Trustworthiness is the Quality of High-level LIFE


June 14, 2020

Credit is the invisible wealth in a person鈥檚 LIFE; if it goes bankrupt, then the level of their LIFE declines. To measure whether a person鈥檚 LIFE is at a high level, just look at their credibility. If they are trustworthy, then their LIFE must be at a high level; if they are not, then it must be at a low-level.

We can judge a person鈥檚 future accurately from the level of their trustworthiness. If a country鈥檚 leader does not keep his word, then that country will fall into decline; if the leader of an enterprise fails to keep his promises, then that company will go bankrupt eventually; If an individual does not keep their word, then they will play many small tricks and can never be trusted throughout their lifetime.

When associating with people, we should first determine whether they are trustworthy; if they break their promise only once, then we should not trust them any longer because 鈥渁 leopard cannot change its spots鈥 and this person will definitely disappoint you a second, third, and every time.

In our lives, we can afford to lose anything but our credit; once that is lost, our value will be totally lost. Therefore, it is better to lose everything, including your life, than to lose your credit because once you lose that, you will never have much chance of going to heaven.

How a person鈥檚 quality is, does not depend on their ability, wisdom, wealth, or status, let alone their looks; it depends on their trustworthiness; if they do not keep their promises, then their quality must be poor; if they stick to their credit, then their quality must be excellent.

High-level LIFE must be trustworthy LIFE, but low-level LIFE must be untrustworthy LIFE. If a person is not trustworthy, then their LIFE quality is inferior to that of a dog, therefore trustworthiness is one鈥檚 first line of defense in life, and once it is broken, then their life will collapse across the board.

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