not move in normal three-dimensional space, but rather in higher dimensions of space which we cannot imagine. Our past concepts about space were wrong; it is not limited to three dimensions, but could have as many as ten, or even twenty-six of them. Paradoxes and contradictions always reconcile themselves in certain ways eventually, but we can never reconcile them unless we improve our understanding and do not cling to theories of so-called 鈥渁bsolute truth鈥.

792. The universe is a hologram, and humans and the universe are one. The vibration of a butterfly鈥檚 wings in Alaska can eventually lead to a storm in the Cape of Good Hope, so no one should ignore their own little efforts; someone鈥榮 small cough might also cause heaven to shake.

793. Why are scientists unable to establish a Unified Field Theory? Because they only recognize four forces: the weak force, the strong force, gravity, and magnetism, but not the other four forces: the structural force (the force attracted by the structure of a material or a non-material), the repulsive force, the conscious force, and the spiritual force. This shows that science and religion both have blind spots and that the only way to see them is through holographic theory.

794. When your toe steps onto a thorn, your brain should sense it instantly; if it does not, that is not because there is no thorn, but rather because your brain is either too dull, too slow, or is malfunctioning. The world is about to change greatly and sensitive brains have already sensed this; if yours has not, then you must change your thinking and reposition your outlook on life, your sense of values, your worldview, and your understanding and awareness of LIFE!

795. When you believe that you are right, then you are already wrong.

796. There are eight Ways in the mortal world:

The Way of the Greatest Creator

The Way of Gods

The Way of Buddhas

The Way of Celestial beings

The Way of Humans

The Way of Animals and Plants

The Way of Ghosts

The Way of Devils

797. Without ending your worldly ties, you will have to reincarnate and come back; without paying off your debts, you will have to return.

798. If you are confused and unable to find answers from humanity鈥檚 historical experiences and accumulated knowledge, then read 鈥渢he book without words鈥濓紒

799. It is said that 鈥淭he core of truth is in one sentence, while falseness is spread over millions of books鈥. Actually, one sentence is too long, the core of truth is only one word: NATURE.

锛圢ote: here 鈥淣ATURE鈥 means the characteristics of LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structures.锛

800. These 800 Values for New Era Humans are an open system; time and space change ceaselessly, new thoughts, new ideas, and new methods emerge endlessly, and these 800 Values are subject to constant updating and perfection. This is the third revision; with the developments of the times, that which should be added will be and that which should be deleted will be. We shall never follow the beaten track and the old routine or stick to obsolete ideas stubbornly, and we shall never impose limitations. While Deiform Buddha is in the human world, he will take charge to add and delete; when Deiform Buddha passes away, saints in the world will take charge and continue to do so. No one else may add to it or delete from it because that could compromise its nature of holographic order.

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