Three Steps to become a Celestial Being


Three steps are needed to become a Celestial being and the ultimate goal of all Chanyuan celestials is to become Super Celestial Beings and reach the Celestial Islands Continent. This requires a triple jump; from the mortal world to the Thousand-year world, then to the Ten-thousand-year world, and finally to the Celestial Islands Continent.

We do not become other forms of mortal life, but rather Celestial beings, by following these three steps:

1.The first step is to abandon trouble, pain, sorrow, worry, and fear, and live happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives; this is the standard of Celestial beings. Upon reaching it, one will have become a Celestial being, exactly as those in the Thousand-year world. Annoyance, pain, and fear come from the imperfection of consciousness; the weeds of one鈥檚 soul garden.

2.The second step requires that one鈥檚 mind must not abide in form; it must follow predestined relationships, be carefree, must follow its destiny, and must maintain a condition of pleasure. This is for the second level, the Celestial of the Ten-thousand-year world.

We all still have many things in our hearts which come from worldly social conditioning and will be in conflict with the love that is found in Lifechanyuan. To follow predestined relationships and be carefree is to expand one鈥檚 internal nature as much as possible, to remain free in all situations, and to maintain a condition of pleasure, not joy. However, a long journey still remains ahead.

3.The third step is one in which the soul is not constrained by emotions; everything is nature, they live in nature, they are flexible, accommodating, and agile, and they possess sixty-four (64) magical powers. The change is infinite and they are always in a blissful state. This is the Super Celestial Being.

The universe is the dance of nature and each of our performances every day is an expression of our nature and our expanding physical structure, so everything lives within nature and everything is nature. It is flexible and tactful, never in conflict with anyone, has no dissatisfaction, has very high sensitivity, and any stimulation by any bit of information produces an instantaneous response. There are not any magical powers after one has passed beyond the first two steps. Those who reach this realm can self-refine. Those have endless changes and always maintain a condition of pleasure; this is the supreme realm of the Celestial being.

These three steps are necessary to become a Super Celestial being, and they are really very simple. Have you become a Celestial being? Theoretically, long speeches and classical or profound lectures are quite simple to give, but they do not produce their desired results easily. For example, it is not easy to get rid of troubles and it is not easy to be happy, joyous, free, and blessed at all times, but in our home, you WILL get there soon.

If you still have troubles, pains, sorrow, worries, and fears, then you are not a Celestial. If something troubles your mind or if your mind abides in form, then you are not a Celestial. if you have desire, pursuit, and persistence in your mind, then you are not a Celestial. If you still have mind, you cannot act by following nature without any magical powers, and you cannot rid yourself of physical and temporal constraints, then you are not a Celestial. If you are always happy, then you are not a mortal, but a Celestial. If you are always pleasant, then you are not a mortal, but a Celestial. If you always feel bliss, then you are not a mortal, but a Celestial. Becoming a Celestial or Buddha is simple, but can you do it?

Our goal is to become a celestial. It's simple in theory, but it's hard to do. The theory is clear, and the road map is clear. As long as you do like this, the facts will tell you that you can undoubtedly become a celestial being.

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