How Far is the Chinese Nation from Civilization?


Dec. 13, 2021

A person's character, appearance, health, and life trajectory come from genes, and genes determine a person's characteristics.

The status quo of the Chinese nation was not formed overnight. The status quo is an accumulation of history and culture, appearance is determined by the essence, and the status quo is the inheritance of the past. So, how far is the Chinese nation from civilization?

Let us first look at what civilization is. Civilization has the following nine characteristics:

  1. All workers can live and work in peace and contentment without worrying about food, clothing, shelter, and transportation; the old will be looked after properly and the young will be well educated.

  2. The government is a servant to all citizens, not a manager, let alone a ruler.

  3. The people not only have the freedom to move within the country, but also have the freedom to move abroad, the freedom to speak, express different views, and the freedom of belief and association.

  4. In private spaces, "wind can enter, rain can enter, the king cannot enter", and other people cannot enter at will without the owner's permission.

  5. Citizens are not deprived of private property created and accumulated by diligence and wisdom. Property is protected by legislation.

  6. The poor have the ladders and channels for promotion, the hope of living and the desire to pursue a better life.

  7. Animals are not harmed at will, especially wild animals. Everyone reveres LIFE and nature.

  8. Craftsmen (technicians and engineers), artists, inventors, experts, teachers, doctors and workers from all walks of life are respected and loved.

  9. Other nationalities are treated kindly, other countries are not attacked in the name of national interests, others' shortcomings are not contrasted to your advantages, and others鈥 advantages are not envied because of your shortcomings.

The above nine points are the signs of a national civilization. You can calculate how far the Chinese nation is from civilization based on your own feelings and the current situation.

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