2024 Chinese New Year Gathering in Jeju Island

Taiji Celestial

The ocean is a major cloud-producing area, so it's common to see a sky full of clouds and spectacular scenes of clouds forming and dispersing. Especially when storm clouds are gathering, it creates a strong sense of oppression for those on the ground!

This year's Spring Festival was no different. Wannen had other commitments and left, Xin Cao was unaware of the situation, and Luoyan Dao worked overtime during the Spring Festival, managing to arrange only one dinner on New Year's Eve and one meal on the afternoon of the second day. Life in the secular world is often beyond one's control, and it鈥檚 a blessing not to be defeated by reality! Over the past six or seven years, relying on and holding onto the Chanyuan philosophy, Taiji Celestial has explored the spiritual and emotional landscape beyond the Internet world, learning many truths and gaining information about the human world. This has deepened the appreciation of the Chanyuan philosophy鈥檚 value and reinforced the belief in the guide's repeated warnings of "the wolf is coming."

Thus, acting on this foreknowledge, Taiji Celestial quickly left what was destined to be a severely affected area and advanced the plan to learn Korean and come to Korea. Although only two managed to make it, there is still hope that as the guide said, those who can leave should leave as soon as possible. 2024 and 2025 are destined to be years of great turmoil. Survive! Either meet at the national park with loved ones or reunite in the fairy islands and archipelagos!

Watching the continuous dispatch of storm clouds from the sea to the land ensures that at some point there will be lightning, thunder, torrential rains, or blizzards.

The following photos are just snapshots of the journey. By adhering to the philosophy and safeguarding the community, we move towards the Second Home with 300 people, ensuring a wonderful life and future!

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