Life Should be Spent Like This

Xue Feng

January 05, 2007

Life is a short journey of LIFE, a process of LIFE, not the ultimate goal.

No matter our life is difficult or easy, life itself is beautiful, and the time of short decades can鈥檛 be purchased at any price, when it is lost, we can never get it back.

We must pursue a rich and colourful life, and be brave enough to experience different situations. Don鈥檛 be afraid of setbacks, failures, risks, and adversities. Don鈥檛 be afraid of losing something. We had nothing when we came to the earth, and cannot take even a piece of leaf when we leave; everything of life is just an experience. It doesn鈥檛 matter if we are winning or failing. I want to say again here: Life is like a dream, all space-directions are void; we should have full experiences and live our life to the most so that we won鈥檛 have regrets when we leave the earth.

We must be rebellious, otherwise, we are not able to get out of the bondage of other people鈥檚 thinking power; we must have courage to walk the way nobody has walked before. Breaking new paths in jungles or wildness may make us black and blue, and we may wander at times, however, only by living this way, our life is the most valuable.

We must be positive and optimistic, as long as we are still alive and haven鈥檛 left the world, we cannot be depressed and give up our hopes, even in the last minute; we should still climb towards the highest peak of life and LIFE.

We should despise the behaviour which is coward, lazy, and pessimistic, and despise the negative lifestyle that nothing is accomplished.

We must go towards the brightness, and shouldn鈥檛 compromise to the darkness. We must bring our wisdom and talents into full play and leave no regrets.

The greatest life is the life that serves the whole humanity, the life that brings people brightness, hope and happiness. Only by holding this value and attitude, we can be inspired to have great wisdom, and have endless energy and great abilities; we are then able to distinguish between the right and wrong, and have a clear mind. We are able to go forward without the fear of any hardship or difficulties.

We must find the like-minded, and people who have the same vibration frequencies; we must avoid loneliness, a journey having companies is much better than travelling alone, happiness of oneself is not real happiness, group happiness is real happiness.

We must have good teachers and friends, the more beautiful our soul, more good teachers and friends we will have, if we are lonely without the company of good people, our life is definitely miserable, boring and dull, and it will become a lament.

We must be as pure as jade, we must be innocent, open and above-board. When we hate someone, we make it open, when we love someone, we express it clearly. We walk our talk and show the same inside and outside. We never go in for intrigues and conspiracy, never be furtive, we must be honest to ourselves and others, and are not afraid of 鈥済hosts knock the door at midnight鈥.

We never do anything furtively; all dirty things are leading us to the hell. They sell our LIVES to the monster, and we will not be able to clear it in our lifetime. Therefore, it will be difficult for our LIVES to be saved, and we are not able to stand straight and have a clear mind, and we will end up achieving nothing.

We know that the universe is made of three elements 鈥渃onsciousness, structure and energy鈥, which has offered us limitless future, our life is limit, but our LIFE is unlimited, as long as we have perfect consciousness, we will have perfect LIFE structure, as long as we have perfect LIFE structure, we will attract the corresponding energy, that way, we will be able to extend our LIFE to the unlimited time and space.

We also know that the key points of cultivation are 鈥渘ature, love and Tao鈥. 鈥淣ature鈥, when we follow our nature of origin, we are Buddha; 鈥渓ove鈥, when we love others same as we love ourselves, we are god; 鈥淭ao鈥, when we walk following Tao, we are celestial.

Mysteries are endless, our future is so promising; life is so beautiful. As long as we are still alive, we have hope; as long as we work hard, we have brilliant future, as long as we give up our own interest, as long as we look forward and don鈥檛 lose direction when we face gain and loss, we are able to experience the most wonderful feeling and we are able to stride across rivers, climb over mountains to reach the ideal shore.

Creating Lifechanyuan era for humanity is our highest ideal. To extend our LIFE from the earth to 鈥淭housand-year world鈥, 鈥淭en-thousand-year world鈥 and 鈥淓lysium world鈥 is our unremitting pursuit; this is the most important thing of our life.

Whatever consciousness we have, we have corresponding LIFE existence style and space; this is a truth with no doubt. All people who have spiritual sense, let us be shone under the light of 鈥淩evere the Greatest Creator, Revere nature and Revere LIFE; walk on the way of the Greatest Creator鈥, devote our limited life time to unlimited creation, let us raise awareness, shift thinking, perfect consciousness, and perfect LIFE structure, to create a brand new life and enjoy the endless happiness of life and LIFE.

Overcome all worldly thoughts and enter sainthood, 鈥淔oster righteousness by learning from nature鈥, 鈥淓mulate the sages and saints in human history鈥, our beautiful ideal will definitely be realized, let鈥檚 plan our life with a span of one hundred thousand year, when we look back, we will say, 鈥淎h, my life has no regrets at all鈥.

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