The Mystery and Value of Health


July 23, 2011

As people, we must keep our bodies healthy and energetic, for it is only when we are healthy that we can taste the sweetness of life; once our health is lost, everything else goes.

As people, we should never suffer illness. Even when death befalls us, we should not die of illness, but we should try for a death without illness.

So, how do we remain healthy and avoid illness

Simply, the mystery of staying healthy and avoiding illness lies in having a perfect soul and a complete consciousness. If one's soul is perfect and their consciousness is complete, then I will guarantee that they will never get ill nor encounter unpredictable disasters.

All causes of diseases lie in the nonmaterial structures of LIFE; if one鈥檚 structure goes wrong, then they will inevitable get ill or encounter some other disaster; if there is no problem with their structure, then there is no possibility of illness or disaster. The problem of structure is the problem of consciousness; if the consciousness is not pure then the structure is imperfect, but if the consciousness is orderly and pure then the structure must be perfect.

How do we make our consciousnesses pure and perfect?

There is only one solution, that is by taking the Way of the Greatest Creator, following the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, and conducting oneself and acting according to the teachings of god, Buddha, Celestial beings, and saints.

To be specific, it is by building our soul gardens; as long as there are no weeds in our soul gardens, then our bodies will surely be in good health and there will be no way to get ill or encounter unpredictable disasters.

Desire, anger, ignorance, pride, and jealousy are weeds in our soul gardens; envy, complaining, comparing, anger, selfishness, laziness, pride, arrogance, greed, and avid possession are all weeds in our soul gardens; all negative, gloomy, and pessimistic ideas, thoughts, and moods are weeds in our soul gardens which we should clean up thoroughly or good health will be hard to maintain.

People rack their brains to maintain their health. The 鈥淎ncient Emperors鈥 Classic Internal鈥 manuscripts listed ways for people to have good health and avoid illnesses. From 鈥淪heng Nong鈥檚 Herbal Classic鈥 to the theories on health of Bianque, Huatuo, Zhangzhongjing, Sunsimiao, and Lishizhen; from healthcare theories of Taoism to today鈥檚 鈥淭reasures of Health鈥, compiled and explained by top Chinese Medical healthcare experts; from Qinshihuang鈥檚 鈥淪earching for the Catholicons鈥 to various current ways and medicines of finding the keys to health; from traditional Chinese medicine to modern western medical science; from all kinds of health magazines to the five volumes of 鈥淲isdom of Avoiding Illness鈥, by Yiyi; from meridian-collateral theory to the ways of collecting Qi and self-cultivating; as far as I am concerned, these health theories, as vast as a misty ocean, are only theories which begin to scratch the surface of treating symptoms but not root causes and are ineffective attempts at solutions.

Have you been ill, been hurt in a car accident, been bitten by a dog or a snake, fallen down suddenly, or twisted your ankle? All these things were due to the imperfection of your consciousness and soul. Never blame other factors; find the reasons for yourselves.

Facts speak louder than words. Chanyuan celestials who settle in the Second Home will become free of illness and those who become ill will regain their health quickly by taking the way of the Greatest Creator. I want everyone to hear and see that if Chanyuan celestials who settle in the Second Home no longer get sick over the next few years and if the sick ones recover quickly, then that will prove the validity of my words. Then, people should take the Way of the Greatest Creator and enter the Second Home as soon as possible.

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