The Garden, Kitchen, and Caf茅 are Open Today!


Our cooking style differs from that of Westerners; we stir-fry dishes, which involves oil and salt that produce smoke, potentially polluting the room. Therefore, we decided to transform the greenhouse attached to the main building into a kitchen. Initially, the greenhouse was merely a storeroom, filled with all sorts of miscellaneous items. Later on, a 74-year-old young lady brought us some scallion and strawberry seedlings. With nowhere else to plant them, we thought of the greenhouse. The one by the lake was too far and inconvenient to manage, so we cleared a corner in the attached greenhouse and planted the seedlings. Eventually, I moved the coffee machine there to enjoy coffee. Later, considering the need for a place to eat, we decided to turn the greenhouse into a kitchen. After a week of effort, I bought a lot of scallions from the store and planted them. Today, everything is ready, and we are open for business!

Although the new kitchen is simple, the view is quite pleasant. Sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee, or having a meal while enjoying the scenery outside the window, gives one a sense of entering an idyllic paradise. Don鈥檛 believe me? Come and see for yourself.

This morning, I took many photos of the vegetable garden + kitchen + caf茅. Around noon, it seemed like it was going to rain heavily. An 82-year-old young man and a 74-year-old young lady, who were busy repairing and installing the deck by the lake, didn't have time to go out for lunch. They asked if we had anything to eat, so we quickly served them the stir-fried meat from last night and some Xinrui brand bread. I also boiled some potatoes, carrots, and a bit of greens, and made them some coffee. The four of us celebrated the completion of the new kitchen together with joy and excitement!

June 15, 2024

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