800 Values (401--500)

401. The universe is an illusion and its size relates to our consciousness; the stronger the consciousness, the bigger the universe; the weaker the consciousness, the smaller the universe; the universe would not exist without consciousness.

402. The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. The universe did not originate from the Big Bang; rather, it came into being because Wuji gave birth to Taiji and chaos evolved into holographic order.

403. The universe has eight (8) forces:



The strong force

The weak force

The structural force

The repulsive force

The conscious force

The spiritual force

The universe is made up of three elements:




404. The universe includes twenty (20) parallel worlds,

Humans live in the XY world

Ghosts live in the -X-Y world

Gods, Buddhas, and Super Celestial Beings live in the XYZ world

Monsters and demons live in the -X-Y-Z world

The Thousand-year World is in the XY-Z world

The Ten-thousand-year World is in the X-Y-Z world

The Celestial Islands Continent is in the XYZ world

405. The universe exists for LIFE and LIFE exists for the universe; when LIFE dies out, the universe will perish; when the universe ends, LIFE will be extinct.

406. The solar system was designed to serve humans on the Earth.

407. The moon did not come into being naturally, it was created specifically for LIFE on the Earth; apart from its other functions, the moon serves as a warehouse, mainly to store UFOs.

408. The UFOs that we occasionally see in the sky are not from outer space but from within the moon, which is a gigantic warehouse storing many 鈥渢ools鈥 that Super Celestial Beings once used, and UFOs are one kind of them. The moon has a gate which can be opened at any time and there is a huge 鈥減alace鈥 beneath the mysterious Bermuda Triangle which Super Celestial Beings use as temporary lodgings on Earth. When such needs arise, Super Celestial Beings can exercise remote control of the UFOs within the moon at any time and use them to visit Earth.

409. The atmosphere is the earth鈥檚 skin

The ozonosphere is to protect LIFE on the Earth

Water is the Earth鈥檚 blood

Photosynthesis is the headspring of food for LIFE

Symmetry in nature is a mysterious force

The perfect scale is the Golden Ratio

The brain is the epitome of the universe

Genes are the sealed book of LIFE

Conditioned reflexes are the protective mechanisms of LIFE

Sexual pleasure is not only for the continuation of ancestral lines

The beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator

410. There is a negative cosmic velocity in the universe; namely, the speed of the nonmaterial, which is faster than that of light.

411. Everything in the universe moves in accordance with Tao. The spirits of all LIFE forms are connected to that of the Greatest Creator. Each thing and every phenomenon follow its own principles and laws. Whether it be the operation of celestial bodies or the action of an ant or a bee, everything is controlled by Tao. The universe is holographic, and a thought can spread across it within an instant.

412. The total energy of the universe is always zero, which enables its stable order.

413. The holographic phenomena means the universe is holographic. A holographic universe means that the universe is so expansive that there is no exterior and so small that there is no interior. Everything and all Phenomena are holographically interconnected, nothing is independent of anything else, and no phenomenon is independent of any other phenomena.

414. The unity of opposites is only the appearance of the universe, not the essence of it; the essence of the universe is a holographic-order entity. There are no opposites such as justice and injustice, good and evil, or beauty and ugliness within the holographic order.

415. There are grand universe and small universes. The boundless universe is called the Grand Universe and the bounded universes are called small universes. The Grand Universe is made up of a vast number of small universes. The universe in which humans live is a small universe, and it is called the Earth Universe.

416. All objects within the scope of time, including celestial bodies, have an origin, a time of being born and a course of development. The universe is no exception. Before the birth of the universe, it was 鈥淲uji鈥.

The state of Wuji is:

The absence of large and small

The absence of borders

The absence of entity and non鈥揺ntity

The absence of time, space, substance, and spirit

All is a state of clearness and brightness as well as chaos; all is a state of existence as well as nonexistence.

417. Chaos is a disorderly state, but holographic order is an orderly one; chaos was the state before the formation of the universe, while holographic order has been the state afterward; Chaos (Chinese 娣锋矊锛塵eans mess, lack of order锛沬n Chinese holographic order is written as 娴戞矊, 娴 means wholeness and inseparable integrity, and Dun (娌) means a borderless and expansive state like the immense ocean. In the state of chaos, there is no heaven, no earth, no borders, no limits, no center, no yin or yang, and no middle way. In the state of holographic order, there is Taiji, the One in the unity of opposites, the two poles, and the middle way.

418. The law that maintains the zero sum of positive and negative energy is called the law of cause and effect.

419. The existence of natures is what causes the clear鈥搇ayered, well鈥搒tructured, multiform, and constantly changing wonder of LIFE and all natural phenomena. If everything were devoid of their natures, then the universe would return to its chaotic, primordial state of chaos.

420. The material world is the positive universe; the nonmaterial world is the negative universe. Non鈥搈aterial things are of the negative universe as they are non鈥損hysical, intangible, invisible, untouchable, inaudible, and cannot be sensed, measured, or perceived, yet influence the material world. The dream world is a type of negative universe; namely the nonmaterial world.

421. The positions of materials and non鈥搈aterials and the spheres of their activities are called space. Space can be positive or negative; non鈥搈aterials exist in negative space; materials exist in positive space. Positive space is determined by the existence and distribution of materials and negative space is determined by the existence and distribution of non鈥搈aterials.

422. Space can change an object鈥檚 shape and its rules of operation. Space includes natural spaces and thinking spaces. In different spaces, operation rules and the existence of LIFE and objects are different. Changes of space can cause changes of one鈥檚 physical functions, thinking, and the survival state. One must change space if they want to change themself.

423. Nature gives us corresponding feedback to whatever information we enter; there are no coincidences in the universe, all phenomena must have their determining factors. All natural phenomena have causes which lead to inevitable results; this is the program and objective law which is not subject to the will of man.

424. Space can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved.

425. The passageways connecting the thirty鈥搒ix dimensional spaces are called space tunnels.

426. Spaces are vitally important to people; a good space can bring people鈥檚 capabilities into full play and make them feel relaxed and happy, while a bad space will oppress human nature and limit their talents, reducing them to mentally and physically fatigued 鈥減risoners鈥. Therefore, we should strive to create or enter good spaces and avoid creating or entering bad ones.

427. Time is the recorder of the state of material movement; time is born of movement; there would be no time without movement.

428. Time has eight (8) great characteristics:

Time is nonmaterial

Time can be negative or positive

Time is particular and universal

Time is a variable

Time pervades all material spaces

Time is both longitudinal and latitudinal

Time has different interpretations in different spaces

Time can be compressed, expanded, and dissolved

429. Time tunnels are dense time networks which are composed of positive and negative time and are widely distributed throughout the universe.

430. Time changes everything and everything exists within a specific time; to make an object exist eternally, you must make its time of existence eternal.

431. There is latitudinal time and space in the universe, but time does not exist in latitudinal time and space; in latitudinal time and space, one cannot feel the passage of time, but insofar as earth time is concerned, several seconds of latitudinal time and space can be several decades, centuries, or millennia.

432. Our physical bodies are in positive space, but our spiritual entities are in negative space.

433. To escape from the bondage of time and space, one must think whimsically, unconventionally, and act against norms.

434. Tao is the commonality of the universe, and the core of Tao is the Greatest Creator. Revering the Greatest Creator and following Tao is the perfect and harmonious integration of one鈥檚 individuality with their universal commonality. Only those who integrate their individuality perfectly and harmoniously with the commonality of the universe have sober minds and bright prospects. Those who abandon this general principle and direction cannot secure bright prospects no matter how intensely they engage in self鈥揷ultivation.

435. Nonmaterial is the reverse side of material and does not possess the characteristics of material; all material passes through the processes of birth, growth, decay, and death, but nonmaterial does not; everything in the nonmaterial world can miraculously transform in an instant. From the perspective of the ever鈥揺xisting universe, everything is transient, illusory, and valueless. To obtain eternal existence, one must break away from the control of time; to do this, one must work hard to perfect the spiritual entity of their LIFE. When all conditions are ripe, success will follow; once you manage to break through the limitation of time, you will be able to enter latitudinal time and space as you like, feel relaxed and happy, and be overwhelmed by unparalleled beauty.

436. It is impossible to understand the nonmaterial world by means of science, intellect, facts, and logical reasoning, the only way to know it is to let one鈥檚 consciousness enter the nonmaterial world and be there to observe it just as we enter our dreams; it is only by entering into the nonmaterial world in person that we can understand it. There are two types of nonmaterial worlds, one is to be perceived from a longitudinal time tunnel and the other is to be perceived from a latitudinal space tunnel; this is to say that to learn about your past or future, you must enter a time tunnel; to know about other nonmaterial worlds existing at this moment, you must enter a space tunnel.

437. If we can not see anything in the material world, then our physical eyes have failed: they are covered, closed, or have become blind; if we can not see anything in the nonmaterial world, then our spiritual eyes have failed: they are covered, closed, or have become blind.

438. The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe is always zero, the total score of wins and losses is always zero, and behind the glory of every winner hides the bitterness and misery of a loser. Therefore, for the sake of other people鈥檚 happiness, we should only take what is necessary for us instead of having an insatiable greed for all benefits.

439. The Universe has these eight (8) dialectics:

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form

When things are exhausted, they revive; when they end, they begin again

The hidden becomes clear and the smallest becomes big

Life and death are the root of each other; Yin flourishes and Yang declines

To own nothing is to have everything and to own everything is have nothing

Our nature emerges when our mind is silent; it subsides when the mind is active

Motion and stillness co-exist; brightness and darkness are interdependent

Positive and negative are symmetrical; development is constrained when the balance of any proportion is broken

440. Tao is the consciousness of the Greatest Creator and the blood of the universe; it is nature, the synthesis of all laws, and the general program that governs the operation, mutual generation, and restraints of everything in the universe.

441. Tao has these eight (8) characteristics:

in holographic order

Eternal reliability

Instantaneous detection and response

Lack of interior or exterior but transcendence over time and space




Illusory yet actual

442. The content of everything represented by Tao is expressed in forms; without form, Tao鈥檚 content would be difficult to materialize. Form is the embodiment of Tao, but is by no means Tao itself, just as a cell in a human body is the embodiment of that person, but is definitely neither him nor her.

443. Tao exists in everything; everything exists in Tao; Tao is the One. The vast universe has only one consciousness, that of the Greatest Creator, which is manifested through Tao.

444. The attributes of Tao have no contradictions; if one has conflicts in their minds or has conflicts with others, they are not in tune with Tao; if there are conflicts within a group, it is not in tune with Tao.

445. The operation of Tao begins with minor details, achieves in dribs and drabs, and consummates in both the profound and the subtle, but there is no trick to it.

446. Zen is the best approach through which one can become enlightened; any other approaches can be described by words, but only Zen can be carried out with soul. Having understood the truth of Zen, formal education is unnecessary because heaven, earth, and all other phenomena are 鈥渂ooks鈥; we can read the 鈥渂ooks without words鈥 of heaven, earth, and all phenomena at any time, whether we are awake or asleep.

(Note: Here Zen means the process of reading and observing the wordless book (every phenomenon of nature, society, and the whole universe), understanding it by thinking, verifying, and eventually getting the absolute truth of oneself and the universe, and obtain enlightenment.)

447. One thing is eternal: from the remote past to the distant future, it has been committing itself silently. Its semblance can change at any time, but its essence always remains the same, in the past, the present, and the future; as long as we are willing to rely on it, we always can, and this is where we can entrust our LIVES鈥 Tao. Tao is the embodiment of the consciousness, and the spirit of the Greatest Creator; by entrusting our LIVES to Tao, we are entrusting them to the care of the consciousness and spirit of the Greatest Creator; in one word, we must entrust our LIVES to the Greatest Creator.

448. Essences cannot be understood other than through their uses. This is a big mystery which simply suggests that the meanings of all essences are expressed by their 鈥渦ses鈥. To allow one鈥榮 essence to be understood, they must concentrate their efforts on their uses. It is only by expressing our uses that we can attain Tao because the values of everything lie in their uses and without them, their essences cannot be understood.

449. The values of things lie in their uses; the functions and the values of Tao are embodied completely in its uses. The greater one鈥檚 use is, the greater their value is, and all objects in the universe express their value through their use. As far as humans are concerned, the more uses one has, or the greater uses they have, the greater value they have, the richer intentions they will attain, and the more easily they will approach eternity. We cultivate ourselves by expanding our uses; the more useful we are, the better we do in cultivation.

450. Holographic order is the characteristic of Tao, chaos is the appearance of holographic order, and holographic order is the essence of chaos. Actually, 99.9999% of people see chaos, but only one in a million see a holographic order world. Jesus, Sakyamuni, and Lao Tzu are great because they understand this holographic order rather than just chaos. The perception of chaos is narrow-sensed, one-sided, local, and linear; the perception of holographic order is broad-sensed, comprehensive, integrated, and nonlinear.

451. To learn from Tao, one must learn from everything in nature, from the mirror, and from children; to achieve Tao, one must forget themself and faithfully reflect the truth and facts. Those who have achieved Tao are like mirrors which reflect everything truthfully, including the endlessly changing outside world; they do not distort facts or scenes. One who has no self but faithfully reflects the truth and the facts is one who has achieved Tao.

452. The pursuit of various techniques is a minor consideration, but the pursuit of Tao is a major one. It is easy to acquire and learn techniques but extremely difficult to achieve Tao. Do not fall into and get stuck within the traps of techniques because techniques are endless. The research for techniques cannot be completed in even a hundred thousand years, so let us go directly to the headstream 鈥 Tao.

453. It is difficult to reach heaven, but more difficult to understand oneself; it is difficult to pursue Tao, but more difficult to confront oneself truthfully.

454. One鈥榮 chickens and dogs will not follow them to heaven by their having achieved Tao; one鈥榮 friends and relatives will not become immortal because of their becoming immortal; everyone must complete their own path.

455. Our self鈥搑efinement should be concentrated on the perception, pursuit, attainment, and practice of Tao, and we must never be infatuated with Gong, magic, techniques, or ceremonies. We should pay attention to inner qualities rather than to appearances and forms; the core of self鈥搑efinement is to perfect our nonmaterial structures of LIFE rather than to obtain wisdom and supernatural powers; we should work on our thinking and our transformation of consciousness instead of on meditation and practicing our skills.

456. The perception, pursuit, verification, attainment, and maintenance of Tao is the road to the sublimation of LIFE.

To perceive Tao means to understand the following principles by observing the endless variety of phenomena in the boundless universe:

The laws and rules that govern the operation of the universe

The origin of all things and phenomena

The principles of the operation of LIFE

The secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, of time and space, and of life and LIFE

The pursuit of Tao is to establish one鈥檚 own outlook on the world, LIFE, life, and values, on the basis of the perception of Tao.

The verification of Tao is to validate through one鈥檚 practices over and over again, whether the outlooks on the world, life, LIFE, and values are correct and conform to the laws and procedures of the evolution procedures of Tao.

The attainment of Tao means that one has understood the secrets and profound mysteries of the universe, time and space, and life and LIFE, and has established unshakable correct views on the world, life, LIFE, and values.

The maintenance of Tao means that one will self鈥搃mprove, self鈥搑efine, and behave according to the views on the world, life, LIFE, and values that one has established, and will stick to their faith and belief no matter how the world may change, what great events may happen in the vicinity, whether they are in prosperity or in adversity, and regardless of how great a temptation with which they are faced. They will remain resilient and strong even after going through endless battering from hurricanes from every direction, and remain seated on the fishing boat, unaffected by stormy waves. Jesus鈥 teaching that, 鈥渙ne who has the greatest endurance will be saved鈥, is the core meaning of maintaining Tao.

457. A man of great virtue is one who follows the way of Tao. 鈥漈ao鈥 has no clear fixed entity. What does it look like? It is elusive and evasive, in which there are forms; elusive and evasive, in which there are entities; so profound and obscure, in which there is essence of energy. The essence of energy is really true, which is verifiable. Dating back to ancient times, its name can never be abolished, but the very beginning of all things can be observed according to it. How can I know the beginning of all things? Through Tao.

458. 鈥10-9=Tao鈥! Tao has intricate layers of meanings, however when they are all reduced to their basics, they are simply the law, the order, and the One. For us, the meaning of 鈥10-9鈥 is the casting away of numerous and complicated matters in life and the concentration of all our efforts onto one thing: to thoroughly, intensively, and completely attend to one matter is to obtain everything from it that we need; that is to say, as long as we stick to the One, we will be in tune with Tao. Undivided attention, whole-hearted devotion, total commitment, and perseverance are the embodiments of 鈥10-9鈥. As long as we are capable of this, there is nothing that we cannot achieve; rubbing ropes against wooden boards will cut into them and dripping water onto stones will wear them down; channels form when water flows, and melons鈥 pedicles fall when their fruit ripens.

459. Who can change the evolution program that ruled by Tao? We should not attempt to do so. What we need to do is escape from the trappings of LIFE. It is impossible for those who cannot save themselves to save others; save yourselves first, then save others. Can the poverty鈥搒tricken offer financial help to others? Can the imprisoned help other prisoners to escape from their cells? Those who have fallen into a trap should try to escape from it on the conscious level first. As long as you are awake spiritually and have a sober mentally, you can escape from the trappings of LIFE, one step at a time.

460. Ultimate Tao cannot be pursued according to relationships; it has no favorites and it will not help you if you are poor and pathetic nor punish you if you are rich and powerful. The only measure of reward or punishment is to see whether or not you are following Tao. If you are, then you will be rewarded; if not, you will be punished.

461. The way to become a Celestial being lies in the following methods:

Being free from the secular even while remaining in the secular world

Being away from worldly affairs in your mind even when you must interact with them

Doing your best to complete your duty to be free from cares and worries

Remaining ordinary while transcending beyond the ordinary

462. Anyone who is always happy, joyous, and free is a Celestial.

463. To become a Celestial, one must sever all their worldly ties and foster new ones with other Celestial beings; it is hard to be a Celestial being while still being constrained by worldly ties.

464. Let your mind abide nowhere and be free from cares and worries; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.鈥 Be content no matter where you are, what you encounter, or what you are doing.

465. Your transformation process from being a human to becoming a Celestial or to achieve Buddhahood must include these three items:

Pay back your debts and end you worldly ties

Accumulate your merits and virtues by serving and dedicating

Perfect your LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structure

466. For those whose goal is to become a Celestial being: fame, power, wealth, and rank are traps, and glory, humiliation, favor, and disfavor are obstacles. It is only with the least amount of selfish desire and indifference to favor and humiliation that one can embark on the road to becoming a Celestial being, and the lack of selfish desire is the starting point toward reaching that end. If selfishness is not banished, then one will be bound to live as a laity, and if their desires are not extinguished, then they may be engulfed by the flames of desire. To become a Celestial being, one must reduce their selfishness, decrease their desires, keep a sober mind in the face of fame, power, and carnal pleasure, and use materials when necessary, but never be enslaved by them.

467. To become a Celestial, one must detach themself from worldly affairs and withdraw from worldly pursuits.

Only one word can describe the secular world: restless.

Only one word can depict the human world: noisy.

Only one word can portray the fairylands: serene.

Transcendence over worldly affairs means the taking of a great leap from restlessness and noise to a return to serenity.

468. What kind of space one lives in is dependent on their LIFE structure. Animals scurry about on the ground, birds soar in the sky, bees buzz among flowers, flies dash between garbage piles, ordinary people hustle and bustle in private ownership and having families, sages wander freely in public ownership, Celestials enjoy leisure in non-ownership, and Super Celestial Beings play at will in their own worlds.

469. One of the magic codes for becoming a Celestial being is to be able to create a future fairyland in our consciousness. We must first imagine ourselves as a Celestial being in our consciousness: 鈥淒ifferent modes of thinking correspond to different forms of LIFE鈥. If we always envision life in the Thousand鈥搚ear World, then the structure of your LIFE will develop toward that end and we will go there when the conditions become right. Others may think that we are dead, but we will actually have departed the human world to enjoy a Celestial being鈥檚 life in the Thousand鈥搚ear World.

470. The way of Buddha has beliefs of 鈥渇ive monastic precepts and ten kindnesses鈥, and 鈥減recepts, calmness, and wisdom鈥, the way of Christianity has beliefs of original sin and penance, and the way of Humans has a set of theories and rules governing human relationships. The way of Celestial beings鈥 beliefs encourage the exhibition of their natures, being free and joyful; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.

471. When we are tired and fatigued, we have strayed from the Celestial way; when we are happy and unrestrained, we are closer to the Celestial way.

472. Swine must possess the thinking of the swine keeper to know the meaning of their lives; people must possess the thinking of their keeper to know the meaning of their lives; anyone who knows the meaning of their life has become a Celestial.

473. To become a Celestial being and achieve Celestial immortality, one must strive to find the 鈥渟piritual pure land鈥, plan their life around it, spread their love across the world, and contribute more to the new era.

474. Eight (8) major consciousnesses are involved in the process of advancing from the human world to heaven; that is, ascending from a human being to a Celestial being:

Enlightened Consciousness of LIFE. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality; it undergoes endless transmigrations without annihilation.

Enlightened Consciousness of Life and Death. Life and death are only appearances, not essences; forms, not truth. 鈥淏oundless grasses across the plains come and go with every season; wildfires never quite consume them, they are tall once more in the spring wind鈥. When your boat reaches the other shore, you simply disembark.

Enlightened Consciousness of Karma. 鈥淎s a man sows, so he shall reap鈥; 鈥淒ivine punishments, though slow, are always sure; with big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through鈥.

Enlightened Consciousness of Space. There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe, thirty-six (36) dimensional spaces, and paradises and hells. Paradises are for perfect LIVES; hells are for defective ones. There are different spaces of LIFE for different life states. Each LIFE lives in a space corresponding to their LIFE state.

Enlightened Consciousness of Predestined Relationships. All relationships are predestined. Relationships with ghosts will drop one to hell; relationships with Celestial beings will raise one to a fairyland. If one鈥檚 debts are not paid off, they cannot get out of their plight, and if one does not have enough merits and virtue, they cannot reach the fairyland.

Enlightened Consciousness of Mind and Nature (LIFE鈥檚 nonmaterial structure). Reality is a projection of consciousness; consciousness creates reality. Form gives birth to mind, but mind can transcend over form. 鈥淢inds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.鈥 Fragrances will attract butterflies to flowers and pure hearts will be frequented by Celestial beings; minds that do not abide anywhere are Tathagata; nature is the characteristic of structure; it is Buddha.

Enlightened Consciousness of Eight-diagram Arrays. The universe has thirty-six (36) Eight-diagram Arrays and they are the sources of games. They are full of fun; for example, power, money, fame, gain, carnal pleasure, and affection are Eight-diagram Arrays from which no one can detach themself once they become entrapped; it is only after one has acquired supreme Authentic Wisdom that they can transport themself outside the samsara world of endless transmigrations.

Enlightened Consciousness of the true Origin. Everything has its source, its origin. Consciousness, structure, and energy are the three constituent elements of the universe; all others are 鈥渁s a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow; as dew and lightning; thus, you should meditate upon them鈥. The Greatest Creator is the source of everything and therefore the real origin; if you understand Him and follow His way, then any of the eighty-four thousand (84,000) methods will lead you to a smooth path, otherwise, you will be at the edge of a cliff.

475. How does one become enlightened? If one can achieve an integrity of body and soul through self鈥搃mprovement and self鈥搑efinement, then they will have grown real spirit, great talent, and virtues concentrated within them. Without the Great Vow, they will find it difficult to understand the profundity of the universe, and to become enlightened. If they can achieve the following, then the light of their soul will become brighter, their consciousness will become clearer, and they will finally become enlightened.

Hold and keep to the 鈥淥ne鈥

Be free from ego and selfishness

Revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature wholeheartedly; follow the Way of the Greatest Creator

Devote your heart and soul to the creation of a reality in which the talented are put to good use, the whole world becomes one big family, no one pockets anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night

Everything is in harmony, the wind and rain come in their time, and everyone is happy, joyous, free, and blessed

476. The program cannot be initiated unless conditions are ripe and one cannot ascend to become a Celestial being if their self鈥搃mprovement and self鈥搑efinement have not achieved the necessary ideal level.

477. Heaven is the general term for the Thousand鈥搚ear World, the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

478. The Thousand鈥搚ear World, the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent are not fanciful imaginations. They are inevitabilities caused by the law that the sum of all positive and negative energy is always zero, just like the inevitable existence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the outer planets in our solar system and of our seven apertures, hair, limbs, and all of our internal organs.

479. The Thousand-year World is a celestial body that is nine-hundred and sixty (960) light years from Earth. About ten times the size of Earth, it is currently inhabited by approximately two-hundred-million (200,000,000) Celestial beings. As the basic life span of LIFE for Celestial beings on this celestial body is about a thousand (1,000) years relative to Earth time, it is called the Thousand-year World. It is a world of pure sincerity, kindness, and beauty; one of love, peace, pleasure, and where human nature is sublimated; anyone with a perfect human nature can undoubtedly go there, as there is no limit to the population size.

480. The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body located three-thousand, four-hundred and eighty (3,480) light years from Earth. It is sixteen (16) times the size of Earth and is surrounded by sixteen (16) equidistant suns. About one hundred-million (100,000,000) Celestial beings live there. The basic characteristics of these Celestial beings are pretty much the same as those of Land-Celestial beings described by Taoism. They enjoy life spans of about thirty-five-thousand (35,000) years relative to Earth time, and thus this celestial body is called the Ten-thousand-year World.

481. The Elysium World is the general term for the Earth Universe (the universe inhabited by humans is a small one that is called the Earth universe). The Earth Universe is called this in relation to other universes; its structure is a Taiji ellipsoid which is called a Law-Rotary Galaxy. Law-Rotary Galaxies contain three-thousand (3,000) Rotary-River Galaxies, each Rotary-River Galaxy contains three thousand (3,000) Milky-Way Galaxies, and each Milky-Way system contains three thousand (3,000) Solar systems; in other words, the Elysium World is composed of three thousand (3,000) macro worlds, nine million (9,000,000) medium worlds, and twenty-seven billion (27,000,000,000) small worlds.

482. The Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World is the Greatest Creator鈥檚 backyard; it has eighty-billion (80,000,000,000) islands, each the size of Earth. Each island has a name and only one Super Celestial Being inhabits it. Apart from the thirty-billion (30,000,000,000) islands that have been used by Super Celestial Beings as their 鈥渉ome鈥, the remaining fifty-billion (50,000,000,000) islands are not currently inhabited by any Celestial beings. They are to be inhabited by 鈥減eople鈥 from the human world, the Thousand-year World, and the Ten-thousand-year World as they succeed in transforming themselves into Super Celestial Beings through self-cultivation and self-refinement.

483. The Elysium World has ten (10) continents:

The Lotus Continent

The Borneo Continent

The Kasyapa Continent

The Yingwu Continent

The Amita-Buddha Continent

The Celestial Islands Continent

The Three Realms Transit Continent

The Moon Temple Continent

The Gods Continent

The Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent

The Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents of the Elysium World.

484. Super Celestial Beings are the highest realm that humans can ascend to; their base camp is on the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

Hostess Yu鈥檈 of Xuefeng Island on the Celestial Islands Continent is a Super Celestial Being

Guanshiyin, the revered Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is a Super Celestial Being

Angels in western culture are Super Celestial Beings

Super Celestial Beings are Buddhas; the difference is that Buddha has certain restraints, while Super Celestial Beings do not. Buddha has responsibilities but Super Celestial Beings do not. The greatest characteristic of Super Celestial Beings is that they can play in whatever way they think is most interesting. After Buddhahood is attained, there are still higher realms awaiting, but after becoming a Super Celestial Being, none remain to be pursued. Super Celestial Beings mainly engage in self鈥揺ntertainment and do not care about affairs in heaven or the human world. Buddha does not pursue entertainment and is not obsessed with momentary relaxation, but focuses on the acquisition of Supreme Authentic Wisdom. Super Celestial Beings are the freest, most pleasant, and happiest LIVES in the universe. As the favorites of the Greatest Creator, they do not undertake any responsibilities or obligations. Buddha is the most intelligent and self鈥揹isciplined LIFE in the universe; Buddha will bear responsibilities and obligations when necessary.

485. Heaven is for happy and joyous people; it is not for those who are weighed down by worries. The longer one is happy and joyful, the better and more stable their nonmaterial structures of LIFE become and the closer they are to paradise.

486. To obtain a visa to the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, one must give up their ego and enter into a holographic state. To give up one鈥檚 ego is not 鈥渢o keep heavenly laws and extinguish humanly desire鈥 as advocated by Confucianism in China, nor is it a rivalry against 鈥渢he realization of individual value鈥 as advocated by American culture; rather, letting go of self means the abjuration of obstinate belief in oneself. If you are convinced that your own cognition is completely right and immaculate, then you may be correct in every step along your way, but finally go astray into illusive thinking and never be able to walk out of the desert of LIFE and the 鈥淐ave of Silken Web鈥 of transmigration.

487. Heaven, whether the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, is a place of liveliness and recreation, and this is particularly true of the Celestial Islands Continent; if you are not good at or have no intention of having fun, then why do you self-improve and self-refine to enter the land of heaven? Do you want to be a police officer in heaven? Let me tell you, there are no police, lawyers, judges, director generals, section chiefs, or supervisors there.

488. People who cannot dream about a colorful dreamland will rarely enter heaven, so if you often see green mountains and clear rivers, gentle breezes and bright sunshine, and delightful auspiciousness pervading everywhere in your dreams, then you will go to the Thousand-year World. If you often dream about amazing and beautiful sceneries, soaring through the skies, and feeling wonderful when interacting with the opposite sex physically, mentally, or spiritually without the slightest fear or trepidation, it is evident that you will go to the Ten-thousand-year World. If you dream that you can make yourself invisible, soar freely, transform yourself at will, and make reality change by your own consciousness, then this indicates that you will enter the Elysium World.

489. To aim for heaven, you must climb over two (2) huge mountains; one is the man-made program, and the other is your personal 鈥淓gypt of the Soul鈥.

The man-made program includes family, nationality, state, religion, political party, the current social order, and the way of life. To enter heaven, you must walk out of these programs; you cannot reach heaven without escaping from them.

The Egypt of the Soul includes jealousy, comparison, complaining, arrogance, wrath, possessiveness, forced occupation, enmity, tenets and doctrines, commandments and dharma, contention, greed, laziness, and intentional action. If you do not clear away these trash in your soul, then you cannot reach heaven.

Please abandon the human program, flee from your 鈥滶gypt of the Soul鈥, break your chains, and fly toward freedom.

490. How can we accumulate wealth in heaven? Here are eight (8) ways:

Revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator

Dedicate selflessly

Dissolve enmity and bring serenity, peace, and warmth to others and to society

Have a kind heart and do good deeds

Sing praises to the Greatest Creator, Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial being Lao Tzu, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and the sages and saints throughout history; sing praises to life and other people; sing praises and protect nature

Promote people鈥檚 confidence in life, prompt people to long for beautiful futures, and relieve people鈥檚 anxieties, worries, trepidations, and fears

Bloom your romantic and sexual love in ways that do not bring any psychological, spiritual, or physical harm, or stress to anyone else

Fully exhibit your artistic beauty

491. The Kingdom of Heaven does not accept children who have never grown up; neither adults lacking childlike minds nor childish adults who have not grown up are accepted in heaven. People鈥檚 traditional lifestyles hinder them from growing up; many people are still immature and cannot become 鈥渞ipe crops鈥 even well into their advanced years; this is something that provokes our thoughts. 鈥淩ipe crops鈥 are certainly children who have grown up and matured; if you have never grown up, then you are surely not eligible to enter heaven.

492. To enter the Thousand-year World, one must meet the following eight (8) requirements:

Revere and believe firmly in the Greatest Creator and always be grateful to Him

Revere LIFE and nature

Possess no jealousy, resentment, belligerence, greed, stubbornness, selfishness, or complaints against others

Never hinder other people鈥檚 happiness or freedom under any pretense or excuse

Have a kind heart; kindness can be felt from one鈥檚 appearance, words, and behavior

Be honest, practical, realistic, and truthful; never lie or cheat

Work hard and keep your living and surrounding environment clean, tidy, beautiful, and harmonious

Keep all promises and agreements

493. To enter the Celestial Islands Continent, one must achieve the status of a Super Celestial Being; to achieve this status, they must possess the LIFE structure of a Super Celestial Being. Self鈥揾armony is one of the eight qualities which are required in the LIFE structures of Super Celestial Beings and it refers to a self鈥揻ormed complete system which is defective of nothing, has good coordination and congruence, and satisfies all it needs internally. Self鈥揾armony is Tathagata with no form of self, others, living beings, lifetime, dharma, or non鈥揹harma. Self鈥揾armony is 鈥渢rance鈥, 鈥渙bscurity鈥, 鈥渢he subtle鈥, 鈥渕ale and female鈥, 鈥淵in and Yang鈥, and 鈥淭aiji鈥.

494. How can we cultivate the character of self-harmony? There are eight (8) ways:

Create millions of images and dharma within your mind; namely, 鈥渃reate reality with consciousness鈥

Life is death, death is life, glory is disgrace, and disgrace is glory; show no concern for life, death, glory, or disgrace; possess strength but retain gentleness; know and observe all, but remain obscure

There is no essential difference between form and emptiness; consciousness returns to the state of zero, and the soul returns to the spiritual pure land

Everything is but a game, only LIFE is true, so do not persist in anything

Have everything but possess nothing; transcend over time and space and maintain a powerful and unconstrained style

Enjoy and please yourself within your own consciousness completely and freely锛沠ollow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree.

Maintain a holographic status with no interiors or exteriors, no borders or boundaries, no rights or wrongs, no truths or falsehoods, and no kindnesses or wickednesses

Make the 鈥渞eal鈥, illusive and dreamlike; make the 鈥渋llusive鈥, reasonable

495. There is neither oppression nor exploitation in heaven; all those who want to enter heaven by self鈥搃mproving and self鈥搑efining must not contend, fight, or debate with others; they must not despoil, oppress, or exploit others, nor should they bring unhappiness or unpleasantness to others under any pretense in any way. They must never restrict another鈥檚 freedom for any reason, nor should they impose their views or opinions on others or cause spiritual, mental, or physical harm to anyone.

496. If you have paid off all your debts in the human world, accumulated enough merits and virtues in heaven, and have great qualities, then you will go straight to heaven after you pass away; if you have eliminated all concepts of families, nationalities, states, political parties, and religions from your consciousness, and if you like freedom, happiness, and joy, then you will enter the Thousand鈥搚ear World of heaven after this life journey ends; if you often dream about soaring freely and can maintain a state of pleasure without sexual contact, then you will enter the Ten鈥搕housand鈥搚ear World of heaven after this life journey ends; if you possess the consciousness of Buddha, then you will enter the corresponding Elysium World after this life journey ends; if you revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, possess supernatural powers, and can create the world that you yearn for, then you will undoubtedly enter the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

497. These three (3) steps are required to become a Celestial being:

Be free from trouble, pain, sorrow, worry, and fear, and live a happy, joyous, free, and blessed life;

Let your mind abide nowhere, be free from worries and cares; follow your own nature and be unrestrained; follow your destiny and be carefree, and maintain a state of pleasure at all times;

Be free from your mind, everything is nature and you live by exhibiting your nature; you are humble, flexible, highly sensitive, and possess sixty-four (64) magical powers. Your mind abides nowhere; you have transcended your ego and are not affected by forms, and you have been free from attachments which lead you into the state of self-harmony; you are in tune with Tao, unrestrained, easy, and elegant.

498. Becoming a Super Celestial Being and reaching the Elysium World is to reach the peak of LIFE; humans cannot become god and can never become the Greatest Creator.

499. We are always pursuing Tao, actually Tao is never very far from us and never abandons us; Tao surrounds us just like water surrounds fish; Tao exists in our everyday lives and throughout everything; Tao also exists in all changing phenomena. Going with the flow of Tao, letting yourself melt into Tao, and having Tao manage and lead your life means that you have attained it.

500. Everything runs in Tao, including the behaviors of governments; therefore, do not complain or get upset or enraged, but just do what you need to do. If you choose to plant a flower, that is your business; if the government chooses to destroy your flower, that is their business. Ultimately, Tao will give everyone fair and just trials.

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