Going to Rose Coast for a trip, gathering with relatives in Shenzhen (1)

Zhishi Celestial

On May 24th, relatives from Shenzhen gathered together to visit Rose Coast. We set off around 7:30 in the morning, meeting at a subway station before traveling together to the scenic spot. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the vast expanse of azure sea under the clear skies after a rain, with pleasant temperatures and gentle sea breezes. The beaches were pristine white and delicate, and the mild sea water was inviting, perfect for summer. We played, frolicked, took photos together, strolled on the lawns, admired the flowers, and even went swimming鈥攈aving a blast throughout!

The joyful time flew by quickly, and as the afternoon approached, we reluctantly prepared for the return journey. Satisfied and content, we enjoyed a hotpot dinner together, reminiscing about the day and discussing future plans, filled with joy and harmony. We toasted to the grace of Buddha and God, raised our glasses to the wonderful journey, and wished blessings for the upcoming farewells and the limitless promising future. Our bond is firm, guided by our tour leader, hand in hand along the path of bliss, forever destined to meet in heaven.

Please enjoy the scenes of our journey and gathering, dear tour guide and relatives.

Let's go~


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