The Mudslide's 16-Second Pause: An Enlightenment

Xue Feng

Stories like when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, the sea miraculously stopped flowing to create a path for them., Jesus feeding 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, and Christ turning water into wine in the Bible seem like myths or science fiction. However, the real-life event where a mudslide stopped for 16 seconds actually happened in our contemporary era.

I came across a video online titled 鈥淭he Mudslide Stopped for Him for 16 Seconds.鈥 I believe it to be true. I don鈥檛 know when or where the mudslide occurred, but from the video, it appears to be in a village, probably after heavy rain. The mudslide surged down a village path when it suddenly halted, completely still, as if waiting. At the forefront of the mudslide was a white van in extreme danger. Seeing the mudslide stop, the van quickly sped away, escaping the danger. Immediately after the van left, the mudslide roared downwards like an avalanche.

From common sense and rationality, it鈥檚 impossible to logically explain such a bizarre phenomenon where a mudslide would stop for 16 seconds and then surge forward like a deluge. Would the water in a river stop flowing temporarily to ensure someone鈥檚 safety, only to resume once the person is safe? Rationalists would never accept this because it defies common sense and logical thinking.

I urge readers to search online for the video 鈥淭he Mudslide Stopped for Him for 16 Seconds鈥 and see it with their own eyes.

In Lifechanyuan, there is a value: nothing is impossible; there are only things beyond our imagination and thoughts.

If a mudslide can temporarily stop to ensure someone鈥檚 safety, what else could be impossible?

The enlightenment from the mudslide stopping for us is as follows:

"Do good deeds, regardless of the future." "When a person has a good wish, Heaven will help them." "Good people may be deceived by others, but not by Heaven; bad people may fear others, but not Heaven." "A true person does not seek blessings, yet Heaven grants them; a treacherous person tries to avoid disaster, yet Heaven seizes their spirit."

I recall the car accident that happened to me, which completely changed my life's trajectory. When I got out of the car and looked at the accident scene, the first thought that came to my mind was, "God saved me." Since then, I no longer consider myself but focus wholeheartedly on the theories of Lifechanyuan and the construction of the Second Home. I knew that I died in that accident, and what remained of me belonged to God. Therefore, my life motto is: Give your life to Greatest Creator and let the Tao manage my life. I have only one task: to follow Greatest Creator's way.

What is meant to come will certainly come; there's no way to avoid it. What is meant to go will certainly go; there's no way to keep it.

Without self, without selfishness, without attachment. Take things as they are. Associate with others by following your predestined relationships. Acting in accordance with your nature and taking advantage of opportunities. This is the best way to live and the necessary path to Heaven's blessing.

July 5, 2024

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