Breaking Dharma Form and Non-Dharma Form

Deiform Buddha

Dec. 27, 2021

People in the world are all deluded by appearances, attached to forms, constantly plagued by afflictions, and immersed in endless suffering. They create endless karma and experience endless reincarnations.

All that the eyes perceive are forms. Everything in the cycle of arising, dwelling, decaying, and emptiness is also a form. Animals and humans that we see are also forms. All forms are impermanent, and if a person clings to forms, they will be trapped in the cycle of reincarnation.

There are material forms, mental forms, Dharma forms, non-Dharma forms, and non-non-Dharma forms. Only the formless is the Buddha, only the formless can enter the Pure Land.

Material forms: Everything seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched belongs to material forms.

Mental forms: All mental creations belong to mental forms, such as joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, grief, fear, and surprise.

Dharma forms: Rules, principles, systems, constitutions, laws, contracts, teachings, rituals, time, space, nations, ethnicities, political parties, religions, families, and human relationships, etc.

Non-Dharma forms: Teachings of saints, scriptures, thoughts, ideals, aspirations, and wishes, etc.

Non-non-Dharma forms: Emptiness, existence, void, reality, good, evil, truth, falsehood, beauty, ugliness, longevity, short life, birth, death, etc.

When the state of formlessness is attained, all the above disappears from consciousness without a trace. None of the above become obstacles and shackles to entering the Pure Land.

Material forms are difficult to break because they are essential for physiological needs.

Mental forms are difficult to break because they are essential for psychological needs.

Dharma forms are difficult to break because they are necessary for societal order.

Non-Dharma forms are difficult to break because they are driven by desires.

Non-non-Dharma forms are difficult to break because they are related to cognitive needs.

When physiological needs are absent, material forms can be broken. When psychological needs are absent, mental forms can be broken. When the demand for orders is abandoned, Dharma forms can be broken. When there is no craving, non-Dharma forms can be broken. Entering the holographic order, non-non-Dharma forms can be broken.

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