What is Lifechanyuan


June 18, 2003

"Men of privilege without power are waste material. Men of enlightenment without influence are the poorest kind of rubbish. Men of intellectual and moral and religious culture, who are not active forces for good in society, are not worth what is a cost to produce and keep them.鈥 鈥 Henry Van Dyke

Lifechanyuan is a place where great souls come together to create a peaceful, beautiful, and harmonious reality for humanity and at the meantime, to make themselves qualified for accessing higher life spaces by means of self-cultivation and self-improvement.鈥

Lifechanyuan is the integration of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, science and Mao Zedong thoughts which truthfully explains the origin of the universe, the mystery of LIFE, and the true meaning of life.

For thousands of years, human beings have been groping their way forward and lost themselves. They have been suffering unnecessary grief and sorrows, not knowing the secret of LIFE; Few ever ask themselves: Why should I be busy as a bee all day long? Does it have anything to do with the meaning of my life? What鈥檚 the difference between me and a rushing ant?

During the history, many have been working hard to seek the answers; sages such as Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Mohammad, Lao Tzu, from one generation after another had paid their painstaking efforts for us; Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln had worked so hard for us. All of them tried to create a peaceful world in which everyone can enjoy happiness; some other great sages had endured the hardships and advised us in earnest in order to lead us into a happy homeland; but the real answer seems to be still far away from us, and we still need to go a long journey, step by step, to approach the other side of truth.

Lifechanyuan has answers and solutions for human sufferings and increasingly serious crises of the world, it also has answers for inquiring souls for questions as 鈥淲ho am I, where did I come from, where am I going?鈥 Lifechanyuan contains precious truths from the Greatest Creator of universe. It reveals how the universe comes into beings, how LIFE started, and the origin of human beings. It explains the meaning of time and space, and the purpose and meaning of LIFE. It also points out the cause of human suffering, the future of mankind, and the way how a person can get an everlasting happy life.

Lifechanyuan follows the path of the Greatest Creator, and the core values of Lifechanyuan are to revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, and revere nature.鈥

Lifechanyuan is a wonderland for resonant souls; it is a big family full of harmony and happiness, and it is a land of idyllic beauty for people living Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness.

Lifechanyuan is not a religion, so there is no special ceremony and requirements; Lifechanyuan is not a company, so it will not involve any business activities aiming for profits; Lifechanyuan is not a political party, so it neither has a constitution nor participates in any political activities.

Lifechanyuan does not belong to any individual, country, nation, religion, political party or organization.鈥嬧

Lifechanyuan intends to set up 256 new life oases in the form of intentional communities worldwide.

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