Transcending over Time and Space; Sailing towards Celestial Islands

Transcending over Time and Space;

Sailing towards Celestial Islands

Bathed in the light of the Greatest Creator

Walking together on the great way of LIFE

Following our great spiritual guide - Xuefeng

We are transcending all of space and of time

Breaking the mist of space and of time,

We sail toward the Celestial Islands

Enjoying the scenery along the path,

Settling peacefully in the eternal space

Having concluded our Worldly Ties,

We have freed ourselves from all restraints

Riding the wind and waves

Viewing the distant view

Beautifying our soul gardens

Having fun with all our soulmates

With our spirits so high and filled with emotions

We create the Lifechanyuan Era together锛

Earliest dawn bathes the New Oasis for life

Relatives from all around the world together,

Singing and dancing, we are all as in heaven

The Greatest Creator鈥檚 grace , gods and Buddha鈥檚 blessings,

The millennium is glorious and brilliant

Our minds away from the illusions of life,

Our souls are back to the homeland in heaven

As pure as a newborn infant鈥檚 soul,

Born in the beautiful fairyland

Mountains showing off their grandeur,

Hundreds of birds soaring around,

Clouds and mist, resplendent in view

Rainbows over the waterfalls

Exotic flowers and rare trees to see,

Fruits and melons on branches on mountains

Deer crouch for the sound of nature,

Fairy鈥檚 dance while ogling at you

Playing games and guessing riddles,

Keeping silkworms to make new clothes

Building houses; enjoying life

Hearing Tao in the Sublimating Garden

Becoming intoxicated in the Joy Chamber

Celestials and soulmates unite as one

Cherish each other with loving sentiment

Eternal beauty of homeland in heaven

Always grateful to the Greatest Creator

Horses running on grass

Boats are floating in the lake

We are high in paradise

Indulging in our parties

We have visited the Thousand-year World

Now we go to the Ten-thousand-year World

We transform into Celestial beings,

Born joyously in the awesome fairyland

The fairyland has its towering mountains,

The sun rises up from clouds sea,

Celestial beings enjoying great fun

Flying on rainbows and thinking of THEE

Ten-thousand-year trees are laden with fruits,

Gems glitter with colors and lights at night

Clouds and mist posture endlessly in the fantastic world

Caves in different forms endowed with propitious spirit

Collecting the essence of the universe,

Absorbing the essence of the sun and moon

Entering the great path of the nonmaterial world

Cultivating the magical power of Celestials

Understanding all the secrets of LIFE,

Meditating the fairyland as one

Celestial beings with timeless lives

As human beings run in samsara

Self-cultivating for ten thousand years,

Obtaining supreme wisdom in a flash

Souls are achieving a qualitative change

And uniting with eternal Tao

Ah, The Elysium World, our eternal homeland!

Transforming in bliss, becoming Super Celestial!

The boundless universe of boundless beauty

Tens of Billions of Celestial Islands

Every one of them Grand and Magnificent

Celestial islands, awesome and splendid

Soulmates and friends united in Love

Transforming and playing eternal games.

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